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Re-enabling apps

Sunday 08th of July 2012 /
I disabled the Facebook app because I don't like it and wanted to try some third party apps (Fast for Fb, Friendcaster) . But now, because I need more reliable notifications, I'd like to enable it again. However when I go hit "enable" in Google Play store, I get "Unfortunately, Google Play has stopped working." This happens every single time... Sent from my DROID RAZR MAXX using Android Central Forums

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Preinstalled apps missing from app drawer (again)

Monday 06th of August 2012 /
I know this issue has been raised before, but I'm going to raise it again, since it seems to be more widespread than earlier posts have indicated. I just bought up phone yesterday, and I'm pretty happy with it, except for one thing: several of the preinstalled apps that came with the phone are not visible in the app drawer. I can see them in Manage Apps, but they don't have icons in the regular App drawer. I'm not talking about widgets or system processes, I mean full blown apps that should be there but aren't. I've seen a couple of postings here and elsewhere mentioning the Voice Recorder, Voice Search, and Car apps, and sure enough, I have those same problems. But also missing are things like Flickr, Polaris Office, etc. I've tried disabling and re-enabling the invisible ones in Manage Apps, and I even did a factory reset (although I've only had the phone for 24 hours!), but they stubbornly refuse to show up in the app drawer. It's not just a glitch with one phone, because I bought two of them, one for me and one for my wife. Both have the same problem with exactly the same apps.I'

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Apps re-enabling themselves

Friday 20th of July 2012 /
Just as the title describes, I am having a problem with disabled apps enabling themselves without my approval or input. Specifically, Google earth, play movies, and play books have all been disabled multiple times and every single one keeps enabling itself. I don't understand how its even possible for them to do it, but they are. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2

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Market Apps Not Displaying after Downloading

Wednesday 18th of January 2012 /
When I got my GNex I didn't have this problem - at least I didn't notice it. I had the box checked to auto-create a widget when I downloaded something from the market and I got annoyed with it taking up home screen space for every single thing so I unchecked that. Sometime after that, I started noticing that things I downloaded didn't show up in my home menu unless I restarted the phone. I just tried clearing the data/cache on the Market and downloaded something and still it doesn't create an icon for it. I imagine after I restart it'll be fine. I also tried re-enabling the auto-widget thing.Any ideas what is wrong and how I might fix it? It's marginally annoying having to restart just to get to my new apps.ETA - I also noticed that the icons from things I uninstall don't go away either until I restart.

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re-enabling 'disabled' verizon app???

Thursday 03rd of May 2012 /
i disabled the preloaded Verizon My Mobile app on day one. I want to re-enable it. I go to apps, all, see a line- "My Verizon Mobile" - disabled... Can't seem to "enable" it....I press and get choices "Force Stop", "uninstall updates", "clear cache"... Any ideas on how to enable it?? TX

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Re-enabling background data for Play Store

Sunday 16th of February 2014 /
I have restricted background data for the Google Play Store app from the Data Usage settings screen. However, apps only appear in the list on this screen if they have used data recently. I rarely use the Play Store, and my phone only keeps records of the last two months' usage. If in a few months I want to use the Play Store, how will I re-enable it? For any other app, it would simply be a matter of opening it and using some foreground data. It would then appear in the list and I could deselect the "Restrict background data" option. However, Google Play stubbornly refuses to start at all if background data is off, even if I'm connected to wifi. At the moment, this is a hypothetical question. But is there another way to access the "Restrict background data" setting for an app other than through the Data Usage screen?

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Won't update - - says my international S3 has been modified

Monday 24th of February 2014 /
What does that mean? The S3 (running 4.3) is not rooted, not flashed, not damaged. So, what does MODIFIED mean here? I may have disabled a file i shouldn't have. (I have disabled a bunch of apps in the Manage Apps setting.) I've been re - enabling apps one by one, but it's tedious. Any ideas about what app could have caused the message? Or about what else might be the problem? Thanks. GT-I9500 running 4.3

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Re-enabling apps in 4.1.2

Friday 02nd of May 2014 /
Just got a ZTE Savvy. I'm new to it and Jellybean. It keeps launching my SD music when I unplug the charging cable. I have to tap Pause in 'Music' and back out of it. I don't want music to launch all by itself in inappropriate situations so I disabled 'Music' and 'ZTE_Music,' thinking that should end the madness.But the music still starts, this time via Google Play Music. So, deducting that the two apps I disabled were not the problem, I set out to re-enable them. But now they don't appear in apps>all, so I can't re-enable them. 'Music' does appear in the app launch menu but doesn't work.How does one find and re-enable disabled apps in 4.1.2?

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Why do some sync options re-enable them selves after you have unchecked them?

Saturday 26th of July 2014 /
Why is it that when i uncheck certain things like Google Photos Auto Back up, Google Plus, Google Photos they randomly get re-enabled? I DO NOT WANT to use Google Photos Auto Back up, or on a couple of my email addresses Google Plus, OR Google Photos yet from time to time they seem to automatically enable them selves. My guess is this happens after app updates but if i have disabled syncing in the first place for these apps why do they keep re-enabling them selves? I do not like it. For those of you who have disabled syncing of a particular app can you check yours and see if they have been re-enabled? Im curious to see if its my device or a wide spread issue. HTC One M8 T-Mobile fully stock. Non rooted. Google Photos Auto Back up and Google Photos have done this many times in the past few months. Google Plus only recently.

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Soft reboot re-enabling disabled applications!!

Thursday 11th of September 2014 /
So I've been noticing that every time I do a soft reboot of my device that the Sprint Connections Optimizer enables itself back on and also the WiFi calling icon in the notifications keeps adding itself back into the line up when I clearly have disabled it and moved it all the way down the list. Anyone else notice this or anything else (re-enabling apps and/or processes) and have a work around for this??

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