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screen capture icon disappeared.

Saturday 19th of January 2013 /
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Yesterday it upgraded to jelly bean 4.1 .1, now my screen capture icon no longer appears on the bottom row of soft buttons. Anyone have any ideas where it went or how I might find it? Thanks in advance I am a new user to this form and really appreciate your help.

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Screen capture feature ?

Sunday 02nd of October 2011 /
On my Galaxy 10.1 with the new Touchwiz update, the fourth icon from the left on the bottom is for screen capture. If i use it, i understand the image should be saved to my gallery but it is not, it is saved to the clipboard. Is this right? And if so, how do i access it? I want to save images of how i set up my various screens in the event i change them but want an image to refer back to. Thanks...........

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Lost screen capture

Sunday 24th of February 2013 /
As the text says: the 'screen capture' button at the bottom of the left of the screen has disappeared, and has been replaced with another 'apps' button. Can you help me to get it back please?Patrick

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Camera Icon disappeared and camera screen blank

Friday 12th of April 2013 /
2 tablet and it has been fine, noticed that the screen capture Icon has disappeared I click the camera app, all the controls etc appear but the screen is blank, both on camera and movie, I have tried to take a picture but nothing appears in my movie or photo folder. I dont want to have to reset, as I have loads of stuff that I find I cannot do without (is that sad?) is there any easy way to fix this, either by deleting and reloading or another way? Thanks

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[APP] Screenshot ER - The Best Screen Capture Tool

Friday 25th of November 2011 /
SCREENSHOT ER We are back for more awesome screenshot action. Screenshot ER is a screen capture app for all rooted devices, proven to work where nothing else does. Annoyed with your ROM's crappy screenshot implementation? Tired of searching for something that works on your tablet? This app is for you.Currently working on all known rooted devices. If it doesnt work for you, let us know and we will make it work.Works on Tegra and even random chinese knockoff devices.Advantages:- More cool options than any other app- Awesome thumbnail preview with dialog-based actions- Toggle widget for maximum awesomeness- Conservative countdown timer- Our legendary daemon works on almost anything running AndroidFeatures:- Shake, delay, shortcut, long press or notification icon methods- Thumbnail or full-screen previews (or none at all)- Rotate images- Choose save folder - Save as JPEG or PNG- Share menu integration for Picasa, Dropbox or whatever you have installed- Shake sensitivity adjustment- Start on boot, disable shake in screen off Please rate and comment if you like the app! If you have problem

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How to get rid of Screen Capture icon on Hisense Sero Pro

Saturday 22nd of June 2013 /
If there's anyone out there that can show me how to rid of the screen capture icon on the Hisense Sero Pro tablet running Jellybean 4.2.1 please let me know! I am not rooted, and am not to technical to do so. PS - This tablet rocks!!

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Navigation and Maps icon disappeared??

Friday 12th of July 2013 /
Not sure what happened, but on my home screen, I have my Phone, Contacts, Maps, and Navigation all in the first icon. Few days later, the Maps and Navigation icon disappeared and does not show in the apps list, although the apps ARE installed when I look in the settings/apps. I'm not sure how to get the icons back and I can't use either of the programs until I find a way to access them. Anyone familiar with this issue or know how to fix it? I'm on T-Mobile network.

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Google contacts icon disappeared

Sunday 06th of October 2013 /
After a factory reset, the contacts icon disappeared from my app drawer. The app remains in my system app list, and it opens when I open a contract widget. How can I grab the icon for my home screen?

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Galaxy Tab s2 screen capture

Sunday 20th of October 2013 /
GT 2 10.0. Android 4.2.2Presumably because people got sick of accidental snapping, then having to view the snap as well, Android is now without screen capture. I wish they had the gumption to _replace_ the silly way it was done, but no.....however....I read of the method to hold down the volume and power keys. This works for me sometimes, but when it does, every shot has a volume icon in the middle of the shot.Can that be stopped? Is there an app that allows screen shots.I also read about a setting under Display that did a capture, but even that option has been removed. Almost seems like a sulk...however....Thanks for any helpNick

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Camera icon disappeared

Wednesday 16th of July 2014 /
This is weird. My camera icon disappeared of my home screen. It is still there on my lock screen and can be activated easily enough.The weird part is I can't find my camera app under applications to put it back where I want on the home screen.Any advise would be appreciated.Thank you, Fred

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