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Where to find best S4 Screen/Display Glass Replacement option.

Tuesday 23rd of July 2013 /
Long story short... I cracked the glass on the front display. I've seen the many videos on replacing the glass (since my actual display is just fine, just the glass is cracked), and fully plan on replacing the glass myself. Unfortunately, none of them seem to display the best method of replacing the glass. Some re-use the old adhesive, which I plan to replace entirely. But that's neither here nor there... I know how to replace it. I just want to ensure a quality replacement product. I see a lot of different options for replacement glass purchases. None of which seem to be actual matches. I see the Black color for the S4, but with a Blue Mist option in parenthesis, which indicates to me that it's a knockoff of the S3, which isn't a perfect replacement. Nor do I see any that advertise an actual tempered glass like Gorilla Glass as a replacement. I fully plan on removing the glass, replacing the old adhesive with some decent 3M adhesive, and wish to have a quality glass replacement. Can anybody recommend a quality product? I'd hate to order a replacement, and not be 100% satisfied with

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S4 Replacement Glass Adhesive

Thursday 26th of September 2013 /
I'm one of the unlucky people that have shattered the glass on my S4. It's just the glass, the screen and digitizer are in working condition(I've been using the phone since Saturday with no issues whatsoever). I've seen enough videos that show replacement instructions, and I've done enough mobile device repairs to feel comfortable doing this myself. I've never done just the glass though, it's always been the whole screen assembly. At roughly $300, that's not an option at the moment. I've elected to try replacing the glass myself. In the kit I ordered, I got a new, precut layer of adhesive. I realize I should carefully remove the old adhesive and make sure the digitizer and screen are spotless before continuing. What I'd like to know is if anyone else has used these precut adhesive layers before, and is there a trick to this? I also see that there are cutouts on the adhesive; anything I need to know about these? Assuming I get less than ideal results, I don't think it would hurt spending the $130 to ship the phone off to have this done professionally, even after an attempt at it. Any

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Galaxy S4 digitizer replacement: Intermittent touch detection problem

Monday 18th of November 2013 /
I replaced the entire LCD assembly including digitizer and glass after my GS4 got smashed. I must have done 90% of it right because it works flawlessly most of the time. Sometimes, however, the touch screen just stops working. Won't respond at all. In my frustration, I managed to find a curious workaround: I must press hard on the top left corner where the digitizer connects to the motherboard, then it works flawlessly again. I find this odd because if the problem was the connector, then there should be display issues as well, but there isn't. Just the touch problem. Does anyone know what this could be? Do I need to put adhesive somewhere or is there another connector I may have possibly missed during reassembly?

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Screen Replacement

Wednesday 09th of July 2014 /
The glass on my phone cracked so I bought a replacement screen and used a hairdryer to heat the adhesive up to remove the old glass. But when I pulled it up with a tool, I was left with this purple/grey sheet on the phone. Is this supposed to come off as well? Because if it is, it's very difficult to get off. I can see a black screen underneath, is that the LCD? Thanks.

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