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I have a samsung galaxy sII G19100 and my sd card has been

Saturday 17th of November 2012 /
I have a samsung galaxy sII G19100 and my sd card has been destroyed by my 11 year old. How do I back up the telephone log. All of the contacts seem to have been deleted and the sms is there any way to recover these without the sd card.I have all of my numbers in the phone log, my contact list has been wiped out and my sms' wipped out, is there anyway to recover these from the phone?Deseperate mother of twin boys!!!Optional Information: Type of Device: PhoneModel: Samsung Galaxy SII G19100What have you tried so far?: Not much I am afraid too. I thought if I backed the phone up to my computer I could at least save the call list and call list details. I would like to recover the contact list and sms's history if I can

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Contacts, Numbers & Call History Strangely Deleted? :(

Monday 17th of December 2012 /
HTC DesireAndroid Version 2.2.2Hi there,Unfortunately all contacts / phone numbers (and call history) stored on my phone have disappeared. I opened the following which seems to confirm it:HTC People > Menu > View > Phone (0)I know the numbers were stored there, but I don't know if this is on the 4gig SD card, or whether the phone has inbuilt storage. In any case I'm hoping it hasn't completely wiped them and I can at least recover some. I understand that in some instances, 'deleted' data is made available to be written over, but isn't actually destroyed.'Contacts Storage' shows 3.48MB (found by Settings>Applications>Manage applications>All). 'HTC People' however only shows 16kB.I tried reinserting the SD card, and I'm pretty sure it's in there and works alright.I tried HTC People > Menu > Import/Export > Import from SD Card > Phone, but it says 'Scanning SD card failed (Reason: No vCard file found on the SD card).I ran a trial version of 'Card Data Recovery' (Card Recovery Software to Recover Photos for Memory Card, SD Card) on the SD card which found pi

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Recover Deleted Call History

Tuesday 01st of March 2011 /
Is there a way to recover a deleted call from my history? i received a call last night and i deleted it but now i realize i need that number. Is there anything I can do/download to recover this?I have a droid incredible.Thanks.

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Call and text logs.... can they be recovered?

Thursday 11th of April 2013 /
Lets say I'm trying to circumvent the ability for someone to recover deleted call and text history, maybe even browsing history that's been deleted. How long are these deleted files accessible via recovery methods? Where are these files located? And how can I prevent their recovery?

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Help! Text message history/automatically deleted text messages

Saturday 21st of September 2013 /
I did not realize that my phone had the default setting to delete text messages from a contact once 200 messages were received. I have turned that setting off but is there a way to view/recover the texts that were automatically deleted? I've read on numerous forums that you can click a contact then go to their history and the messages will pop up. I've tried that but the only thing under my contacts' histories are their call logs, nothing with texts. Thank you.

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Samsung S3 recover SMS showing in call history

Saturday 07th of December 2013 /
I have used various apps to try and recover deleted SMS's that are still showing in my detailed call history on my Samsung S3 galaxy. The apps aren't finding the sms's even though they are still showing within the detailed history when I access the history for an individual contact.

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Pavtube iOS Data Recovery Is Released For iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery

Thursday 02nd of January 2014 /
Pavtube just released new products for iOS device users to recover lost data on Mac(10.9 Mavericks included). It's called Pavtube iOS Data Recovery for Mac. Read iOS Data Recovery for Mac Online Help and Screenshots When do you need Pavtube iOS Data Recovery?Accidentally deleted data from iOS devices.Got iOS device lost, water damaged, factory settings restored.Failed to update iOS system or jailbreak and lost data on the device.Or just want to backup all data from an old iPhone. What can Pavtube iOS Data Recovery do for you?Recover lost data from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or iTunes Backup files.Backup existing data on iOS device.What data can Pavtube iOS Data Recovery retrieve?From iOS Devices: Contact, Call history, Message (SMS, iMessage, etc.), Note, Reminder, Calendar, & Safari BookmarkFrom iTunes Backup file: Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Message Attachments, Voice Memos, Contact, Call history, Message (SMS, iMessage, etc.), Note, Reminder, Calendar, & Safari BookmarkWhat's more, it's free to try. You can download and install one to see what can be retrieved exactly from

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How Can I Permanent Wipe Data on Samsung Without Recovery

Monday 02nd of June 2014 /
There are a few circumstances in which you'll want to delete all Samsung data and your settings, restoring the phone or tablet to its factory-new condition. These circumstances include when: * You're selling or giving the Samsung away* The Samsung device is being sent for repairs and you don't want your personal data available to prying eyes* Your Samsung device is so messed up that it needs to be erased and set up again from scratch.* Your want to donate or recycle your Samsung device.* And so on... So, how to erase data on Samsung permanently? Is there any simple but reliable method? Here my recommendation is a data eraser named Android Data Eraser. Android Data Eraser is such a powerful and reliable software, which can help Android users delete data from Android, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motolora and more to delete all of data completely and permanently. You are allowed to delete all Android data with this software, including photos, contacts, call history, videos, apps, etc. Once these data are deleted, they are doomed to be unrecoverable any more. You cannot even recover them

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