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SD card vs internal storage

Monday 03rd of October 2011 /
Okay, so my question is about where certain files save and if and how I can change that. I was using the "files" app and noticed that when in the SD card location, not all of my pics are showing up in the folder. Then noticed that when I go to internal memory, there is an SD card folder and an SD card ext folder. What is the difference and how do I get things like my music, pics, videos and downloads to save to the sd automatically?Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums

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Application Storage vs Internal Storage Question - Page 3

Thursday 28th of July 2011 /
Originally Posted by darkmatterI really like how moto did the memory for the d3. When you do apps2sd it puts it into the media storage. So, in a way, you still get 16gigs to install apps, while being able to swap out sd cards at will.My d1 I never removed my sd card because I was afraid of what would happen with all my apps moved to sd card. You don't get that with d3.Sent from my DROID3 using TapatalkMy view on it is if you have 16GB internal mem, there just shouldnt be a need to push apps2SD w such an abundance of internal. App2SD was a development to bypass the low internal mem issue, which isnt an issue w the D3. It's nice to have that option there, especially for phones w low int-Mem, or if you REALLY REALLY bloated your phone w apps to fill up 16GBs. in the meantime, apps data would still store onto your extSD like normal so if your phone ever craps on you, at least you still have most of your data recoverable on your SD when u move to a new phone (tho some app data wont pick up on a new device).When my brother/sister/Sis&Bro-in-law all got the D2G w an 8GB internal &

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SD Card vs. USB Storage

Friday 15th of March 2013 /
So I've had the phone for about a month. My regular internal storage (2gb) is getting full fast. I have an external SD card, but it is mostly filled with my music and I don't want to put any large programs on it. Is there a way to move my larger applications from the internal 2 gbs to the usb storage (14 gb) which is going largely unused? I'd rather not have to root the phone but if rooting is what it takes to do this I wouldn't be completely opposed to it.

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Internal SD vs. External SD vs. Internal Storage

Thursday 29th of July 2010 /
When I look at the settings and "SD card and phone storage" option I see the different types of storage. Based on what I see, please verify the following assumptions are correct...The external SD card is obviously the one I added. I assume it can be used to store media files (via USB, direct write on a PC, etc.). I read until Froyo we won't be able to install apps on this card.The internal SD card is what is built into the phone for apps and other things those apps write to the phone. Looks like Google Listen writes to this area (can't make it write to the external SD and not sure why). It appears that the only things writing to there are my camera and of course any music, pics, or videos I load on there directly. Nothing else seems to make use of it.The internal phone storage is for things like the OS and is pretty much off limits.When I go into the "My Files" app on the phone it dumps me into the home directory which happens to be /sdcard. I assume this is the internal SD card? under that directory it also has "/sd" which appears to be my external SD c

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External Storage vs SD Card

Friday 03rd of February 2012 /
So this didnt bother me until I ran an RUU and lost all my Titanium backups a minute ago, along with who knows what else...The internal storage on the Rezound is located at /mnt/sdcard whereas the SD card is located at /mnt/sdcard/ext_sd -- This is a change from the OG and D2 I'm intimately familiar with.This means that apps that like to save out to the SD card (Titanium, JustPictures) arent actually saving to the SD card, they're saving to the internal storage of the phone, which is vulnerable to loss when an RUU or bootloader unlock takes place.Anyone know how to fix this? And by fix it, I mean making the SD card the primary storage location, so it's less susceptible to loss when I play around with a ROM? I have a 64gb SD card, and I'm perfectly happy making the internal storage completely unusable, or is there an app that can run in the background and mirror the internal storage out to the SD card?

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Internal Storage a big deal or not?

Friday 02nd of July 2010 /
Since the Droid X is coming out soon w/ 8GB of internal storage, I'm wondering what folks know about a) reliability of sd cards vs. internal storage, b) if the internal storage would be faster than an sd card. I would think it would be. I know the EVO has only a relatively small amount of internal storage, but the Droid X has a huge amount. I'm torn between Droid X and EVO, and both have the large screen I want. The Fascinate and EPIC 4G both have small amounts of internal storage, as well, so those have less interest to me, although that hummingbird CPU ...

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External vs Internal Storage

Wednesday 31st of July 2013 /
I have an issue with SD/external storage and my phone's internal storage. And, as a heads up, I have already looked at other threads regarding this topic but none have addressed my issue.In a nutshell, my phone (Atrix 2) seems to automatically install apps and their data on my SD card rather than its internal storage; for example, the Google Play store won't let me download apps if the memory space on my removable SD card is insufficient while I have plenty of space on my device itself.Before I continue I'll give some specs: I have a 2 gb external SD (1.9 gb are used) and a 4.5 gb (1.2 gb are used) internal storage.Whether or not the issue above is supposed to happen, this has become a problem because my SD card is basically completely full (with apps consuming 1.2 gb out of the 1.9). Every article on Google consists of people asking how to free up internal memory by moving apps and data to their SD card storage while my problem is the exact opposite.The specific app that I'm currently trying to install is Blood and Glory: Legends. The Play store, at first, wouldn't let me install it

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saving apps to sd card

Wednesday 07th of August 2013 /
How can I save apps to sd card vs. Internal storage on 4.1.2?

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ext sd card vs internal storage help

Wednesday 02nd of October 2013 /
Verizon Galaxy Note 2Music & video files from the ext. sd card automatically upload & use the same amount of space on the internal storage. How do I stop this automatic upload & keep these files on the ext. sd card only?

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Any benefit to saving media to sd card vs internal storage on Note 3?

Thursday 25th of September 2014 /
Curious if storing videos, music, pictures etc on an external SD card vs the internal memory offers any benefit to the phone's performance or is there no added beneft? I'm not concerned with losing media, pictures etc as I back everything up. More curious which way would allow my phone to run smoother and faster and possibly free up more RAM even.

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