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Android Distribution Numbers Updated for March, Jelly Bean Slowly Rises as the Rest Fall (Updated) – Droid Life

Tuesday 05th of March 2013 /
Hey, our least favorite time of the month – Android distribution numbers update! Over a 14-day period that ended on March 4, the Android team has come to the conclusion that 16.5% of Android users are now running Jelly Bean (Android 4.1+). The rest of the numbers look like this – Ice Cream Sandwich (28.6%), Honeycomb (1.2%), Gingerbread (44.2%), Froyo (7.6%), Eclair (1.9%), and Donut (0.2%). Compared to last month, that’s a 2.9% increase for the newest version of Android. We’re also finally starting to see Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich shares take a bit of a hit after what seems like years. That means a couple of things – people are dropping Gingerbread devices and upgrading to new ones with newer versions of Android and that manufacturers are finally starting to update their phones.And cue the Apple blogs with ridiculous titles about fragmentation.Update:  Google has tweaked a couple of the numbers. Froyo now sits at 7.5%, with Gingerbread 10 at 43.9%.Via:  Android Developers

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[GAME] [FREE] [APP] BUBBLE REST - Just burst the bubbles

Saturday 26th of January 2013 /
WE PRESENT THE SIMULATOR OF A FAVORITE PASTIME OF MANY PEOPLE – BURST THE BUBBLES ON BUBBLE-WRAPS In the free version You will see:- The bubbles were taken by photo-camera, so they are real.- The sound of the bubbles bursting is captured by the microphone.- You device vibrate when you burst out the bubble.- Game mode Once-only: Just burst out all bubbles on the field. After the last one you will go back to main menu. No time limit, no records.- Game mode Endless: It seems like previous with one difference – after you burst the last bubble all bubbles will inflate again, and so on to endlessly. This mode is good for relaxation and for rest your brain. No records.Free Version: free apk: DepositFiles In the paid version You will see:- Several kinds of bubbles- Several colours of the playing field- The lack of advertising- The table of results- Game modes Burst it Faster: Burst it faster. You need to burst out all the bubbles for a certain period of time. After the end of the move to the next l

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I just got a Samsung Galaxy S3, while the rest of my family

Tuesday 11th of December 2012 /
I just got a Samsung Galaxy S3, while the rest of my family has iPhones. They share their calendars with each other via the iCloud. Is there a way I can easily share my calendar with them too?

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Flipboard Debuting On The Samsung Galaxy S III Before Rolling Out To The Rest Of The Platform, Time Frame Unknown

Thursday 03rd of May 2012 /
For those of you patiently waiting for the popular Flipbard application, one of Google Currents‘ direct competitors, you’ll be happy to know that the app has finally made its way to the Android platform.  To kick things off, the app will be exclusive to Samsung Galaxy III devices initially before finally rolling out to the rest of the platform.  We weren’t told exactly how long the rest of the world will have to wait but we’ll do our best to find out for you.  The UI looks pretty similar to what the iPhone currently has today, and as expected, allows gestures for navigating through your aggregated content.  However, unlike the iPhone, the Android version will of course sport a cool widget which takes up an entire page providing the day’s latest and popular news feeds.  If you think you’ll most likely be on board come launch day, you can sign up at the link below to receive the update once the application is available for Android.  And by the way the devs stated the app will be available for “Android mobile phones” we’re

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Motorola Announces Most 2011 Phones Will Get Jelly Bean, The Rest Will Receive $100 Credit For Upgrades, Promises Developer Editions Of Phones

Wednesday 05th of September 2012 /
Today, Motorola just floored users with an unprecedented offer: if you bought a phone from Motorola that launched in 2011, most of you will receive an upgrade to Jelly Bean. If, however, you’re using a phone that Motorola decides will have a degraded experience, you will receive $100 in credit towards an upgrade. This may mark the first time that a manufacturer has broadly promised compensation for a lack of updates for all of its devices.Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, though. Yes, there’s a third promise on that screen. Motorola is promising “developer editions” of their phon…Continue Reading HereMotorola Announces Most 2011 Phones Will Get Jelly Bean, The Rest Will Receive $100 Credit For Upgrades, Promises Developer Editions Of PhonesEric Ravenscraft – rss.feedsportal

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U.S. RAZR won't see ICS in Q2 with the rest of the World

Monday 12th of March 2012 /
Looks like Motorola dropped another update to their infamous Ice Cream Sandwich list for their devices. In their handy-dandy little break down guide, a person can easily keep up with expected release quarters and the stage at which the ICS build is in for various devices. It is a rather nice set up for those of you itching to get ICS on your device after choosing to not buy a Galaxy Nexus. What isn’t so surprising, is what is listed by region. While we know a good majority of the newest U.S. based devices will get ICS at some point in time, it is always depressing to see the rest of the world getting things faster. One such instance is the DROID RAZR.Showing multiple regions will have ICS roll outs starting in Q2 of 2012. That means global users could see it as early as April first. How awesome of an April fools day joke would that be, push out an update stating ICS and then have it be the same build with an ICS wallpaper. I would so do that if I was Motorola. Anyways, cruising through the sheet you see all this wonderful ICS activity, with the U.S. based model stuck at R

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Galaxy S II to be Update to Jelly Bean in February in Singapore; What About the Rest of Us?

Monday 14th of January 2013 /
When it comes to updates, there’s perhaps no other device out there that is lagging behind like the Galaxy S II. While it might be Samsung’s flagship of 2011, it got it’s update Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung promised an update to Jelly Bean – of the 4.1 flavor – some time ago. However, this update has been pushed back time and time again with it beginning to look like it might not ever happen. Now though, there is news that the device is going to get its update to Jelly Bean in February…in Singapore. So, while that does mean that Samsung are going to update the phone after all, and that they have a fairly definite time frame in which they want to do it in, there’s no word on the rest of the world just yet.It’s hardly encouraging to here that the release date is February anyway, as we were hoping for something more like the end of this month but, it is good to see Samsung even trying to get an update out for the device. After all, after the debacle that was the original Galaxy S – and phones based upon it – not getting the

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Skype update adds portrait calling on tablets, rest of the app locked in landscape

Thursday 24th of January 2013 /
The latest update to Skype improved the UI and added a much asked for feature in portrait calling, but unfortunately the rest of the app is locked in landscape. The portrait calling seemed like a no-brainer fix, especially considering many smaller tablets -- like the Nexus 7 -- have camera setups meant for portrait orientation. The unfortunate bug (or at least we hope it's a bug) is that for now the rest of the UI is locked into landscape orientation. This means that browsing your contacts and initiating calls is all in landscape, then you have to rotate the tablet to hold the call.Overall the new UI is great and pretty well mirrors the styling of the phone UI, but the perpetual landscape really puts a damper on things. Let's hope Skype pushes out a new update to add back in the portrait support, and in the meantime we can at least enjoy portrait video calls.

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Factory rest does not wipe everything?

Wednesday 19th of September 2012 /
I did a wipe data/factory rest in recovery (I have clockwordmod) but it still kept the same rom and kernel.. it wipes all apps, recent calls, sms, etc. Did I do something wrong? I wanted to go back to stock (still be rooted and bootloaded unlocked) and install a rom fresh not the "dirty" way by just clearing cache and davlik. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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rest celular h3039

Wednesday 16th of October 2013 /
Nao consigo dar um reset no meu celular, consegui entra no modo para reset, mais nao tem a op

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