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what to do when the screen orientation changes?

Sunday 12th of January 2014 /
Hi, I have some code in place that checks for if the screen has been re orientated which works fine.But its what I do after that that seems to be a pain.if I put an if statment in that stops any methods that would normally be trigged on the oncreate method my screen is empty on rotation.if I try to just reinflate the view, that doesn't work because I havent saved the data that it displays to singleton.It basically seems like I have to save my individual vars to a singleton then if the screen reorientates use them... But then that seems really crude and crappy stuff like if you scroll down the viewlist the position is refreshed to the top when you reorienate..What Im doing basically just doesnt seem right?Their must be some other easier better way to do this?

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Battery life! poor at best!

Friday 24th of January 2014 /
Just brought an s3 mini as they were in my price range for a new phone. I am pleased with it apart from poor battery life! My battery doesnt even last a day! My phone before this was a htc desire s and even in that phones last days the 3 year old battery lasted at least a day! And i have been busy at work to and havent even been browsing the internet as much as i normally would! Any help is welcome but im also goin use this thread as a place to note my battery details so that you other s3 mini users can compare yours to mine. Oh i also have brought a spare battery from ebay and i will swap over to that one after a few days.Battery 1.lowest screen brightness possible. Nothin on except screen rotation and mobile data (wifi, gps sync bluetooth e.t.c off) apps ive got downloaded facebook,whatsapp,my galaxy,color note.00.05am vibrate mode, alarm set for 7.20, battery 75%

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Auto rotation not fix

Monday 22nd of September 2014 /
I have screen rotation problem,samsung s2 gt-i9100, android version 4.1.2. Screen rotation works sometimes on strange angles. Already tried calibrating but still not fix. I tried flashing another kernel to solved the problem using SiyahKernel S2-v6.0beta5 but it doesnt rotate anymore no matter how i tilt the phone. I've been repeatedly doing restore factory settings, wipe cache stil not solved.I've tried dialing *#0*# and go to accelerometer sensor, it seems okay, the needles are moving. I've also tried installing "bubble level" app, the bubble moves, the sensor seems okay.Again, tried flashing another firmmware XXMS7 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean but still not work.Is there another solution to this problem?

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On my Samsung S5, the wi-fi button doesn't turn on

Saturday 07th of March 2015 /
When i try to turn on my wifi button, sometimes nothing happens, the other times it quickly turns on then off. This means i am not even able to scan for networks. Also makes the whole phone lag. When screen rotation is turned on on the wifi page, the screen rotates 90 degrees but leaves the left side of the screen black, then after 3 seconds properly rotates. The only way to back out of the wifi page, is to continually press the home button, the back button doesnt work. When not on the wifi page the phone doesnt lag anymore. What is the problem and how should i solve it.

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