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Free Wi-fi tethering hotspot

Tuesday 03rd of July 2012 /
Hey everyone I'm BRAND new to the site. I picked up my S3 yesterday and was stoked to go home and set it up. I was a little shocked to find out that there is no mention of anyone setting up their free wifi tethering hotspot (after root) on the internet ANYWHERE. I rooted my Galaxy Note for the first time yesterday before I got the S3 and I rooted the S3 last night. I know for the Note, you had to use T.B. to uninstall 'TetheringManager' and then enable the tethering through the normal options. I did that with no problems and my hotspot is fine. The only thing I see on the S3 is 'TetheringProvision', but the icon that comes with it is a Google icon. I don't want to delete anything that belongs to TouchWiz/Google, but I want to get rid of AT&T's crappy tethering tracker. Does anyone have ideas/opinions on the matter?

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Anyone get WiFi Tethering/Hotspot to with ICS leak 232 to work?

Wednesday 15th of August 2012 /
Has anyone gotten WiFi tethering to work properly with ICS leak .232?I do not have tethering provisioned on my account, and when I try to activate Verizon's Mobile Hotspot, it errors telling me to call customer service.I tried the FoxFi app, and it starts up the hotspot intermittently, and it allows my laptop to connect, but it does not pass Internet connectivity.I tried WiFi Tether, and it just doesn't work. (Anyone know the proper Device-Profile to use?)WiFi Tether worked on .902 and .905 flawlessly, but since going to .232 it doesn't work.Suggestions?

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i am using razzr xt910, my problem is tethering hotspot not

Monday 06th of August 2012 /
i am using razzr xt910, my problem is tethering hotspot not working, i do i troubleshoot itAlready Tried: factory reset and software upgrade, its is connected but no connection to internet

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Tethering/Hotspot for EVO

Thursday 24th of June 2010 /
Question, I know Sprint's hotspot feature is to use the EVO "Wirelessly" with up to 8 diff. devices and that is what the $30 charge is for if you want to use that feature....... It's my understanding that "Tethering" is a different thing where u directly connect your EVO to a laptop and use the "Internet Sharing" mode that way with only that device. I don't pay the extra $30 so i dont have hotspot for my EVO but I am able to Tether my phone to my laptop. Ive read that tethering is not allowed on the sprint network without purchasing the Hotspot feature and i can have my contract terminated if i continue to use tethering with my EVO. IS THAT TRUE?????? Is the tethering feature with the EVO at this point, just a feature that has not been disabled or patched yet or is it infact supported by sprint without needing to buy the Sprint Hotspot feature?????? And if it is freely available is there a cap to how much data i can use while tethering??????..... cause you know, i do pay the damn """ $10 premium charge""" for each EVO on my

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Froyo built in wireless tethering hotspot

Monday 28th of June 2010 /
Hi all, I've tried a lot of AOSP roms in the last week, and i've resigned to the fact that none of them will be coming with the built in wireless tethering (hotspot option in the 'tethering' part of the settings). I can only conclude that the hotspot code does not come with google's release of FRF83, but I would assume that the wifi driver itself can still support using the card as an access point natively. If the source isn't available for the hotspot tethering, maybe an app can be written that can make the Droid an AP? maybe wifi tether can be updated? Anybody got insight on this topic?

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Tethering hotspot no longer works...frustration on Samsung Galaxy S3

Sunday 24th of November 2013 /
I have been using FoxFi for tethering a hotspot and now since the update it will no longer connect. It keeps telling me to dial 611 to connect to AT&T hotspot. I have unlimited data and do not want to pay for MORE data. Unlimited should be unlimited, anyway.....what can I do? I have tried uninstalling FoxFi, did not help, installed Fast Wifi Tethering, still did not work, installed TetherSittin....again...nothing......I am new to Samsung S3, I have always used an IPhone. Would rooting help? What is rooting? What's the reasons to root? Is it hard? It needs to be very self explanatory. After rooting are there other aps that I need t download? Thanks for the help

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Galaxy S3 with Android 4.3 and tethering/hotspot?

Tuesday 11th of March 2014 /
I just upgraded to this new Galaxy S3 and I was curious to see if I could remain unrooted/stock and get hotspot/tethering capability to work. My carrier is Virgin Mobile (Sprint). Since the phone is new, I like to remain unrooted for a bit in the event I have issues. It came directly from Virgin Mobile with 4.3 installed. The app of choice seems to be FoxFi. I installed FoxFi for Spring/AT&T figuring this was the correct choice - Establishing a wireless hotspot failed. I get an error message "Hotspot not supported". I've searched around and there seems to be a mixed bag of successes versus failures as shown in this thread: Does tethering with unlimited data still work on 4.3? I DID get wired tethering to work! So that is the good news. Frankly, if that is all I can get to work then I'll be content but would like to understand why/how to get the wireless hotspot feature working.....or if it is not worth my time at this point. There seems to be mixed results even when rooted so I'm not eager to start hacking my brand new phone. The posts in the thread above are from la

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Best hotspot performance: Verizon DROID MAXX or Verizon HTC One (M8) - Android Phones - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Hello All - I'm hoping there's experience here when it comes to which phone has the best hotspot (tethering) performance. I have Verizon unlimited data plan and my current Moto Droid is suffering from battery issues. I'm choosing between Verizon's Motorola Droid MAXX or the HTC One (M8). But which has the best throughput when the hotspot is active? The hotspot will have about 2 active connections (tablet and laptop) and performance is important.Is there a first choice consensus about which of these 2 phones rock when it comes to tethering hotspot performance over 4G LTE? Thanks...-Buzz

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Tethering Hotspot Works Every Morning Only??

Monday 08th of September 2014 /
My Galaxy s4 Tethering/Hotspot works great every morning and can connect it to my laptop. At this time it shows AndroidAP signal present at the control panel of my laptop and the strength of it.However, in the afternoons and evenings, there is no signal showing and no connection possible from my phone and even though it's set to Tethering/Hotspot.Is there some sort of timer on my phone controlling the signal?

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Tethering not working on Note 4 AT&T

Sunday 19th of October 2014 /
Got my Note 4 on 10/17... replaced my iPhone 5S... and so far im loving the Note4 and Android....But I cant get my tethering / hotspot to work properly and im paying the extra $ to have tethering on my AT&T account and it use to work just fine on my iPhone 5S. I goto Setting > Connections > Tethering and Wifi Hotspot.... I turned on the hotspot but my personal laptop will not pick up a Wifi signal coming from the phone, I tried my work laptop as well and it as well cant see my Note4 wifi signal. I tried changing the SSID name and making the connection unsecure just to see if that would help and it did nothing. I also tried tethering over USB and it recognized my phone as a network card but then said it could not connect to the internet. I then turned off the Note4 pulled the battery and hit the power button to drain remaining power, reinserted battery and turned the phone back on and the tethering still doesnt work. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to fix this?

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