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Touch screen is freaking out

Friday 15th of April 2011 /
My Droid 1 seems to get possessed usually within 1-5 minutes after booting up.Its like someone is touching the screen all over and typing.I tried factory wiping and installing fresh roms and I tried restoring other states that worked fine.None of this worked. There was no physical damage done to the phone and this problem seemed to come from nowhere. Does anyone know what the problem could be?I can only use my phone for like a minute then this problem starts.

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My phone is possessed

Friday 23rd of March 2012 /
My Evo shift is totally going crazy. It is mainly doing this when I text using the touchscreen. What's happening is that when I'm writing a message, it keeps putting in random "W" or "A"s in almost every word. I will type the word "fun" and it will type "fwwauwwaza". I did a hard reset, which worked great for a while and now it's doing it again. I also wiped the screen really well and clean and replaced the screen protector. It's not just happening when I text but also in other programs. It will dial people in my contacts when I'm in my phone book. It will call people when i'm in my call history. It will push links when I'm in a menu. Then it will just go away and work fine for a while. Please help and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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Screen is possessed

Thursday 11th of October 2012 /
Kind of strange thing going on with my Nexus 7. I bought with the preorders and have not had 1 issue to date with this thing and then in the last day or two the screen has become possessed.Just sitting on the home screen, google search will open or the page will slide to another page. Any idea what might cause such a problem?

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Ringer volume goes up all by itself- is it possessed?

Thursday 25th of October 2012 /
If I can't fix this soon, I'll be showing it off for Halloween as it appears like a ghost is in my phone. The ringer volume just randomly goes up all by itself. Seriously, I can lay it on a table while the screen is active and many times randomly, it just turns its own volume up all the way and it keeps trying to do it repeatedly. Also, I have noticed while talking I can turn the handset volume down but not up. Anybody know a fix for this? I have a beta program that is not available anymore so I'm hoping the potential fix doesn't require me to wipe out everything.Thanks in advance for you help.

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Fix for quirk? My phone continually scrolls to the right

Monday 02nd of August 2010 /
I thought my phone was possessed but I know others have had this problem. I still haven't seen a fix for it though. No mater what I'm doing, my HTC Incredible will just scroll all the way to the right. If I'm in an app or attempting to type a message, the screen looks possessed with all the available buttons lighting up randomly. While this is happening I basically lose all control over my phone. I can't scroll back to the left, I can't type what I want, etc. The phone has a mind of its own! I went to the Verizon store and they said I had probably downloaded an app with a virus and they had to wipe out my phone to fix it. Well, that inconvenience did not fix the problem. Even with no "non-factory" apps installed on my phone it still scrolled to the right uncontrollably. The Verizon tech insisted that this was because I downloaded apps, but at this point there were no downloaded apps on the phone and I only download apps via the market, nowhere else.Anyhow, is there a fix for this??? THANK YOU!

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Screen Possessed on 7015?

Thursday 27th of January 2011 /
So my Kyros finally arrives yesterday and I'm beyond excited to start playing. This is my 1st Android and I've been reading & learning for weeks now. I don't think this is normal and I'm not even sure how to describe it, but the screen is beyond even calling it sensitive. It starts jumping around and selecting things when I'm not even touching it. The home screen seems to be kinda wavy, like rippling water, but not all the time. That's becoming my tip, however, that something is just not right with this display right out of the box. I'm not all that used to the touch screen to begin with, but it also seems hard to get it to scroll properly. I've tried rotating it, laying it flat, propping it up, holding it up in the air...doesn't matter. I've calibrated it several times. I tried to do the Coby update, only to discover that I'm already updated. It's had some time when it's been better and I've managed to get as far as rooting it but it's been very difficult with it jumping all over the place. Do I simply have a dud or is there something I don't know about that would make me like

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Is the keyboard REALLY better?

Monday 17th of September 2012 /
I came from a Galaxy Nexus because I missed a physical keyboard (old Palm man). But after several months with the DROID 4 I now wonder if it's keyboard makes me any more productive.The problem is that when I type, windows constantly pop up, the active screen often closes, Google search comes up, text disappears --- and all this with me even knowing what I typed that caused the behavior.It's as if the keyboard has a mind of its own or is possessed.Venting

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what is wrong with my nexus??

Wednesday 19th of October 2011 /
My nexus S has a problem. After the phone has been sitting and I unlock the screen the volume up and down bar appears and the ringer volume goes up and down and to vibrate without me touching any buttons. It's like it is possessed. When I try to turn the volume up it turns it down and starts vibrating. After pushing the home button it will stop and may not do it again for a few hours. This has happened over five times now. I've turned the phone off and on and it still does it, but not with reptition like and app is doing it, it happens so random. Any ideas??

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Possessed HTC Amaze - software or hardware issue?

Sunday 11th of December 2011 /
I just received my HTC Amaze and I have had a couple of problems and since I am new to Android I don't know if this is normal or if I need to return the phone. Any advise will be much appreciated. A couple of times when I have opened the browser either from Google streams or from the App market, the browser acts like it is possessed. It zooms in, pans left then right, clicks a link, opens a new page. This keeps going till I shut down the browser, then the whole screen goes berserk, doing similar things. Twice I have had to pull the battery to reset it, and once I was able to just restart it to get it working again. Is this normal or do I need to return this unit for a new one?thanks for your help.

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Phone is possessed

Friday 07th of March 2014 /
So I have no idea whats going on with the phone. For the past week it has been acting extremely messed up. For example, when I try to play music (i use google play music) the screen starts going blank and becomes unresponsive for several minutes. When I go in the car to play through BT, I will notice something similar as well. I turned BT off to see if that was causing it, but it still persisted. When I look through my gallery, it will sometimes do it as well. Most of the time, the phone will reboot by itself after it wigs out. If it doesnt reboot, I try powering it off, gives me more issues, then reboots instead of fully turning off. Sometimes it will get stuck on that "powering off" screen, the vibration goes crazy, doesnt stop until I keep pressing buttons. Im not able to pinpoint whats causing this as it seems to be completely random. The only "changes" I did to the phone was that I downloaded a game called Hugby and have immediately removed it though the problem still continues. I dont want to hard reset as its such a pain, I already did it after installing

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