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My Tablet Won't Turn On? hELp!!!

Tuesday 23rd of April 2013 /
Hi there, I own an Infinix Joypad Tablet. You probably have never of it because its not a big brand tablet its just a cheap one. My problem is, as explained in the title, my tablet will not turn on. Well it will but it gets to 3rd (last) boot screen and stops. When I hold the power button to turn it on it let's you know you've been successful by displaying the company's (Infinix) full name logo. Then it shows you their symbol logo for about 3 seconds. Then it gets up to the loading screen with infinix once again showing but with 5 dots that flash blue one after the other sorta making a loading bar. That last one is what it gets stuck on. Before it started doing this it had been showing me errors saying "unfortunately has stopped working" and right before I turned it off it said "Unfortunately the launcher has stopped working". I was also trying to download Advanced Task Killer. I've tried to do the power button and volume down thing to reset my tablet but I can't scroll. It just brings up something saying "Fastboot [insert word I can't r

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Coby Kyros MID7010 (MID 7010) FACTORY RESET, Rooting, Android Market

Friday 18th of May 2012 /
Below is the procedure to FACTORY REST, ROOT AND MArket installation for COBY KYROS MID7010 or MID 7010 Tablet owners stuck at white boot screen OR android OS not loading after any manipulation with the firmware OR interested in rooting and installing google market.FACTORY RESET Steps:1. Turn OFF the device 2. Make sure its turned OFF3. Press and hold simultaneously POWER, BACK (return) and HOME buttons 4. The device turns on with COBY logo, keep pressing......5. After about 10 to 15 seconds the display asks to press the keys again within 5 secs to factory reset the device. 6. LEAVE the power button now while still pressing HOME and BACK keys7. FActory reset is initiated!TO INSTALL MARKET AND ROOT:1. Run SuperOneClickv2.3.2-ShortFuse.zip2. Will prompt to force install drivers ( if the adb device drivers not available), accept and sit back! the program will not respond for a while 10-15mins and prompts back that the drivers are installed.3. Run root!4. Open root explorer or any file browser accepting root, browse to system/app copy all files in attached folder (apks) here, if prompts

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Help with bricked Nexus S 4g - Recovery Mode not working.

Wednesday 29th of June 2011 /
So, i unlocked the bootloader about a month ago and was running an MIUI rom just fine, no issues what so ever, today i removed the rom, and just went back to stock android, I tried to change the system font with an app called "fontchanger", and now the phone will not boot, when i power up the phone, i never even get to the nexus loading screen, it gets stuck on the Google screen, If i hold the power up button and the power button to get into the the diagnostic menu, i get the options to reboot bootloader, reboot, recovery, and power off, when i try to go to the recovery menu, i get the triangle with and exclamation mark logo. When i plug the phone into the computer PDA net recognizes that the phone is plugged in, but if i try to interact with the phone at all the phone reads at the very bottom, Fastboot FAIL not a valid command. Can anyone please help me, i cant seem to get any response over at XDA.

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help ASAP My sidekick randomly turning off AFTER I reboot it?

Sunday 08th of April 2012 /
Yesterday my phone started acting weird. It would shut off for no reason and go from having a battery level of %80 to %15 within minutes. I'd be pulling the battery and hitting the power button every 2-3 hours. This morning, in addition to that problem, I had no data connectivity without wifi. I did a data factory reset and I had connection after but even before I downloaded apps again, it was still turning off on its own with no reason. Hours ago it got stuck on the loading screen, the phone logo would flash on the screen, but that's all it did and the phone was no use at all. I plugged it in to my computer USB to charge, the screen would show the battery and loading circle, then turn off and repeat. After about 30 minutes of trying, I managed to get to the Android Recovery 3e and I cleared the data and rebooted the phone, did this 3 or 4 times each, and after my Sidekick would seem to work normal, but I didn't have a status bar and the home screen was frozen, and then it would shut off again. I'm really in need of my phone, so anyone who can help it's GREATLY appreciated!My phone h

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Stuck in Android logo loading screen!

