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Micro sd Works on windows mobile phone but not on android.... Help Please

Saturday 26th of November 2011 /
My friend's micro sd 32GB class 10 which he had just recently purchased went corrupt due to a lost of connection when copying the file over to his micro sd which was in the phone (Evo 4G). Instantly a message appeared on the Evo 4G saying micro sd damaged. So i Reformatted it using the phone. After formatting i couldn't mount it. It instantly said micro sd card is safe to remove. So I got a card reader and when I opened it up in my PC it couldn't read it so i ran a check disk(it Fixed a lot of orphaned files) and then i reformatted it. and after that it worked perfect in my PC no problem. But as soon as I stuck it in the phone it said preparing SD (checking card for errors) than comes the message micro SD is damaged so i formatted it again but it's the same thing right after format, it can't mount. I've also tried formatting it in recovery mode where it successfully mounts and formats, after I've freshly formatted it in the PC and made sure it didn't boot into android. But when I boot it in android the same stuff happens all over again Meaning it checks/prepare's the micro than say's

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Preparing SD card

Friday 04th of February 2011 /
Before I got Android 2.2 I had a camera button problem where instead of starting the camera app it would restart the phone. I got 2.2 and that went away, but I have a new problem that developed today. I started my camera app and it said "No SD card or SD card is not ready!" I restarted the camera app and it said the same thing. I restarted the phone and it said the same thing, but now it is stuck "Preparing SD card". The details for the notification say "Checking for errors". Obviously the apps that I have moved to my SD card are unusable (including Dolphin Browser, so I'm stuck using the crappy default browser). Is there a way to deal with this that doesn't involve buying a new SD card?

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WM8650 7" 800x480 green LED no vibrate - now Dead! - Page 2

Friday 13th of May 2011 /
Originally Posted by crazycalvinok this one is stuck at "upgrading.." prompt. Tried formatting card as FAT, FAT32 with couple of allocation sizes. Now downloading the chinese one. Will let you know how that one goes. Thanks again!Also...try checking the SD card for errors and also contact the seller as they often have links to the original firmware.

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Mucked internal storage recovery

Monday 29th of October 2012 /
So, I'll start by saying that I went to make an Ubuntu USB startup disk... forgot the tablet was still connected... I suppose you can guess the rest. Now, I did actually make a copy of the internal storage when I first bought my tablet and I have made regular backups of the Oruxmaps directory (Orux being the primary app for this tablet) as I made changes. Thus, I'm not out data - so far. I'd just like to keep it that way. The tablet itself is still fine... all the installed apps are still there, etc.. I've just lost access to the internal storage data partition. It's a CyberNav Android tablet running 2.2-103-gb456292. It's built as a GPS navigator and that's what I use it for. Mostly, I'm running Orux maps with highly customised OSM data built into tiles. Right now, it's stuck at the "Preparing Memory device, checking for errors" thing. I can see the drive on a computer when I connect a USB cable but the tablet won't use it. I have reformatted the internal storage back to fat32 via Windows (connected via USB) and can add/remove files from said storage. The tablet will expos

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SD card stuck on "Preparing SD Card - Checking for errors."

Tuesday 13th of April 2010 /
I'm running DroidMod 1.0 with SetCPU at 800mhz and it's been perfectly fine about 99% of the time for a couple months now. Today I was using my Droid quite a bit while working, mostly a lot of phone calls and emails. I started getting random restarts when answering/making phone calls this afternoon. After about the 3rd time it happened, the "Preparing SD Card, Checking for errors" thing in the notification bar (usually goes away after 5 or 10 seconds) never went away and I can't access my SD card. I've tried restarting, battery pull, SD card pull, etc and nothing works. Can't mount it on my computer, can access anything on it, can't reformat it, nothing. Thought I'd try flashing DroidMod 1.0, but I can't do that b/c it says there's no SD card mounted or something.HELP PLEASE!

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Droid X shuts down, have to do a battery pull

Friday 03rd of June 2011 /
Hey guys! As stated in the title, my X keeps shutting down and I have to do a battery pull in order to start it back up. The weird thing is, it just started happening today. The last time I turned it back on, the SD Card icon was stuck on, saying "Preparing SD card. Checking for errors."Just out of curiosity, what should I do? Has anyone else experienced this problem lately as well?

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Stuck checking for errors

Thursday 30th of June 2011 /
I booted my phone this morning and it has had "Preparing SD card Checking for errors" since boot. I am I bit worried now, seeing as it has been a few hours. Its a class 2 4 gig. I haven't had any problems with it until now. Is there any option besides just formatting it? I would hate to lose everything seeing as everything is on the card because this phones lack of internal storage!

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Checking SD card stuck

Friday 20th of September 2013 /
I have no idea what happened, my phone didn't get wet, dropped, sd card was not damaged or taken out. But now my phone is laggy as hell and there is a permanent icon on the top left saying "preparing sd card checking for errors" I hate this phone so much and stabbing yourself in the eye with a paperclip is more enjoyable and much more productive. HELP

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Preparing sd card - checking for errors

Sunday 30th of March 2014 /
So, I guess something went wrong during partitioning. I tried a factory reset and honestly now my phone won't let me mount or even recognize the sd card. its stuck on checking for errors when I insert it and wont recognize it. I think I messed up my phone. Does anyone have any advice for me? Its a Metro Optimus F3 ms659. :-( Please help.T.W.

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Encrypted SD card on S5 - stuck on "checking for errors"

Wednesday 18th of March 2015 /
I had enabled SD card encryption on my Galaxy S5 a few days back which went perfectly fine but as soon as I restarted my phone yesterday, the SD card went inaccessible. For the last 24 hours it is showing "encrypting SD card" and "checking for errors" messages in the notification. It's a Kingston 32 GB class 4 card and has important data that I'd like to get access back to. I can't even use it in another device now to copy data because I have encrypted it. Formatting it would mean I loose all my data. Any suggestions please?

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