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Apps without permissions: Should you be worried about Android’s latest security scare?

Monday 16th of April 2012 /
The latest security threat for the Android world deals with apps that don’t require permissions. Paul Brodeur from Leviathan reported about the possibility that an app with no permissions could actually access your data from your physical ¬†or internal SD card. An app such as this could access all non-hidden files and scan them for any information, including any sensitive info. Since the app itself doesn’t have permission to access the internet, it would have to open the browser to send the information. Not an easy task without you knowing it’s being done, but someone could come up with some sort of trick.//Lets be honest folks, should you be keeping any data on your SD card that is sensitive? Forget about apps, what happens if you misplace your phone or it gets into the wrong hands? Anybody could access your SD card to get to those contents. Okay so you’re not saving anything sensitive to your SD card, is there any other potential?Well the folks at The Verge came up with an issue with photos. If your geolocation is saved with every photo you take, then an app

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Saving apps to SD card

Friday 13th of January 2012 /
I know just before you click download the app if you scroll down it said something about saving to your SD card but when I make sure it says save to SD card it doesn't send it there..I don't want my phone to be full of apps so how do I make sure it sends the app to the right place? Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums

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low space/txt message inbox full?

Thursday 02nd of September 2010 /
so i barely have any apps although i did put most on my sd card and my phone constantly says low on space and txt message memory inbox full. i have a 16gb sd card but i only have about 1gb of stuff on it cause i dont know how to put anything besides apps on it. is there anyways i can save EVERYTHING onto my sd card because the whole saving things onto your sd card didnt really help at all since you can barely save anything to the sd card.. any help?

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system memory vs. the SD card, does such a thing exist on the Droid ( coming from BB)

Sunday 18th of April 2010 /
Anyone know where I can look on my Droid 2.1 to know where files are saved ? Obviously, I want everything that can be saved on the SD card to be saved on the SD card ( pictures, music, videos, etc). I understand from an earlier post that the Apps. are saved in system memory and pictures, music, videos, etc. are save on the SD card. Does this all happen automatically on the Droid ?? I come from BB and it was always an issue knowing where you were saving your files to. On BB, you can "explore" your media card to see what is on there. Is there something like this on the Droid 2.1 ? Or is it just a non-issue. I guess what I am getting at, is that on the BB curve, you can mistakenly save things to 'system memory' and slow your phone down. I don't know if I need to be aware of where files are being saved on the Droid or not. Does the Droid 2.1 automatically save files in the appropriate area.... ie) the SD card vs. 'system memory' I still need to watch some of the training videos for beginners on this site - looking forward to that. thanks for the help everyone. Jason.

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Converted from Blackberry to Droid Pro

Saturday 11th of June 2011 /
When I was looking at switching I didn't find some specific topics that were important to me. I decided I might as well write about my experience so far for those still using a Blackberry.I've been a blackberry user for almost 10 years and never thought I would switch. I own my own business and this is what I did to save a nice amount of moneyFrom---->ToMS Exchange -----Google Apps BusinessVerizon Corporate Email--------Regular Data PlanMS Access---------Sugar Syncthis ended up saving me over $1,000 a year. I first switched to the Thunderbolt but that was more of a small computer that made phone calls. When I switched from the thunderbolt to the pro I realized I can write an email 10x faster. Using the speach to text is not practicle especially when in waiting rooms and elevators. File SyncSugar Sync syncs folders to your SD card on the Android and across multiple computers for instant access. You can use Sugar sync on the BB but you have to download each file. The Google docs app does let you edit Google docs but will not let you download files to send to HP Print for a FedEx Off

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What is going on with the SD card in 3.2.1??

Sunday 02nd of October 2011 /
Well, I can't believe I haven't seen any other posts about this since the 3.2.1 updates came out (and this is really making me nervous!!)... but is ANYONE else experiencing this? Just for reference, I was on stock 3.2, rooted, w/ CWR previously. And everything on my external SD card (/external1) was visible, read/writeable, and worked great. BUT, after going back to unrooted stock and upgrading to 3.2.1 HTK55D & HTK75D, then doing the Universal Xoom Root, and installing CWR, I have a huge problem! My external SD card does not appear visible in all apps, and seems locked! I am finding that some apps are not saving settings (to SD card), movies on the SD card are not playing, my Titanium Backups (on SD card) are not showing, some apps are not seeing info, and I can't modify ANY files on the SD card! It is showing as Read Only, and not allowing me to change any permissions on the card/files. (A good way to see if you have this problem, just go into your music program and try editing a song's tags -- it will not save the new info if it's on the SD card). However, I a

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saving apps to your sd card

Wednesday 02nd of March 2011 /
I am trying to figure out how to save my apps to my sd card to free up space on my phone and haven't found a way to do that. Everything that i've found show for 2.2 or higher. Does anyone know if this is possible and how to do it?

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Saving apps to microsd card?

Saturday 19th of December 2009 /
Ok, I'll start by saying that I searched and didn't find a straight answer. I was wondering, since the Droid has been rooted, can you now save the apps to the micro sd card? If so, what root do I do or is it a ROM, or what? Thanks for your help!edit: btw, I'm an "app-whore".

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Save apps to SD card

Thursday 28th of October 2010 /
What is the best way to go about saving your apps to the SD card? Or, maybe I should ask if it is even possible to do without root on the G2? If it is possible without root, is there an app to save apps to the SD? Just got my G2, and this is my first android so it is a little bit of a learning curve. Thanks

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android noob from blackberry

Wednesday 02nd of February 2011 /
I'll make it quick.A few questions. First, if I pick up an Atrix to try out for 30 days, how will this affect my bberry data plan, will it return if I return the atrix? secondly, is there a definitive answer on porting/saving/migrating apps from one android to another, i.e. upgrade to newer android phone. My searches indicate that with Froyo you can move apps to the sd card but that not all apps are supported. What have been your experiences with the ratio of apps that can be moved? finally, if apps are stored on sd, do they run noticeably slower or has this been fixed(excluding widgets as this appears to be a known problem). if so, it would seem you could just run off internal memory until it was time to upgrade, then slap theM on sd and upgrade to new phone.

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