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Need help: Rooted 8042 @ stock stuck on Android loading screen

Sunday 30th of December 2012 /
So I purchased 2 of the 8042 tablets for a good price for my kids for Christmas and immediately rooted them, got gapps installed and everything was working GREAT on both of them.Today, one of my kids brings me her tablet stuck on the "android" loading screen and it won't budge. The other tablet is working fine, loads up and works properly, but this one, for no explainable reason, is stuck like it's bootlooping.I thought I had created a restore image right after I rooted and installed CWM, but it's not on the card so I must have forgotten to (which is strange, because I've been playing in ROMs since Android was still in Cupcake).I'm now at a loss. I've booted into recovery (CWM) and reflashed gapps, but that did nothing. I wiped cache and Dalvik and that did nothing. I've even flashed CWM again (for lack of anything else that I know how to do) and that did nothing.What else is left?I suppose that I could create a restore image from the other identical tablet that still works, drop it on this one's card and restore it, but then my one daughter would lose everything she's done

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Stuck on Android Logo - Page 2

Thursday 20th of December 2012 /
ok this is where i am... i edited the vold.fstab file and now its stuck at the loading screen. Could you please walk me through how you fixed this. Was it simply replacing the file with the original? if so, i have another kyros 7036 i can get the file from. any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Stuck at the loading screen

Monday 25th of July 2011 /
so i installed liberty on my phone, from the bootstrap menu, after it was done installing, i clicked update sd card, or what ever that option is. and it gave me an error saying "no ... folder update. found" or someting like that i did it a few times. so i just backed out and rebooted. as it restarted i got the liberty logo, and its been there for about 15 minutes now. probably longer. i cant do anything it seems, should i just pull out my battery or what do i need to do?

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Nexus One stuck at welcome screen.

Tuesday 01st of January 2013 /
Hey all!,Recently I have been experiecing some problems with my Nexus One phone. First of all, the power button of this phone broke, I simply fixed this by installing an app which makes the volume button function as the power button. Now yesterday my phone got stuck (which happens quite often to be honest), but when I tried to reboot my phone, it wouldn't get passed the loading screen. After retrying a few times I finally got passed the loading screen. But now it's stuck at the welcome screen where it says; "Welcome to Nexus One. Touch the android to begin".I can't get past this, I tried simply pressing the adroid button, I tried tapping all corners in clockwise order but none of these seemed to work.Do you guys have any idea on how to fix this? That'd be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance guys,Stereohead

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Le Pan TC970 stuck at loading screen

Friday 21st of June 2013 /
Hello, I have bought a le pan tablet on amazon in December 2012, I have had no problems or bugs except for this problem.. after I turned on my tablet it stays stuck on the loading screen. It wont let me turn it off, and if I reset the tablet (which I have done) it does the same exact thing over and over. I have tried a factory reset, and it says to me "Firmware File is Bad." I would appreciate any answers to help solve my issue.. thanks.

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Woke up and my Moto X is stuck at loading screen :(

Friday 01st of November 2013 /
Was there an update overnight? I don't have anything on my phone rooted, it's completely stock. When I woke up, my phone was off,which was weird because when I went to bed it was at around 60%. I tried to turn it on, but it's stuck at the X on the loading screen. I've tried a reset, tried wiping the cache, tried a factory reset, but get nothing. Any ideas?

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Nexus 5 stuck at Google loading screen

Saturday 29th of March 2014 /
This is going to be a bit of a story, so bare with me. A friend and I recently went on a trip, and my friend accidentally dropped his Nexus 4 on some tile, and cracked the screen, and ruined the touch sensors. When we arrived back in the country, he immediately wanted to purchase a new phone. We drove to the nearest Best Buy Mobile (located in the Scarborough mall) and bought a Nexus 5 out-right brand new, in the box. His bank card wasn't working either, so I got stuck purchasing it for him using my debit card (he's since paid me back in full). We had asked the girl at the desk if new phones came charged, and she said that they did come partially charged. When she took it out of the box, she noticed that it didn't have a charge at all, which she thought was weird. No problem, we decided we would simply charge it in the car on the way home. When we arrived at his place, we found that the phone would not boot up, as it simply stayed on the Google loading screen. When I would put the phone into bootloader, I found that even when I selected the Recovery Mode, it would give me a blank scr

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Rk3188 10.1" Tablet stuck at boot...need help

Tuesday 15th of April 2014 /
I have a Vitalasc st-1011 10.1" tablet stuck at the android "loading" screen. Just before this I noticed the sound was not working so I reboot it,but I was never able to get it to start up after that. I have tried the reset button multiple times, and also using the power-volume up method to boot in recover mode. I tried resetting to factory default from recovery mode, but when I restart the tablet it is still stuck at the black screen and "android" letters. I contacted the support and I think they want to charge me $120 because the warranty is void because I rooted the tablet and it is past the 3-month warranty limt. I do have two of these same tablets, now is there a way to make a recovery image and somehow load it up from recovery mode on the other one? Can somebody please help me out here. I spent $200 for this tablet just 4 months ago.this is the link to the tablet that I have

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Netflix wont come off loading screen.

Wednesday 01st of October 2014 /
I'm on the moto x and for the past couple days whenever I try to watch Netflix at work, it boots up properly it shows me all my recently watched, everything looks normal but when I try to play a video it gets stuck on the loading screen (not frozen) I've tried everything rebooting phone, uninstalling then reinstalling, logging in and out of Netflix, nothing works... And I know the WiFi connection info s strong because all other apps work (YouTube, Facebook, twitter) I don't know what to do?

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Nexus 7 - Stuck at X boot screen - Can't sideload or fastboot

Sunday 12th of October 2014 /
Hi all, First off, I'm very new to all this...I'm hoping someone can help me 'unbrick' my Nexus 7. My Nexus 7 got stuck at the X screen the other day and won't proceed past it. The X screen is actualy some rotating colored used to be the X screen before our last update. It's been working fine for months after the last update. I believe it was left on and the battery completely drained, but I'm not really sure of the cause of the original issue. I'm making a big assumption here that the boot partition is mucked...but I really have no idea what's causing it. I've tried the 'wipe data/factory reset' and wipe cache partition' options, but it's still stuck on the X screen. I installed the SDK and booted to the recovery mode and and can successfully find it using 'adb devices' command. I've tried to use the sideload command to re-flash the factory firmware 'KOT49H' as that was my current version. I've tried this in both a Windows 7 and Centos 6.5 environment with the same results. I've just recently read that the sideload command is only for loading updates, not full factory i

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