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App to export / import sms messages?

Thursday 15th of April 2010 /
I accidentally deleted the entire conversation thread between my husband and myself the other day. Ahh! Is there a good way / app to get the messages back? (Preferably in my phone's sms system, not just a copy filed away on the computer.) I've looked at a few apps, and downloaded sms backup and restore, so hopefully I can't do this again by accident and wipe out any more than a day or two (with scheduled backups.) I'm thinking I might be able to email an xml / csv file from his phone, open it in excel, sort and filter by sender (to remove texts to and from his other contacts, not me). Then I'm hoping maybe if I save it back to the SMS backup and restore folder on my phone, maybe I can "restore" it to my phone and the conversation will come back? I'd like to have a record of our texts, but I'd REALLY like to get them back into my phone. Is this a pipe dream? Has anyone else done anything like this? Does it work? Is there an easier way to do it? Is there an app that allows you to export only conversations from particular contacts (to either save in email or restore on a lost

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RA - amm

Monday 22nd of October 2012 /
helloI've got an S5230 mobile and i want to restore deleted SMS messagesOptional Information: Brand: SamsungModel: s5230What have you tried so far?: pc studio

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Please Help Me Recover My Deleted SMS's...!!! - Page 3

Thursday 05th of May 2011 /
Originally Posted by MujibarReally sorry you lost your texts. You can manually back up with SMS Backup & Restore. It's free in the Market.Yes, I now have three backup and restore apps installed because I don't want this to happen anymore. And I am now locking all individual messages that I really don't want to get lost. I so wish I had done this earlier but I had no idea that such thing could happen... So sad... I loved that conversation, it was so dear to my heart... Thanks for trying to help, though.

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How to find/restore stock SMS app on Nexus

Wednesday 01st of February 2012 /
Galaxy Nexus:I installed Handcent SMS and love it. I think through the process I deleted the stock SMS icon that was on the main desktop but I also turfed it from the Widgets portion as well.Now I would like to get into that old program and turn off some settings. What is the name exactly of the stock SMS program? How can it be started or restored manually?Other than that, Handcent works fabulously well. I just think I deleted something I should not have

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Retrieve Deleted Texts

Saturday 29th of June 2013 /
Is there any way to retrieve a deleted text (that hasn't been backed up)? I have GO SMS Pro and running Stock ROM, I also have SMS Backup and Restore but I hadn't backed up my SMS before they got deleted. Thank you in advance.

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restore deleted sms

Monday 09th of September 2013 /
how do i restore deleted sms in android?

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restoring deleted sms text messages

Thursday 31st of October 2013 /
how do I restore deleted sms text messages on my boost mobile zte n9100

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Sms back up and restore gone terribly wrong..

Sunday 03rd of November 2013 /
So I have a deceased friend who I had a bunch of old texts from in my phone had a brain fart and i NEEDED to do a factory reset to fix it.....I downloaded a sms back up and restore app and I backed up my files...i deleted a thread and pressed restore to make sure it worked..i then emailed myself the backed up file and proceeded to reset my phone.....I redownloaded the app and now it wont work....The file that I have is in a .db format and ive noticed that the others in the tutorials are in .xml or something....why did the test work and now it wont restore??? These texts are very important to me and I would really appreciate some help getting them back... i don't know what else to do and I am heart broken that theyve dissapeared.

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Messages icon is deleted rom Galaxy Grand

Monday 25th of August 2014 /
HiThe "Message" icon is vanished from my SAMSUNG Galaxy Grand smartphone. Not sure whether my kid has deleted the same while playing with the phone OR it was removed by a malware. I have checked in the APP drawer and there is nothing like "Message" or "Messaging". How do I restore the SMS function. Currently I am unable to send or receive any SMS. Thanks

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Restoring deleted text messages back to phone with SMS Backup

Wednesday 29th of October 2014 /
I accidentally deleted some important messages on my Android. I have the SMS backup app which has been quite helpful, but the deleted messages only are found in my email. Is there a way to restore them back to your actual phone, from SMS Backup? Thanks!

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