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How do I add a shortcut to my home screen ????

Tuesday 27th of November 2012 /
Yes,, I know how to add widgets and apps to my home screen but I can't figure out how to add a app/shortcut to my home screen. As example... I pull up this forum in a search,, or Amazons home page,,, and want to place the icon/shortcut for this forum or Amazon on the home page of my Nexus 10. On my ipad it's super easy,,, just click the little arrow icon on the iPads top nav bar and whatever website your viewing gets added. I know I can do bookmarks but I'm more wanting to just add the shortcut of whatever website I'm viewing,,, not a bookmark or placed in a folder. Even on my Galaxy Note 2, it's super easy,,,,, I'm totally stumped on how to do it on my Nexus 10 (I'm running 4.2 JB) Thanks in advance for any helpDavyo

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Need home screen shortcut to turn data on/off

Saturday 26th of November 2011 /
Hi everyone, I'm new to Android but so far I love it! I just got the Droid Bionic and most things work perfectly, but there's one thing I can't figure out that's frustrating me. On my home screen, I have been able to add an icon that toggles WiFi on/off with a simple click. I want the same thing but with the "data enabled" setting but I can't figure out how to do it.The reason is that I often times need to turn my data connection on/off for various reasons (save battery or not consume too much data, etc.).The long and time-consuming way of enabling/disabling data is: Settings>Battery & data manger>Data delivery>Data enabled (check/uncheck). There has to be a way to add shortcut to the home screen just like the WiFi toggle. But I tried adding a shortcut to "settings>..." and there is no option to add a shortcut for the "Data enabled" setting.I imagine there are others like me who have encountered the same problem. Any help is much appreciated.Thanks. EDIT: I resolved the issue. See my post below (post # 12) for more details.

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DashClock Update Introduces Calendar Locations, Shortcut to Get More Extensions, and Calendar Visibility – Droid Life

Thursday 21st of February 2013 /
Yes, another DashClock post. The coverage, I’m sure can be nauseating, especially to those that don’t have lock screen widget access, but this app really is that good. It’s quite the simple idea, yet has been executed so precisely that it’s an app we can’t help but watch constantly. With our favorite apps receiving support for it on the regular, DashClock is here to stay, folks.In today’s update, we get the power to choose which calendars to show events from on the lock screen. We also get to see the location of our next appointment, something I guess I didn’t realize was missing, but do greatly appreciate. Creator and Android engineer Roman Nurik also tossed in a shortcut to help you find new extensions for his popular app. Go get it! And yes, it’s still free. Full changelog:NEW! Choose which calendars to show events fromNEW! See the location of your next appointmentNEW! Quick access to Google Play search for “DashClock Extension”NEW! New translations for Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, C

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How can I create a shortcut to a Settings submenu?

Wednesday 17th of November 2010 /
I know you can create shortcuts to the main Settings menus (battery use, bluetooth settings, etc.) by just long-pressing the screen -> Shortcuts, but I need to create a shortcut to a submenu (specifically Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode) This is on a Droid 2 Global. Anyone know how I can do this? I have LauncherPro and I know you can make shortcuts with it but programming those shortcuts seems pretty complicated.

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Shortcut to switch dictionary on/off while typing

Wednesday 23rd of November 2011 /
Hi all,I need to know a way / shortcut to switch off or on the dictionary while typing.RegardsNishkarsh

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desktop shortcut to phone options?

Tuesday 21st of September 2010 /
can I have shortcut to airplane mode and/or phone options (power off/airplane mode etc)I do not like the current way of holding power on/off button for some time

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how to get shortcut to file or folder on desktop?

Friday 08th of June 2012 /
How do I put a shortcut to a file or folder on my desktop? I have a pdf that I use regularly for work and I'd love to be able to quickly go to it from one of my home screens.

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Free Android App of the Day: Coin Dozer Halloween Android App

Wednesday 12th of October 2011 /
AndroidAppReviewer | Oct 12, 2011 | Comments 0The Coin Dozer Halloween Android App by Game Circus LLC is a halloween version of the coin dozer game. You’ll brave the haunted house to drop coins into the graveyard for prizes and treats. Watch out for ghouls and ghosts.Try not to push the coins into the glowing side pits where monsters could be lurking. Collect jack-o-lanterns, candy, the witch’s cauldron and more for special bonuses or even more coins. Gain levels for special effects while you become even more powerful. It’s ok if your coins run out, more will be filling up you…Continue Reading HereFree Android App of the Day: Coin Dozer Halloween Android Apptecksphere –

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Shortcut To Coin Dozer Goes Walkies

Sunday 09th of June 2013 /
I was wondering if anybody could help. My wife as the Galaxy Ace and as been playing Coin Dozer and got quite far on it. Today she told me that game had disappeared. Now the the app was on her home screen and in the apps, and now its not in any of them. According the applications in the settings the game is still very much there, but there is no way she can click on it to play the thing as the apps shortcut as gone completely off the phone. The only way the game can now be played is if I got to the google play store and got to Coin Dozer and it will give me the option to open it and play the game. Now that's no way to play the game at all. So does anyone know how I can get the shortcut back onto the phone without having to uninstall thing and download it again.

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Coin Dozer

Thursday 22nd of May 2014 /
COIN DOZER comes straight from your favorite arcade or fair to your Android!Push shiny coins and exciting prizes into your hands by dropping some from your pocket and into the machine.Watch out though! Try not to push them off the sides and out of your reach. Collect teddy bears, fuzzy dice, sparkling gems and more for special bonuses or even more coins! It

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