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Help - Video Player not working and Contact deleting

Thursday 14th of November 2013 /
Hey, I'm using the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 on 4.2.2 with Nova Launcher and just recently after disabling apps, etc. my Video player app no longer opens. I press it and it freezes for 15 seconds and says unfortunately it has stopped working. On top of that every time I delete a contact, it deletes the contact but gives me a message like "android.process.acore" had stopped working and exits the contacts app. I've tried enabling any potential function that I may have disabled to have that issue and no luck. I also cleared cache and data of the contacts list and contacts storage but no luck. Can anyone help me out here? I honestly do not want to format data as I have already done it 3 times prior to this issue and it is tedious. EDIT: Fixed video player by enabling picasa uploader. Still no luck with the error message after deleting contact.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 deletes my contacts

Sunday 26th of January 2014 /
why is it deleting my contacts when I just delete a text message from them?

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Galaxy S4 Mini Truncates Notes fields

Thursday 12th of June 2014 /
This thread is focused on Samsung S4 SCH-I435ZKAVZW truncating a contact's notes (when edited) down to ~950 characters. WTHeck you say?To my surprise, Verizon said they know nothing about it; Samsung didn't either. Both had modest interest. However, I contacted Google, and they were both interested and astonished that their vendor, Samsung, would deploy a product that, in fact, deletes/ignores the integrity of the very cloud that google syncs.I have contacts with extensive notes. Thousands of characters. I can see these long notes, but they do seem to be oddly presented. What I didn't know, is that having edited one of those contact notes, that Samsung then "truncated" the existing notes (without warning or explanation) and then having been saved, syncs with the cloud and now truncates my google account. (Completing the destruction.)Therefore, what should have been a good phone (have it 30 days now), destroys data without warning.Verizon: doesn't care, not their problem, and offered (as if it was a defect) to replace the phone with the same one. (Now that would be helpful)S

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