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What you need to know about rooting:

Monday 16th of August 2010 /
Lets get started with some basic terminology.What is rooting: rooting gives the user permissions that is normally not allowed, this is called superuser permissions. This allow you the ability to write, modify, or change system files. This is indicated by the superuser Icon. So if you see the superuser you are rooted. Why is this important: this allow you to do a number of things from deleting system apps, running apps that require root (superuser permissions), and modify many different set ups on your device. We will also talk about the bootloader and the difference between a locked and an unlocked bootloader, roms, themes, and custom recoveries. Theme: Theme allows users to modify the look and color of image files for their device. This allows the user to change the color of icons, notification bars, and other images on the phone.ROMS: ROM, which stands for read only memory, for android is a customized version of the android operating system. A developer modified the original o.s. to make changes that add or change the way it looks and feelsRecovery Mode/image: This is used to boot

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Superuser Permissions Icon change?

Thursday 26th of August 2010 /
Has the Superuser Permissions Icon changed? Mine looks like a Droid head with cross bones under the head.

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phone will not undo root

Saturday 17th of July 2010 /
when i first purchased my motorola droid, i rooted it so i could do all the cool stuff everyone was doing, like install custom ROMs, change the bootloading image, etc all that business. of course nothing i ever did worked, so its time to undo root. however, i am having trouble with this. it was my understanding that once you reinstall the android 2.1 update, the root patch will be plugged (or whatever) and you'll be back to stock android. that has not been my experience at all. i still have the superuser permissions icon in my app tray, but some apps recognize root, like mybackup pro (which tells me my phone has root access and wants to know if it can do special root-only things) but apps like root explorer say i do NOT have root access and therefore cannot explore. if you guys could help me out with this, that'd be great. thanks!

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The Best BusyBox version For our ROOTED SAMSUNG ADMIRE

Tuesday 13th of December 2011 /
busybox Provided by a well known developer at SDX, Vampirefo. Instructions Using Root Explorer1.Download "Root Explorer" from market, or any other root file manager available. busybox, from the link above to root of SD card. 3.Find Busybox in RootExplorer. 4.Copy it *Holding down on it, then choosing the option "copy" (Just to keep a backup) 5.Move to System/bin and paste, if already a current busybox just simply replace. 6.Reboot and your good to go. No need to change Permissions or anything. Fast Root access and no problems whatsoever. Whenever Superuser icon pops up saying to update busybox just ignore it, this busybox works perfect with our phones. Any ?'s or concerns, just comment Below. If your question was previously answered, tough luck, read thru the comments BEFORE asking something thats already been answered. Hope this helps guys, enjoy :] [ILL BE MAKING A VIDEO TUTORIAL IN THE COMMING WEEKS OF HOW TO GO THRU THIS PROCESS STEP BY STEP...MAYBE]

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