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Tether from Nokia Phone to Tablet

Sunday 20th of March 2011 /
Tether from Nokia Phone to Tablet1. On your phone:1a Open Ovi Store and search for 'joikuspot'.1b Download the light version and install.1c Close Ovi Store1d Start Joikuspot1e Set-up everything2. On your tablet:1a Search for your created Wifi Network1b Connect1c Start browser and surf!Video:Enjoy!More info:Click here!

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tether phone to tablet

Monday 05th of July 2010 /
does any one know how to wirelessly tether your android phone with your tablet. like when i turn on my wireless app my tablet cant find it. does any one know how to make the tablet find it then connect to it? thanks for your help in advance

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GPS tether to tablet

Saturday 02nd of June 2012 /
Since the GPS sucks on the captivate I usually use an external Bluetooth GPS device for navigation and other needs that requires very accurate values when in motion. Now I have an Acer Iconia A200 with a remarkable GPS. I would like to use it if possible. Any ideas on how to tether it to the phone for this purpose?

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2.1 eclair - I can't connect wifi tether network with tablet

Tuesday 19th of June 2012 /
I used wifi tether application to share internet connection in rooted xperia x8 android 2.1 version. It is work for my laptop.I can connect this network correctly with my laptop. But I can not connect this network with another android phone or tablet.Because this network does not appear in another android phone or tablet. What setting should I change?

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how do i use my thundrrbolt phone to tether my tablet so i.can access the internet

Sunday 10th of July 2011 /
I have just received an EnTourage Edge and would like to use my Thunderbolt Droid phone to tether so I can access the web. I am not at all technology savvy, so I need very explicit directions.

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Tethered android phone to android tablet via bluetooth no rooting

Friday 21st of October 2011 /
Hello everyone. Not sure if this has been posted much but I have a Acer A500 I have been playing with recently and I also just upgraded my cell phone to a AT&T Atrix 2 that has the android OS on it. I looked around for ways to tether the phone to the tablet without paying AT&T a monthly fee for using the phone as a hot spot. I am probably too scared to root the phone or the tablet so I am a little limited in my options. I had been using my old blackberry phone with a program called pdaNET tethered via USB to a Windows laptop which worked great although the USB cable was always in the way. I stumbled on the pdaNET site and they have a free program called pdaNET for tablet in a beta version. I downloaded the app to my unrooted phone and set the phone as the server then I downloaded the program to my tablet and set the tablet as the client. It was very easy since the program tells you exactly what to do. This program tethers through bluetooth only and once I paired my phone to the tablet it worked great!!! You have to manually change your web proxy server setting on the tablet t

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tether phone to tablet - Page 2

Friday 09th of July 2010 /
It's not hard to implement according to this What you'll need Better terminal emulatorRoot explorerGoto wifi settingsAdd the adhoc's ssid case sensitive Goto better terminal emulatorTypeifconfig ra0 downGoto root explorer Navigate to /system/etc/wifiOpen in text editor (hold your finger on the file to see options) wpa_supplicant.confThis is what mine looks likectrl_interface=ra0update_config=1network={ ssid="AndroidTether" key_mgmt=NONE mode=1}Edit your ssid and make it look like this oneMenu -> save & exitit will make a back upGoto /system/etc/wireless/rt2870staIn rt2870sta.dat edit the red (should all look like this one)#the word of "default" must not be removedDefaultCountryRegion=0CountryRegionABand=7CountryCode=USChannelGeography=1SSID=YOUR SSIDNetworkType=AdhocWirelessMode=5Channel=0BeaconPeriod=100TxPower=100BGProtection=0TxPreamble=1RTSThreshold=2347FragThreshold=2346TxBurst=0PktAggregate=0WmmCapable=0AckPolicy=0;0;0;0AuthMode=WPAEncrypType=TKIPWPAPSK=mysecretkeyDefaultKeyID=1Key1Type=0Key1Str=Key2Type=0Key2Str=Key3Type=0Key3Str=Key4Type=0Key4Str=PS

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Cannot tether phone to tablet

Thursday 10th of October 2013 /
I have a LG connect 4G. Android 2.3.6, rooted, and also Asus Memo WE172 4.1.1 Tablet, iam using the Open Garden Wifi Tether, the tablet wifi list doesnt see the Lg phone hotspot, does tablet have to be rooted as well? All other devices i have such as desktop, ipods, xbox, and ipad sees it but not tablet.....The tablet picks up other hotspot eksewhere but not the LG phone........greatly appreciate future response

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Tether Phone to Wifi Tablet to Use Tablet's Wifi Connection at work

Friday 24th of January 2014 /
Hi all I have a tablet that is BYOD at my work so I have access to the corporate Wifi. I also have a phone that isn't connected. I'd like to connect the phone to the tablet to get it to use the wifi from the tablet. I know I can go the other way and have the tablet connect to the phone's data connection but is there a way to go the other way Let me know! Thanks

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Tethering phone to win tablet

Monday 03rd of March 2014 /
I've seen a lot of variations on this, but maybe not this general direct question. So here it is: Does anyone know of anything that works to tether a wife only (no 3g/4g) tablet like the Nexus 7 running Android 4.4.2 to a Sprint HTC One phone running 4.3? Either wifi or bluetooth between phone and tablet would work. Pdanet worked great (via bluetooth) until Kitkat, now the phone and tablet connect but no Internet connection. Sent from my HTCONE using Tapatalk

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