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Now that FoxFI is gimped, what is the next best no-root WIFI tether app?

Wednesday 28th of November 2012 /
Hi:I just found out this morning that my phone auto-updated to a ver of FoxFi that is now usage limited. That sucks.Since FoxFi was always a little spotty for my on my RZR Maxx on Verizon (I would have to connect/disconnect a few times), I'm not terribly keen on paying them $7 for the paid ver.Also, it sounds like FoxFI won't work with Android 4.1 (JB) so whenever that ver is pushed OTA, I'll be SOL until a new version is release. For a free app, I could live with that. For a paid app, my expectations would be higher.So, is there any WIFI tethering app that works well on a RAZR Maxx on VZW on an stock, unrooted phone using WIFI as a connection to the PC (WIFI hotspot vs USB tether) besides a) FoxFI and b) the VZW supplied tethering app?Any downsides to these apps?I figure I might ask because there seems to be 170+ apps in the Google Play store and most of which either a) require a USB link vs WIFI to tether b) just a fancy shortcut to the default VZW tether app and/or c) require root.Thanks in advance for your reply.Regards,-g

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New To DNA Is there a Tethering App That Works?

Thursday 07th of February 2013 /
FoxFi worked fine on my S3 but it wont seem to work on the DNA any tricks or another program that works? Thanks in advance!

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Tether App that works?

Friday 16th of September 2011 /
I'm looking for a good tethering app that works on this Tablet connecting to a Non Rooted HTC Thunderbolt. I have tried PdaNet Tablet(Beta) and yes it works but its kinda pain in the but to have to set server and port every time I want to tether it and it only works with the stock browser & dolphin and the Android market, but no Gmail and it stops working sporadically. I know if I root my Thunderbolt I can get wireless tether for it but I don't want to root it just yet. are there any good apps that will tether via Bluetooth or even USB? I have tried several and none will work via USB. I'm willing to pay for a app that will work. Just seeing if anyone out there knows of one that works? Please Help. Thanks in advance.

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WiFi tether app that 100% works for Rezound + unlimited data (Root required)

Wednesday 20th of February 2013 /
Finding a tethering app that works on the Rezound was a lot harder than I though it'd be. I am posting this here for my own future reference if nothing else. WiFi Tether for Root Users (Google Play)It is freeUse the following settings:- Device profile: Use "Generic ICS/Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA)" or "Rezound (CDMA/GSM)" depending on if you have newest version or not. - Setup Method: Use "Auto" or "Netd (Master)"- Make sure the "Routing Fix" is enabled. It is a check box. On my ICS 4.03 Rezound it is very quick to connect.

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Tethering app that works?

Tuesday 14th of June 2011 /
I have PDAnet working on the (rooted) phone, but I know there are better ones out there....they just don't seem to work. I would like to find one that doesn't need a usb cable to run the tethered device. Ultimately I would like to tether a tablet in truck for road trips. Any one have any luck? I know Verizon is doing thier damnedest to stop free tethering, but there has to be "an app for that".

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FoxFi (WiFi tethering App without root) Useable on Multiple Moto Jelly Bean Devices

Tuesday 09th of April 2013 /
Fans of FoxFi will be pleased to learn the newest version is now useable on a wide range of Jelly Bean-based Motorola devices. If you haven't heard of it, FoxFi is a WiFi tethering app that works without rooting your device. You also do not have to be on a tethering plan which saves you $20 a month. Who doesn't like to save money?! This newest version includes a host of Motorola devices added to its list of compatibility, including the DROID RAZR, RAZR MAXX, RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD, DROID Bionic, DROID 4 and more. This has been the go to app for free hot spot for Samsung and Moto users prior to the JB update. Now you can get back to tethering after the Jelly Bean update!It should be noted that if you don't have an unlimited data plan using this app will use data from your monthly allotment. There is a free version of foxfi that has some usage limits. Once the limit is reached you will need to restart the app to continue using it. If you would rather not be inconvenienced they do have a pro version which includes unlimited usage of the app (data rates still apply). Head to the source li

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Tethering app recommendation

Tuesday 31st of July 2012 /
Now that tethering is available at no extra charge I'm interested in trying it with my Inc2. Can you recommend an app that works well with it? I would use it with a Windows laptop.

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Is there a wireless tethering App that works with the HTC One?

Tuesday 09th of July 2013 /
Is there a wireless tethering App that works with the HTC One?I really like the HTC One, except for the glaring problem that HTC phones don't work with Foxfi. I'm going to upgrade my phone soon, and while the HTC One is my first choice, if I can't find a wireless tethering solution I'll end up going with the Samsung Galaxy S4 instead. Please advice!

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Need Tethering App for ZTE Warp Sequent

Sunday 13th of October 2013 /
I have a ZTE Warp Sequent. I can not find a tethering app that works for this model of phone. Im trying to get internet on my laptop and xbox360. Can someone please tell me a tethering app that works for this model of phone.

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Is there a Tethering App that....

Tuesday 19th of November 2013 /
works with Verizon? I recently upgraded my Verizon Motorola Droid 2 to a Motorola Moto X. My Droid 2 phone was under the unlimited data program. Upgrading to the Moto X required me going to a limited data plan. The FoxFi tether app worked on the Droid 2 although I haven't tried that in a few months. After upgrading to the Moto X I tested the FoxFi app and it didn't work. It tells me to contact my carrier. I tried another tether app and it does the same thing. I'm assuming Verizon has blocked the capability to use tether for free access to their connection? Is there a tether app that does work with Verizon? Thank you

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