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Wifi Disconnects When Phone Sleeps - Page 5

Friday 02nd of July 2010 /
Ditto, I've tried pretty much everything now. I setup a "reserved" ip for my N1, changed security settings, broadcasted SSID name, set QOS to highest on my N1 by Mac addy. I've used wifi analyzer to pick the best channel, tried different speed settings (54M/130M/300M)...The only thing I haven't tried was changing the multicast setting as one user recommended on the google android forum. My router doesn't have that feature unfortunately..I've tried pinging my N1 from my computer, which works fine while it is powered up. The second I press the lock key it no longer responds to the ping requests. Funny thing is, the wifi doesn't fully drop until the screen has been locked for several minutes.This is the post that davewhittaker put on the android forums, re: multicast setting."I think I finally have a fix that may help a lot of you who find their phone disconnects when in sleep mode. On my airport extreme there is "multicast rate" setting. I haven't read up on it in great detail, but the gist of it seems to be that it's the speed which any device connecting to th

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How to change unlock screen timeout?

Sunday 07th of February 2010 /
Is there any way to lengthen the time the unlock screen stays open on my Droid? It seems to vary between 3-5secs and sometimes is just too short. I tried setting an unlock pattern but the screen timeout remains the same. It is also unaffected by changing the "screen timeout" setting.While on that note, is there any other way to get the phone out of "sleep" mode (I don't know the technical name) other than hitting the power button? I am used to my old Samsung where hitting any hard button would "wake" the phone up.

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screen sleep setting changing

Saturday 14th of December 2013 /
Ever since i did the most recent update my screen sleep setting keeps changing to 0 seconds. My screen keeps going to sleep in 2 seconds of inactivity. Help me please! Posted via Android Central App

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My screen sleeps after 3 seconds. hidden settings?

Tuesday 27th of January 2015 /
I was fooling around with the hidden settings andsome how changed a sleep setting. My screen goes black constantly. Changing screen settings in the regular settings has no effect. I did something digging around. I have tinkered trying to.change it back, to no avail.

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