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Force close at setup wizard, every time!

Monday 16th of August 2010 /
Please help! Original Motorola Droid.I have tried just about everything I can imagine. I originally rooted my droid, installed clockwork using rom manager and installed kangerade. It was great and everything worked fine. Upgraded to lithium mod, that was great too. One day I decided to switch to droid X theme under lithium mod, the install went fine, rebooted and as I complete the setup I got a message that the setup wizard has force closed. At this point I could not do anything beyond this screen. Rebooted into recovery and tried wiping everything and installing the rom again. Same thing happened with the setup wizard force closing. I went through recovery and tried everything I could, now my phone would not boot past the M logo.Using RSDlite, I reflashed my phone back to stock 2.01 and then a stock 2.2. Rooted again, rom manager again, SP recovery again, lithium mod again, and SAME PROBLEM, a force close at setup wizard!What do I do now?

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Edifi Family Christian E-Reader need Help

Sunday 12th of August 2012 /
i just got my Edifi Family Christian e-reader in i'm having problem's with the Setup Wizard not force closing can't any 1 help me.i'm new too Tables thank you?

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D3 Stuck in Setup Wizard (process com.motorola.setup)

Sunday 02nd of October 2011 /
I recently unrooted then factory reset my D3 (so I could do the new software update they're pushing out). I get to the lovely setup wizard and start through that procedure. When I get to the "Location Consent" screen (it asks for consent for VZW location, GPS services, and Google Location Services), I get the force close every time then I have to restart the process. So I basically get stuck in this setup loop because the com.motorola.setup is force closing. I'm not sure if anybody has dealt with it or knows a work around. I'm wondering if unrooting it and removing some bloatware somehow damaged the com.motorola.setup. Thanks for any help!

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Setup Wizard Force Closing

Tuesday 06th of July 2010 /
Hey all,I'm dled the froyo .7 sapphire rom for the droid with the smoked glass theme and the p3 lv kernel. Everything installed sucessfully and the phone rebooted. Once rebooted I was prompted to do the setup wizard thing, however it would not let press anything because it immediately force closed and kept force closing I had to do a hard battery pull and loaded a backup. anybody have ideas? Thanks,keith

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Need some help please

Thursday 21st of October 2010 /
Ok so im new to rooting and had liked to theme my phone after rooting it so i tried the theme here Darkedge since it came in a form.... completely missed the whole part for apps themeing so it messed up all my apps made them very hard to read.Went looking around today after dealing with it for a week and some people said a factory reset fixed there problems so i figure ahh why not try that it would be a simple fix lol but it wasnt it did its job on wipeing the system i think except for the theme cuz that still showed on boot up the problem is now i cant do anything it says "The application Setup Wizard has stopped unexpectedly" basically force closing on me so i cant do anything with the phone right now.I tried to use clock work recovery with a stock image but when the phone would reboot it would have a triangle with a exclimation point in it and do nothing.. Any help would be greatly appreciated in trying to get this phone back working again. I was reading somewhere else about

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HTC Sense repeatedly force-closing even after hard reset

Saturday 02nd of November 2013 /
I have an old HTC Hero that has HTC Sense repeatedly force-closing. I have done a hard reset several times but every time it starts doing this immediately after the initial phone setup wizard is done.Here is the log when that happens:D/dalvikvm( 409): GC freed 925 objects / 70232 bytes in 121msI/Process ( 794): Sending signal. PID: 794 SIG: 9D/ActivityManager( 79): foreground app died, app = 79): binderDied() at ObserverNode name appWidgetResetI/WindowManager( 79): WIN DEATH: Window{449b15a8 paused=false}I/WindowManager( 79): WIN DEATH: Window{449b0f78 paused=false}I/ActivityManager( 79): Process (pid 794) has died.W/ContentService( 79): binderDied() at ObserverNode name favoritesI/ActivityManager( 79): Start proc for activity pid=811 uid=9999 gids={3003, 1015, 3002, 3001}D/dalvikvm( 811): Rosie launcher will have a 32MB heapI/dalvikvm( 811): Debugger thread not active, ignoring DDM send (t=0x41504e4d l=3

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