Monday 24th of June 2013 /
So yesterday I kinda got interested in Windows 8. I kinda got messed up with rooting and I know that I cant get Android to Windows 8. And then my tablet ran out of battery when I was sleeping, I forgot I havent connected it to charger. And when I started it, it stucks at Android loading screem. Please help me, I tried resetting alot. I also have went to recovery thing and factory reset. It still doesnt load up. PLEASE HELP ME.Info:Model MID 970Android 4.0.4Allwinner 10 chip 1.2Ghz1GB RAM8GB Internal StorageKernel 3.0.8+ I guessBaseband something like 14rc3 I guess.PS: How to send files to my tablet if it cannot start?

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Stuck in limbo

Friday 12th of July 2013 /
Hello I'm hoping someone can help I have a Crystalview 7" Android tablet Model #M7000XX/EP=4/5522 When I power it up crystalview logo appears then Android bot then loading screen and that's as far as it goes tried reset tried power and volume up & down can you help me with recovery mode thanks Crazyokie420

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Coby MID9742 Stuck at Android Logo

Saturday 05th of April 2014 /
I have a Coby Kyros MID9742 that I rooted using this. After root I installed the Play Store using the Kindle Fire HD method, and downloaded a Busybox Installer off the Play Store, but the apps would get stuck and never install, so instead I installed using ADB. Now the tablet gets stuck at the android loading screen that comes up after the COBY logo. The logo never freezes, but it never gets past that point either. I have my system dump that I made immediatly after rooting that I will upload in a few minutes. I would like a LiveSuit flashable rom from this, but I was wondering how difficult it would be to create one myself. Any help repairing my tablet will be appreciated

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Issue with Facebook and a few other apps

Saturday 06th of September 2014 /
OK, I have a stock , unrooted nexus 5 and have been having a couple of issues for the past couple of days. Spotify locked up the other day, shut my phone off and it later booted up in safe mode. Uninstalled Spotify, few other apps, rebooted like normal. Had some crazy battery drain, phone was getting extremely hot ( especially while charging, it only charged about 30% that night while I slept ). I wiped the cache in recovery mode and most of my issues seem to be fixed, but Spotify, songza, radio, and Facebook all refuse to open. Everything else works fine. Spotify freezes on a blank screen, Facebook gets stuck on the loading screen ( where you get the message "setting up Facebook" under the logo )then closes after a minute or so, and I am also unable to add a Facebook account in the settings menu under accounts. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this. Posted via Android Central App

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy SII bootloop (Samsung Galaxy SII SGH-T989 T-Mobile)?

Sunday 30th of November 2014 /
My Galaxy S2 has recently been stuck in a bootloop for a couple of days now. Whenever I try to turn on my phone, it initially flashes the samsung logo, and then goes onto the screen on which it says "Samsung Galaxy SII Android 4G T-Mobile" with the blue loading bar underneath. The loading bar loads almost the entire way and then freezes, until the phone vibrates and restarts the whole process again. Occasionally, after the loading bar is frozen for a little bit, it will show the samsung logo again and just get stuck there until it is turned off again. I can't quite figure out what I did to trigger the bootloop, since the phone is on the stock ROM. It's not rooted and doesn't have any sort of custom ROM whatsoever. Anyway, I've been exploring google for a couple days now to try to find a solution to get my phone working until I get a new one in a month or so. I've tried several things now with no avail: - I took the battery out and replaced it several times - I've left the battery out for several hours before replacing it - I've attempted to enter recovery mode, still bo

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Why is my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Stuck on First Boot Logo?? Hard Bricked??

Monday 12th of January 2015 /
I bought a Note II from someone (AT&T SGH-I317) that was apparently stuck in boot loop. I turned the phone on and besides the start up being a bit laggy it seemed fine running Android 4.1.2. There were a few issues like the S-Note application would crash and it was running slow so I decided to bring it back to its original firmware using Odin3 v3.07. That worked fine and I was running Android 4.1.1 on it. Later I decided to try using the AT&T factory update feature so I could get it running the latest firmware. After the update completed the phone restarted and has since been stuck on the first Samsung Galaxy Note II loading screen. I can not access the recovery menu at all, but I can access the download menu. Ive tried a thousand times to access the recovery. Ive tried many different kinds of custom recoveries, Ive tried to install the stock firmware again but nothing works. I dont know what to do. Please help! Thank youFrom what Ive heard, this phone had been "fixed" before because of a boot loop issue.

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