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System UI has stopped working?

Tuesday 20th of December 2011 /
I was trying to put a wallpaper on my phone, then all of a sudden the screen just goes black and say the system UI has stopped working. I hit OK and it continues to pop up. WTF?

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System UI has stopped working

Friday 27th of September 2013 /
Can someone please help me. I have a HTC sensation with Android version 4.0.3. For the past 3 days I have the error message " system UI has stopped working" then my status bar dissapears for about 10 seconds, then it is back to normal. This seems to be happening around 4-5 times a day, but just today I have noticed it happens every time I tap on a facebook notification within the status bar. I have gone to the app in the setting to try and clear data and cache but these options are greyed out and not available. Does anyone know a quick fix for this without resetting my phone? Thanks in advance

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System UI has stopped working - any else having problems?

Saturday 26th of October 2013 /
Anyone who updated facebook yesterday on the EVO 3D having similar crashing errors on their HTC phone? Looks like this is an ongoing problem with HTC phones since late September. I haven't experienced any problem until I updated facebook yesterday. I disabled Face Lock, uninstalled facebook updates and still had problems. I then uninstalled facebook messenger and it seems like the error has stoppedSystem UI has stopped working - Android Forums at

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Kocaso M1066 Tablet - System UI has stopped working

Wednesday 25th of December 2013 /
Bought a Kocaso M1066 Tablet from as a Christmas gift. When we opened the box and turned it on, it instantly started displaying the "System UI has stopped working" message. As soon as you hit the "Ok" button, the message comes back. Waiting to hear back from customer service if I should sent it back to them or manufacturer. Googled the problem and havent been able to find a solution. I know there is a service mode of Android, but cant seem to find the right keys to hold down on power-up.Anyone have any ideas?

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"Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped"

Friday 17th of January 2014 /
No idea why this is happening. I have tried to download Plex a bunch of times and the Play store is stopping. I uninstalled all updates back to 4.3.1. I am finally able to download and install. First time I opened after uninstall though it crashed again but now seems to be working. I also get "no more room on this page" a lot. Not sure where this is coming from though because I have plenty of storage left and my SD card is not even 1/4 full. "System UI has stopped" has popped up a bunch of times as well. Usually when I restart the phone. I am using Nova Launcher. I also have Themer and now ADW installed. I am not sure if I have too many launchers possibly causing issues or what. I dont really want to wipe out my entire phone data to do a factory reset either. If I have to, is there a way to backup how my phone looks and works right now so I dont have to reinstall and resetup everything?

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unfortunately system UI has stopped working

Wednesday 16th of April 2014 /
I m using micromax canvas 2 a110q.. My phone is not rooted.. many times a message appears that system ui has stopped working n d screen goes black for a moment.. This message is coming since 2-3 months but now it frequently shows up fom today morning.. What should i do?

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Kyocera Event (Launcher has stopped, Rooted)

Wednesday 30th of April 2014 /
Good Day,Had my phone rooted via poot all was fine, Made backups via titanumbackup and romtoolbox or something. Anyways now im getting the unfortunately launcher or Ui has stopped working. So i cannot get into the phones settings. Triedd wiping cache and setting back to stock via the recovery menu. Ive seen a few links for others launcher and system ui. apk and odex files, but im unsure where to put them on the internal storage and if thats even possible. Ive seen others "solutions but they all seem to require the phone to be able to get into the settings when the phone is on. Is it possible to drag and drop these files on the phone via PC? and if so anyone have the structure the internal storage should look like? I have the stock settings on internal but there seems to be no files in most folders or missing folders i might need to recover this phone hopefully. Im actually stumped for a change.Folders are as follows:.android_secure (empty)Alarms (empty)Android (data),

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System UI

Monday 23rd of June 2014 /
Hello, I have one big problem. My tablet doesn't work. When I launch it I get "System UI has stopped working" and several "(insert random name here) has stopped working". So how do I "reset" my phone to make it like new? Earlier I did factory reset because I had "System NS has stopped working" (different problem) and after that UI is screwing with me. My tablet is goclever Terra_72. Thank you.And why can't I write anything when I'm logged in (I'm logged out now (my username is Palatura))?

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my phones processes keep stopping making my phone usuable

Friday 17th of October 2014 /
my phone says either system UI has stopped working, logs provider has stopped, NFC service has stopped or the process has stopped working. when i press OK another message shows up and they keep popping up. i cant get past my lock screen anymore. what to i do? i haven't backed up anything yet to perform a factory reset so is there any other option? i have restarted my phone but didn't stop the messages from popping up again. it is a Samsung Galaxy S3. It isn't rooted and its over 2 and a half years old. and its a jellybean 4.1.2 please help me [i just tried safe mode and rebooting into recovery mode and removed my SD card(not safely unmount cause cant access anything in my phone)]

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Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Error message "System UI has stopped working" Help needed

Saturday 18th of October 2014 /
Android Tablet 4.4.2 : Hi I have been to all the forums looking for a solution to this problem. Have tried a new ROM install. I did a recovery Boot. I did a factory reset. Both hard and soft reset. Problems tablet won't charge, or hold a charge, I can't get past OK System UI has stopped error message. Every so often if I connect my USB flash storage drive it will open up storage settings while still flashing continued UI stopped working OK message. Also during this step UI will start and stop just for couple of seconds. Sometimes the lock screen will appear but the UI is not working, with continued OK UI stopped working message. Please if you have any solutions, I need your advice. Thanks

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