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I Figured Out How To Access Google Contacts With Android Tablet

Wednesday 23rd of May 2012 /
All, I spent this evening beating my head against the wall trying to find an app that would allow me to access my Gmail contacts via my Android tablet (I'm using an Asus EEE pad Transformer Prime). Most of you know by now that Gmail only shows the mail section. You cannot view your Gmail contacts. (I have no idea how they allowed such a glaring oversight to occur. But that's life for you). Because of this, I set out to find a cool app that would allow me to view all of my contacts on my Tablet. To my frustration I could not find a contact manager or address book app for the Android tablet. There's plenty of them for the Android phone. But for tablet....nada. But I figured out a backdoor. You can install & load Hotmail for your android tablet. With Hotmail, you can get access to not only your e-mails but also your contacts. And if you import your gmail contacts into Hotmail, you now have full access to them. You can also import your Facebook contacts too. Open the Hotmail app. Then click on the magnifying glass icon on the right. That will pull up your contacts. Click on one o

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trying to play facebook games on android tablet using Adobe

Tuesday 19th of March 2013 /
trying to play facebook games on android tablet using Adobe FlashplayerOptional Information: Browser: IEAlready Tried: Tried what I have found to be sideloading using Adobe forums. Also downloading Firefox Operating System

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Sync contacts on android device with G+ information

Monday 21st of January 2013 /
I have a contact on my phone that doesn't show anything but a phone number. When I review that contact on my Gmail Contacts on the G+ section it shows their address, work address, phone, work phone, etc.Is there a setting in Android or Gmail I need to adjust in order to get this to sync with my phone?

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Google Working On Android Tablet To Rival iPad

Monday 12th of April 2010 /
Google CEO Eric Schmidt has revealed that Google are indeed working on their own Android powered tablet computer to rival the iPad. According to a report by the New York Times, Schmidt broke the news to a group of friends at a recent party in LA. The article also goes on to add that Google have already contacted a number of publishers in regards to delivering content for the platform.Eric E. Schmidt, chief executive of Google, told friends at a recent party in Los Angeles about the new device, which would exclusively run the Android operating system. People with direct knowledge of the project — who did not want to be named because they said they were unauthorized to speak publicly about the device — said the company had been experimenting in “stealth mode” with a few publishers to explore delivery of books, magazines and other content on a tablet.[via]Original post: Google Working On Android Tablet To Rival iPad

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Kindle on Android Tablet

Monday 13th of December 2010 /
We all know Amazon Kindle is so cool that we always hang on it to enjoy the fascination of reading. Well, with the development of Android tablet industy, we would wonder why not try run kindle on Android tablet? If so, that would be the most fantastic experience with Android tablet. Now, this concept is lighting in reality. What we need to do is to download a Kindle version for Android and install it into Android tablet, and then we can enjoy the reading. Is there would be cooler reading experience in effect? I can see nothing.Here is a video about how to install and run Kindle on Android tablet.Kindle Installation on Android Tablet

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Cannot sync Google Calendar and Contacts on Droid Tablet

Saturday 14th of April 2012 /
Hello,I hope someone can help. I have a new Android Tablet that I am almost finished setting up.Android TabletAndroid OS 2.2While in WIFI mode connected to the InternetI can sync Google GMail but not Calendar and ContactsI was wondering if anyone else has this problem? How can I resolve so I see my calendar and my contacts? Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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sync - Problem syncing Gmail contacts on Android tablet

Wednesday 30th of January 2013 /
I have a Teac tablet (classic101) with Android 4.0. After signing in on Gmail and Drive and everything, my contacts won't show up anywhere. It doesn't show when I start writing an address in Gmail. It doesn't even show after I downloaded contacts+ (the contacts are empty).When I go to sync it, it suggests syncing email, calender and drive. But, there is no contacts! How do I sync my contacts so that they will appear on my Gmail on the tablet? I have over 2000 contacts on Gmail.It works fine on my phone, just not on the tablet.

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Can someone help in using my gmail account on android?

Saturday 17th of September 2011 /
Can someone help in using my gmail account on android?I had setup my gmail account on my android few months ago, when there was no 2-Way Password verification.But now, I have setup the 2-way password verification method, which resulted into different password for this gmail app.Now when I am opening gmail app. on my mobile, it's showing me same old messages as the password for gmail app is changed now.Can someone help in changing the password which I set earlier in my Gmail App.When I am removing my gmail account, it says, this is the Sync account, which can't be removed until you set the phone to factory settings, which will remove all my stored data on phone.I'm in trouble.

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Missing some Gmail contacts in Android Contacts+

Monday 29th of July 2013 /
I'm missing some contacts in the Android CONTACTS+ APP that are definitely in my GMAIL contacts list. The missing contacts have email and phone numbers assigned and they belong to several groups which are represented in the CONTACTS+ APP. I have looked both under the groups and the all contacts and verified the missing contracts are missing in all group categories. I'm pretty sure the contacts were added from my PC using Google Gmail contacts.My Android tablet is running 4.2.1 and my Android phone is running 4.2.2. problem is the same in either device.Can anyone suggest how I might fix this. I really depend on my phone to have a complete list of my contracts.Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk HD

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Gmail app on Android tablet

Thursday 20th of February 2014 /
I`ve recently set up a Gmail account and I have to say how impressed I am by it. I`ve noticed that the desktop version has inbox tabs for the usual social, promotions, updates and forums. These inbox tabs also have corresponding category labels. So I can view an email in the inbox tab, corresponding category label or both. I also understand how to createn my own labels. I also have all tabs and labels visible and not hidden. I understand how inbox tabs and labels work. What I don`t get is the gmail app on my tablet (Asus Memopad HD7). On the gmail app the usual inbox tabs (social, promotions, updates and forums) are just that - inbox tabs. The corresponding labels do not show on the gmail app. Social, promotions, updates and forums are inbox tabs only - not category labels. Is that right? Interestingly my own created labels do show. So am I right in thinking that on the desktop, gmail shows them as inbox and category labels. But on the gmail app, they are tabs only - not labels. Many thanks. Posted via Android Central App

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