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problem with message memory

Thursday 13th of December 2012 /
i have an old version of samsung ace with internal memory of arnd 181 mb...after every. 15-20 days my phone msg memory gets full and a notification apprs "message memory full. incoming message rejected"... i immediatly delete arnd 60% of threads in inbox.. but the notification refuse to disappear... every time a msg come from then same notification reapprs. even tho i hav deleted more than half of my inbox... aftr few days msg strts coming and this problm goes... but aftr anothr 15 days or so... i hav the same problem again... pls suggest what to do... do i need to change any setting or take my phone to samsung care...

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Telephone memory full

Saturday 27th of November 2010 /
Since my upgrade to Frodo today my Samsung Galaxy gives a message saying "Telephone memory full". Deleting all sms messages, even all my contacts, did nothing to resolve the situation. When viewing the phone status with Android System Viewer, I can see that the 2GB of internal telephone Data memory is indeed full, only 13MB left.Deleting messages and contacts did nothing, and removing some applications only resolved a few MB. What do I need to do to solve this?

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Message memory isn't full but seems to be

Tuesday 06th of August 2013 /
My Samsung Galaxy (Model number GT-S5830i, Android version 2.3.6) keeps telling me my internal memory and message memory are full. Concerning the Internal one, it's true, though the only way I can get more space is by deleting apps I need, but I can live with it, though the phone is incredibly slow. The real problem is the message memory. 'Cause it's NOT full. The phone keeps rejecting messages with that excuse, only to get an advertisement message now and then, which is extremely annoying. And that though I've removed several messages, a couple of threads and even a small app, supposing the internal and message memories are linked. I can't convince it there IS memory even though I delete messages. What can I do?

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samsung message memory full what do i do

Friday 23rd of August 2013 /
what do i do when my samsung galaxy ace says incoming message rejected message memory full

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Why does my Samsung Galaxy S5 keep timing out to the lock screen??

Sunday 29th of June 2014 /
My phone has a number of annoying issues but the primary one has to be that it times out when I'm trying to do ANY thing. For example, I just entered my PIN to unlock my phone, it went to the home screen but when I tried to read a text message it went right back to the lock screen for me to enter the PIN again. I didn't even read the text! I pressed the numbers to enter the PIN and it went to black; this happened 5 or 6 times then it finally registered the PIN but with way too many digits. I backspaced and it went to black again. I just spent like 5 minutes trying to unlock my phone so I could make a phone call. This worries me because what if this had been an emergency?? I have to fight with this phone just to unlock it, then getting to phone or messages is a whole other struggle. I am so frustrated!! I don't have many apps so it's not like my storage is full. I close them all to avoid using too much memory. I hate this phone right now because I can't even do basic tasks. Don't get m started on when I try to use something like google hangouts- it's an absolute nightmare. The lag tim

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problem in samsung galaxy pocket

Thursday 04th of September 2014 /
hey! I just want to ask something about my phone Samsung Galaxy pocket.I had a problem my phone always keeps sending me "low on space" even if i uninstalled some big file? And also i got problem it always sending me "Message memory full" but i deleted all thread in my phone what should i do?

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