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games - What would it take to turn my Android phone into a full-fledged TV gaming console?

Saturday 05th of January 2013 /
I recently found an app called DroidEmu which basically lets me play any GBA, GBC, GameGear, Genesis, Nes, or Snes game I want on my phone. I also discovered a way to connect PS3 controllers to my device so I can play those games with a physical controller.This got me thinking; what would it take to turn my Android phone into a full-fledged TV-based gaming console? Is that even feasible right now? I know that's its fairly easy to connect Android devices to TVs using an HDMI adapter so that shouldn't be a problem, but what about native Android games that work with a controller, are there many of those? If so, are there any that support split-screen gaming with multiple controllers or online/lan-based multiplayer? What are the chances of this situation improving in the near future?

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How likely am I to brick my phone

Tuesday 12th of April 2011 /
I understand that anytime you root a phone and/or install a custom ROM there is a chance that the phone may get bricked. What are the chances that doing either of these things will permanently brick my phone so that I am unable to restore via Odin? From reading up on this, it sounds like USB cables can be flaky. What's the best way to ensure that I have one that will work? If my device shows up in Odin, is that good enough? I can't really afford to buy a new phone if I royally brick it, so I'd like to understand what I am up against. Maybe I will just wait until September when my 1yr premier upgrade kicks in, just in case I cause irreparable harm. Thanks!

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So what are my chances?

Wednesday 12th of September 2012 /
So I just recently got my evo design from boost mobile. Its rooted and runs really smooth. Now i didnt know that boost was getting the s2 this month when I bought it. heres what I want to do... I was told that if i didnt like the phone I have within 30 days I can return it and switch phones. its well within the 30 day period. If i were to return the phone back to stock and lock the bootloader you think I will have any problems trying to return it?

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Featured: New Official Nexus 7 accessories are Coming

Wednesday 01st of August 2012 /
So it’s been a couple weeks since the nexus 7 has been out for purchase. I’ve had mine a bit longer, since the I/O2012 conference. However you received yours, chances are you may still not have any accessories for it. This is because the official Nexus accessories are pretty much null. The only thing available thus far is the TPU case that you can buy in the play store. On a side note, I just received my ASUS/Nexus official case a couple days ago and I love mine, although I am itching for a variety of options, or at the very least one other case that I can use as a kickstand. If many of you users out there have been patiently waiting for a larger selection to choose from then you’ll be happy to know that more accessories are on their way. According to a retailer called “Mobile Fun”, ASUS is making five more accessories for the nexus 7 tablet (which they also make for those who are unaware, but I can’t imagine most of you don’t already know that.) So what are these new accessories to complement the use of your new tablet? Word on the grapevine is that Asus will be making

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Hands on with Tech21 Impactology Cases and the orange goop that makes them so tough

Wednesday 09th of May 2012 /
I have to be honest folks. I never use cases on my any of my phones or tablets. It’s not that I never drop them, I just hate the bulk so I take my chances. I do have to say that after seeing this demo with Tech21, this is the case for me. It simply is the toughest case around. I actually met with them last night at CTIA, but it was so loud that I decided to set up a private meeting this morning so I could get a proper demo. These cases are the only ones in the world that have impact fabric in them. What is that impact fabric? It’s an orange goop-like substance that’s called D3O. It’s a little bit like Play Doh, but a lot tougher. Trust me. You will see CEO Jason Roberts try to injure his finger with a mallet. Will D30 protect him?//Check out the hands on after the break.All T-Mobile cases have this technology in them and look forward to more retailers soon. They are  also working on a waterproof case as well.» See more articles by Robert Nazarian//

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What are my chances of getting my upgrade moved up?

Friday 04th of November 2011 /
Hello! Been lurking a little too much here lately, would post more but my DX is really starting to show it's age, and it's a hassle on the full site. But anyways...My upgrade is due on 12/29 of this year. Originally had a DInc but Verizon sent me a free DX after receiving 3 faulty DInc's. So I was wondering, what are my chances of getting my upgrade moved up a month? How should I go about trying to get it done? And would it be easier over the phone or in the store? I know for sure this is the phone I want. Always wanted a pure Google phone, since the Nexus One, and I'm pumped this is finally coming to Verizon. Thanks in advance!

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What are my chances of getting a free network extender from Verizon?

Friday 26th of February 2010 /
So I signed up with Verizon under the pretense that their coverage map is accurate, and since my house is smack in the middle on a sea of red I figured I would be able to use my phone trouble free while at home. Well, I get anywhere from 1-2 bars 3G and 0-1 2G reception bars at any given time, plenty of dropped calls and audio dropouts when I'm talking on the phone and the internet is spotty at best. I came from T-Mobile, which was adequate everywhere else but let me use UMA through wifi for perfect service when I was at home. I think Verizon needs to subsidize a network extender for my home as I pay well over a hundred bucks a month for two phones, and I went with them specifically because the other providers coverage apparrently was more honest with their coverage map and showed my house as being in an iffy area. Love the Droid, I get flawless service everywhere else but I am pissed that I can't use my phone as intended where I live. Before you say it, I have updated my tower list via *228, and my wife's phone sucks too (Samsung rogue)

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What are the chances of the bionic NOT getting ICS?

Wednesday 19th of October 2011 /
So with a lot of talk about ice cream sandwhich, what do you guys think the chances are of motorola screwing us over and not giving us ICS? Honestly i love my phone and if that were to happen that would be its only downfall for me. I'm hoping to see ICS by january especially if all the kinks/bugs are worked out of the phone by nov. What do you guys think?

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What are my chances? Broken Charge with no desire to get another

Monday 11th of June 2012 /
I dropped my droid charge in my pool and now I need a new phone. The problem is that I don't like this phone at all. It just doesn't meet my needs and has given me a number of problems. My first had to be returned because it basically crapped out on me within the first three months (Wouldn't even get to a factory reset). What are the chance I can talk Verizon into giving me a different phone. I do have insurance on the charge, but I feel like it's not worth paying the $100 if I can get something better. Of course I want that new Galaxy S3 but will be happy with the Nexus or similar. So anyone have any experience with a similar issue they can share?

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Droid power button sunken in. Are refurb droid even still available?

Wednesday 12th of January 2011 /
So today I had my droid on my desk while I was on the computer. I turn the screen on, send a text, then turn the screen off. I get a text back in a few minutes and when I go to turn the screen on, the power button is sunken in. There is no "click" anymore and it usually takes a lot of pressure and 6-7 tries to turn the screen on now.Now, this is not the first time this has happened: 4-5 months ago I received a refurb because my first droid had the EXACT same problem. Now this one is doing it too.I plan on going to the Verizon store soon (tomorrow possibly) but I wanted to ask this here first. Are there even any refurb droids left to give me? I've read some stories of people getting offered the Droid 2, Incredible, or even the Droid X simply because the droid isn't made anymore.When I go to the Verizon store, I really want to push to get a different phone. I love my droid but I think it's time for something else.What are the chances they have any more refurb droids? What are the chances I can get a Droid X? Also, I bought my first droid in December 2009 and got this refurb 3

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