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lock screen? black screen blocks dialing voicemail

Thursday 13th of September 2012 /
Hi all, When I try to enter my voicemail password which is a total of 6 numbers, I can most often enter the first 3 and then the screen goes black and I can't complete the voicemail entry so I can't access my voicemail. It did this a few times before but I was able to hold my finger on the top portion of the screen above the dial pad numbers and complete the password entry. Now that doesn't work. Just this afternoon it started going black after entering one password number. I thought it was perhaps the reminder app I had installed so I uninstalled that today and rebooted the phone. Problem did not go away. I went into the phone settings --> display --> screen timeout, it's set to one minute. Settings --> display --> touch key light duration, I tried all the settings in there and that had no effect. My Settings --> display --> smart stay is enabled. I'm out of ideas -- any suggestions? I can't be w/o my voicemail. Right now I have one message I can't access. Thanks for your help.Deb

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Screen goes black after dialing and won't come back

Sunday 23rd of September 2012 /
ZTE Warp, the screen will go black after dialing and not come back. No buttons will work. Have to remove the battery and restart the phone. Doesn't happen all the time but sometimes it will happen all day long. Some days not at all.I have viewed other threads on this forum and many say that the case can sometimes cover the face sensor. That is not the case here because I can remove the case and anything that could be block it yet the screen will not come back from black or respond to anything. Power button does nothing either.

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Screen goes black after dialing

Tuesday 11th of January 2011 /
Sometimes after dialing a number, the phone screen goes black and the audio cuts out. People have told me that it rings on the other end, but they can't hear anything after they answer, and I can't hear anything either. The only fix for this I've found is a reboot of the phone. Anybody have any ideas? Thnx.

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Google voice making my screen turn off early - Anyone else getting the same?

Friday 12th of July 2013 /
So, here is the deal. I canceled my AT&T contract and went out a purchased HTC One developers edition (64g). Dialing out and getting calls, have no issue. Load up Google Voice app. Now when I make a call the screen goes black right away. Steps to reproduce:* Unlock phone (just screen not dropping new image on phone or anything)* Start HTC one phone app (after loading google app on phone first). ** After installing google voice, tell it that you should use it for all outgoing calls.* Go to history (I see it the most here)* select phone number in list Result:Screen goes first to phone dialer, then swaps to black screen super quick. It takes powering on the phone (and unlocking it again) to get it back to dial screen. I just wanted to know if it's just my HTC One being buggy, or if it happens to everyone running HTC One and Google voice.

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my zte warp goes screen go black.

Wednesday 04th of September 2013 /
My zte warp screen blank after dialing or incoming calls.. screen got? black why?

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phone app crashing when dialing after kit kat

Tuesday 25th of February 2014 /
Ok so when I try to make a phone call the screen goes black, the only thing I see is the status bar and the home, back button and the other one, after that I get a message that says phone app stop working and I can wait or close it. Is anyone else having the same issue? Posted via Android Central App

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Phone app freezes, can't talk to anybody

Tuesday 24th of June 2014 /
When I have an incoming call, I swipe to the green thing to answer the phone, and then the screen freezes. The phone keeps ringing until the person gives up. I press sleep button and the screen goes black. I press sleep/wake button and it does not respond. About 60 seconds later, I press sleep/wake and I see the unlock screen as normal and I can use the phone again.If I try to make a call, it freezes after dialing, and then I get messages from the person complaining that I'm calling them but nobody's on the line.I'm using KitKat on a Moto G and all stock apps except Novalauncher...I updated last week so maybe that's the problem. I checked for any new updates awaiting and there are none.Any ideas?

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AT&T OTA Lollipop Update - Now Notification Screen Times Out???

Wednesday 06th of May 2015 /
I have an S5 (AT&T) and the day before yesterday I was prompted to update to Lollipop. At first it wouldn't because I didn't have enough space. I should have left it alone because I miss KitKat already. The buttons seem smaller on L, even the dialing screen seems cramped. The keyboard buttons look smaller and I can barely see the # or & symbols above the letters. I don't know if this has changed. Anyway, my issue actually seems to be another app causing a problem. When I drag down the notification bar, after 5 seconds exactly, it times out, screen turns black and my phone is locked. ??? Now if I restart my phone, the issue goes away for maybe 30 min. to an hour then comes back. I called Samsung tech support yesterday and they had me back everything up, then restore it but I didn't restore the apps. All seemed fine. So I installed 4 apps and 4 only in the following order... 1. Dropbox2. SpamDrain3. CompanionLink4. Cerberus All was fine during the course of maybe 2-3 hours. No issues. After I installed Cerberus, later I noticed the issue came back. I tried uninstalling Cerberus

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