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Stop certain apps from updating?

Tuesday 03rd of July 2012 /
Hey all, is there a way to stop certain apps from updating? I think you can change an app to a manual update (which for I am unsure how to do, when I go to the playstore - my apps - and click on the specific app I do not see "manual update"). But my question is, even if I change these certain apps to manual update will it still prompt me in the playstore - my apps - when there is an update available?That is what I am trying to avoid....I am tired of apps that I do not even use (social media) always prompting me for an update. I have enough other "approved" apps to keep up to date without being bothered by those.Suggestions....?Thanks.....

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Selectively update market apps?

Thursday 21st of June 2012 /
So I don't like auto-updating all my apps. Especially since I have a few apps that work now, but the most recent updated versions don't work. So I don't want to click the "update all" button in the market. Is there a way to select certain apps to stop showing up in that auto-update list, or just removed from the market list completely? Maybe if I delete its data and completely uninstall an app, and then hack it and re-compile it, market wont see it anymore?

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Is your S4 laggy?

Thursday 12th of September 2013 /
Hi: I upgraded to a Galaxy S4 a few months back (from an S3 that got water damaged). I had a Note and a Nexus before that so I've been using these phones a while. I find the S4 a real disappointment. The browser is laggy and freezes all the time and the keyboard (I use the purchased version of Swype) sometimes takes forever to pop up. I had no issues at all on my previous Android phones. My kid has an S3 and I'm actually jealous of how much better it performs. To make matters worse, I can't seem to be able to stop the phone from automatically updating apps. I've even gone into the app manager and specifically disabled updates for certain apps I don't want updated (most importantly, Google Maps - I hate the new version and just want the stock version the phone came with). I don't see a lot of discussions about this. I'm considering rooting the phone to install a different image to get rid of bloatware to see if it helps. Is this a good solution? Thanks for any advice about the above.

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New Android user Q's

Monday 09th of December 2013 /
Hey everyone. I got a Galaxy SIII through Sprint, (yeah, I know Sprint sucks, and I'm done with them after this contract is up) and I have had all manner of problems figuring out how to take my phone back from the Google Spies that have seen to it that this phone remains theirs even though I bought it fair and square. Some explanation...I have gone through all the settings i could find, and tried to get it to STOP updating all the Google stuff that I don't want, don't need, don't use, and would LOVE to get off this phone, except it won't let me remove them. I'm not a fan of Google at all, or any of their spy tech BS that they willingly share with certain government agencies. I have nothing to hide, I just like my privacy. But this phone won't let me uninstall ANY of the apps with a Google or Samsung tag, or stop them from auto updating.Wi-FI...I turn it off, it turns itself back on. It kills my battery, and again, It's supposed to be MY phone, not Googles, and it appears it's the Google apps that keep turning it back on to update themselves.Same with some of the Samsung apps that cam

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