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Monday 05th of April 2010 /
I have Pemco Home Owners Insurance. Of course they will cover the phone. However there is a $500.00 deductable. Square trade is a good offer, but they do not cover Theft, or Loss. So they are out. Asurion Cell phone Insurance wants to give you a refubished Nexus one, but there aren't any. They want you to buy a new phone, and send them the bill for which they will deduct $130.00 I am looking at Ensquared Cell Insurance Compare Phone Insurance with Ensquared's Cell Phone Insurance Calculator They have a comparible cost, and coverage. With a lot of information on lost, or stolen. There bottom line recommendation is to buy a two year coverage from Square Trade, not them. The problem is Square Trade's disclaim, do not cover lost, or stolen. Just spills, water,Immersion, Mechanical, or Electrical Failure. It's $59.00 for two years witha $50.00 deductable. Cell Phone Insurance Alternative | Cellphone Insurance Alternative | Cell Phone Warranty | Cellphone Warranty | SquareTrade Warranties

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Squaretrade Insurance

Friday 22nd of January 2010 /
I just purchased insurance for my Nexus One through Squaretrade and have to say that they beat the other options hands down.I paid $144.00 for two years coverage which covers the FULL cost of the Nexus One ($599.00 coverage)The following is covered:2 years of coverage (or more) The SquareTrade Cell Phone warranty covers your Cell Phone for 2 years or more, starting on the date of phone purchase. All cell phones except iPhones (for which we have a special plan) are covered for the replacement cost of the phone, up to a maximum of the amount selected, or the price you paid which is listed on your item receipt, whichever is less.Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) Most Cell Phone failures reported to SquareTrade are caused by accidents. The SquareTrade Cell Phone warranty protects against drops, spills, and other accidents!Deductible: There is a $50 deductible when claiming on an accidentally damaged item (e.g. drops, spills). If your issue falls under the standard warranty terms (i.e., a mechanical or electrical failure), no deductible applies.Exclusions: There is a 30-day exclusion

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Squaretrade cell phone insurance????

Thursday 04th of February 2010 /
I am looking at insurance now since I plan on rooting my phone and came across squaretrade. Looks like a pretty good deal..$144 for 2 years coverage and they also have this:Cancel anytime and get the unused portion of your warranty price back. Cancellation within the first 60 days will receive a full refund. Cancellations beyond 60 days receive a pro-rated refund. Additionally, you can transfer your warranty anytime at no charge. All accidental damage claims (e.g. drops, spills, and water damage) are subject to a $50 deductible. Anyone have this?

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