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HTC One S Jelly bean issue, not connecting to PC

Sunday 30th of December 2012 /
Since I upgraded to Jelly Bean, I can no longer connect to my PC. Previously the phone screen would ask me to select either Charging or Hard Drive when I connected the USB cable, I no longer get this and a message pops up on my PC screen saying; Cannot install this hardwareThere was a problem installing this hardwareHTC MTP DeviceAn error occured during the installation of this deviceThe required section was not found in the INF So, can anyone give me a clue as to what is going wrong?

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S3 Still not connecting to PC. I've spent hours searching for a solution

Wednesday 20th of February 2013 /
I'm running 4.1.1 and every time I plug my device in (With stock USB) I get "USB device not recognized". Device manager gives me "unknown device"I've tried another USB. I've downloaded Kies (Will only connect wifi), I've tried reinstalling drivers, I've tried using another computer as well. I've also enabled/disabled USB debugging, The USB connection notification only appears sometimes, and even when it does my computer still won't recognize my S3. After I reinstall the drivers my phone does say "Connected as a Media device", but then the notification goes away.. FYI, I'm trying to root, that's why I need a direct connection with my computer so badly. Running Windows 7 (32bit), have also tried connecting with Mac

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Not connecting to PC

Thursday 04th of April 2013 /
I have this HTC/Droid Incredible that won't connect to my pc. When it connects, it does start charging but no notification from the computer or phone, so I can't put stuff on the SD card. I have tried enabling USB debugging but to no avail. I have the original 16gb microsd that came with the phone, it works fine but even when I insert the micosd(using an adapter by Maxell)it says that it needs to be formated and when I try it fails. I have tried using another microsd in my Incredible but still no connection. What may be the problem?

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SGS3 USB not connecting to PC

Wednesday 06th of March 2013 /
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, running Android 4.1.1.I am having problems connecting the phone to my PC. I can connect other S3 phones to my PC. So, I presume that it is not the PC (Windows 7) that has problems.I am using the original Samsung cable. The URT is set to modem and USB is set to PDA.Please help!

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How to: LG P500/P500H Not connecting to PC? READ THIS PLEASE

Monday 14th of November 2011 /
Hi, I have a LG Optimus one P500H that I just updated to Android 2.3.3 using LGMobile Update (LG Mobile support tool). I had a lot of problems before today about connecting to LGMobile Updater and PC Suite IV. I could never find out why! Well I found out how to fix it today and guess what happened...oh wait I already told you. IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS OF CONNECTION YOUR PHONE TO YOU PC (not the SD card to PC) then do the following:-Go to Settings>SD card and Phone Storage (Android 2.2) or Storage (Android 2.3.3).-Un-check "Mass storage only" -Plug your phone in with the USB cable to your computer-Let windows install the drivers and stuff (I know Windows actually helped!? )-Open LG Mobile Update or PC Suite -Then it should detect your phoneThen start to update or use PC Suite *BEFORE YOU UPDATE MOVE IMPORTANT APPS TO SD CARD AND BACKUP YOUR CONTACTS AND ALL OF YOUR IMPORTANT THINGS WITH PC SUITE*And then it should be all good. It took exactly 10mins and 29 secs to update my phone (download and it install etc.) It will then turn off your phone. Turn it back on and let i

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Not connecting to PC but charging

Wednesday 18th of September 2013 /
Sorry I don't know whether this is correct place for this thread or not.My phone is not connecting to PC only charging.I saw somewhere about "fast charge" and I want to disable it BCZ i enabled it few days ago but I can't remember where or how...My phone is not rooted and I don't want to root it.please help ASAP!!!

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USB not connecting to pc + Unroot problem

Thursday 24th of October 2013 /
Morning, I'm having a huge problem with my GS4, last week, when I was about to update my rom to 4.3, and tried to connect my phone trough usb to Odin and flash it, nothing happened,l (Only charge my phone) So I did all I could:Changed usb cablesChanged computers and usb porters Uinstalled kies and USB drivers, and installed again Tried typing in phone app *#0808# and changed to MTP

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Razr Maxx not connecting to PC(drivers installed)

Sunday 10th of November 2013 /
Hello, I own a Droid Razr Maxx(XT912) and for the last few weeks i have been unable to get my Droid to connect to my PC, which is running Windows 7 64bit.After searching for many hours through google searches, forums, etc... i have found no solution to my problem yet, so here is where im at...I have downloaded the latest Motorola Mobility Drivers and installed them, with no luck in getting a connection(yea i rebooted). I am using the original cable that came with it(also tried a friends cable from same phone model), and i have tried multiple usb ports(computer i built myself). Windows will beep twice as if a usb device has been inserted and discovered, but nothing else. I cannot see the device connected through my computer, device manager, not even adb will connect to it. The droid does not show any changes either.When i try connecting in MTP mode there is a windows popup which says something like usb device not recognized.I feel obligated to mention, the droid is running 4.1.2 which i rooted about 2-3 months after the OTA update(razer blade method). Messed around with a few CM10 bui

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not connecting to pc

Saturday 18th of January 2014 /
hello, my infuse is not connecting to the pc can u help me

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Phone not connecting to pc (only charges)

Wednesday 02nd of April 2014 /
My phone was connecting to the computer perfectly fine the other day but we just had a power outage last night from a big snow storm, since my battery died I figured id leave it plugged in via usb to charge once the power came back on and my only guess is that something happened and it wiped the usb drivers or something from my phone. I can connect and it will charge but other than that it does not recognize anything is plugged in via usb. Ive tried on 2 other computers with 2 other usb cables also and same thing.Anyone know how I can fix this? I was planning on rooting my phone today but cant until I figure this out

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