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No Smart-Rotation after update to 4.3.

Wednesday 04th of December 2013 /
I just got OS4.3 pushed to my Samsung Galaxy S3 and noticed the "eye" symbol in my notification bar. The icon remained there even though Smart-Stay wasn't enabled and I have no Smart-Rotation feature showing on my phone when I go into Settings->My Device->Smart Screen. Instead, the "Eye" icon disappears when I disable my screen rotation. My coworker, on a different wireless/phone carrier, got the 4.3 upgrade last week (on his Galaxy S3) and HAS the Smart-Rotate option in his settings. I don't wan't the camera active and draining battery just because I have screen-rotation enabled. Help??!

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Smart stay not working after 4.3 update. Few questions

Saturday 14th of December 2013 /
I'm on t-mobile, unrooted and after the 4.3 update smart stay no longer works. Not with the default web browser or anything else. The icon will show, but it won't do anything. Everything else still works fine.I know I'll have to do a factory reset to try and fix this, so here is what I am wanting to know.If I make a backup in kies of my phone will it be easy to reinstall all of my apps, ringtones and what not? Will all of my paid apps from google play be re-installed when I apply the backup after the factory reset or will I have to reinstall them from google play? I dont mind doing a factory reset, but dont want to loose how I have my phone set up.

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Smart Stay after 4.3 Update

Thursday 09th of January 2014 /
This used to work for me before the update from 4.1.2 to 4.3, now my display shuts down while i am reading e-mails, looking at sites, etc. Is there a cure other than the standard "do a factory reset"? If not I'll live without it, it was handy but not worth the trouble of setting up the phone again. I tried some of the cures I found with a search for this issue and none have worked. I've turned it off and then back on, changed the screen mode from Standard to Starter and then back again and it still doesn't seem to work. The Icon appears on the notification bar but it never lights up periodically like it used to. I never get the "can't detect your eyes" pop-up that I have seen on my Note 8, so I don't think it is really functioning. Is there a simple fix or should I just turn it off and forget about it? Maybe I need to turn it off and increase my time-off setting and move on, I don't have battery issues usually.

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