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any app/widget out there that can show me my memory available?

Saturday 24th of November 2012 /
besides task killer? Also, i posted a screenshot with the task killer app in it and someone told me to delete it. Is it pointless now on these newer versions of Android? I deleted it just because. But now I have nothing to show me my memory usage. Is there an app/widget that can do this?

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Is there an app or computer program that can compress my pics, videos, music, etc.?

Friday 03rd of May 2013 /
I love my DNA but the fact that I cant use a memory card sucks. I'm tired of the notification that my memory is low. I really don't want to delete my pics or videos and especially not my music (that's my life). I just want to make things smaller so I can have more room.

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Rogers lists Canadian cities that can expect 4G LTE by the end of 2012

Tuesday 10th of July 2012 /
It was a big deal last year when Rogers Wireless launched 4G LTE in Canada. Ottawa was the first LTE market in the country, and populated cities like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver gained access in the months that followed. Rivals Bell and TELUS followed soon after, but Rogers got a jump on the competition by having the first handful of markets.Rogers is on a mission to add a lot more names to its list of 4G cities, and it plans get there before the close of the year. The carrier currently serves 7 markets, but according to its Redboard blog, Rogers plans to have 4G LTE service in 28 more markets by the end of the year. Pending the successful rollout in these markets, Rogers will have 60 percent of Canada’s population covered by 4G LTE.There are no launch dates for when these areas will gain LTE service, but Rogers aims to make the latter half of the year a busy one. The company will have invested $500 million on its network by the end of the year, which is part of an even larger $2.2 billion effort.Current 4G LTE markets include Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, St. John&

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is there an app in the playstore that can actually boost the volume ?

Thursday 25th of July 2013 /
Or is it all crocks

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SMS app besides GO SMS that can filter/block texts by keywords?

Sunday 11th of August 2013 /
I like Go SMS Pro because it can block texts by keywords like "free money". But it's been driving me crazy with its own spam lately. Is there another one that can can filter texts by keywords?

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Light Flow and Go SMS Pro

Wednesday 25th of September 2013 /
So I've been using light flow lite for years without any really big issues on my old droid and now on my gs4. I recently decided to try go SMS pro on my brother's recommendation. However, I can't seem to get it to work with light flow. Ive tried various things with no success. At the moment, I've allowed both my native SMS app and go SMS pro to give notifications. This way, I have the native app controlling the vibrate, light flow controlling the led (by controlling the native app), and then go SMS pro controlling the sound. This way, I get the notifications the way I want. However, in the notification bar on top, I obviously get the native app and go SMS pro symbols. I can answer it in go SMS pro, and then sometimes it will clear the native app as well. If I answer in the go SMS pro popup window, the native app will not clear it's notification. What would be ideal would to have the native app dormant (by checking the one setting in go sms pro) and then have light flow control the led / vibrate of go SMS pro notifications. Any ideas? Also, I like how the native app shows the SMS p

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S4 Android 4.3 - Handcent SMS app in error loop - I can't use phone

Tuesday 15th of April 2014 /
Suddenly got an error message in Handcent SMS (wasn't even using the app) saying that "Unfortunately Handcent SMS has stopped working." There are the Report and OK buttons, but clicking either one does nothing. If I force a shutdown and restart, the error message reappears after about 15 seconds. With the error message on display, I can't dismiss the window or use another app. The window sits on top of everything. Basically I can't even use my phone. I connected the phone to my Mac and opened Android File Transfer and deleted the Handcent SMS folder, but the error message still appears on the S4 after reboot. Any ideas? Many thanks.

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Can you block texts on the S5?

Tuesday 01st of July 2014 /
I got a text this morning from someone I only keep in my contact list so I will never accidentally answer if they call. I then went to contacts and added them to my reject list. Later I added a coworker to the reject list and had them call and text me. The call did not ring and a notification appeared that a call from that number was rejected. It didn't even give the name even though the number was in my contact list. When the coworker texted me it came through perfectly. Not blocked or rejected in any way. On my old thunderbolt I could flat out block people. I wouldn't get any indication whatsoever if they tried to call or text me. Is there any way I can do something like this with my S5?

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Can't make GO SMS default txt app

Tuesday 11th of November 2014 /
I've installed GO SMS, force stopped & disabled the stock message app and GO SMS still isn't showing up in the option list to set as default. With the stock app disabled, all it shows is Hangouts, and with Hangouts disabled, the list is empty. I would just ignore the stock app, but I'm getting a persistent notification number on the sms icon on my lock screen until I open the txt in the default app.My phone is NOT rooted.

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App or Add-On that can read aloud selected Google Search Results??

Sunday 28th of December 2014 /
Hello All, I have an S4 Mini and a very bad short term memory! A lot of times when I am driving to work I will remember I need to look up something on google. I am really into researching many different things and have lots of questions to ask. Well it would be unsafe for me to google search right then and there while driving so I was thinking if I could ask my phone to search for a particular subject or question by talking to it. But I need it to read aloud to me the google results. It's one thing to be able to ask my phone to search for an answer but it's no help if it won't read it to me! Are there any apps that will do this? How about Mozilla Add-Ons? I can't find any helpful info. Thanks!

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