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Custom Text Message Tone

Monday 29th of November 2010 /
I just got the Huawei Ascend today, and I was wondering: Can I set a custom text message tone? There's one I really want, it's the speaking device alert, from Metal Gear Solid. But I don't see an option for it. I can set it as a ringtone, but don't see a message for custom notification alert. Please help! D:

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Text message tone repeat?

Saturday 09th of October 2010 /
I have had my Desire for just over a month now and still haven't worked out how to get the text message alert to repeat. I have my phone on silent/vibrate when I'm at work, and I have sometimes found that a text comes in while I'm away from my desk and I don't discover this until later. Or even when I've got the sound switched on I don't always notice it if I'm in a noisy environment, or maybe I don't feel the vibration in my pocket. My previous phones have always produced the alert tone/vibration every few minutes until I read the message. Can this be done with the Desire, and how?

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Text Message Alerts for Contacts

Wednesday 03rd of April 2013 /
Hi All, I'm new to the board, but I recently purchased the Note 2 in February (Sprint). The update that was deployed in March added a text message alert for your contacts. I tried to upload a screenshot, but it didn't work. Anyway, when you're looking at the details of a specific contact, underneath 'Ringtone,' is 'Message Alert.' Here you can customize the text message sound for that specific contact. I've tried customizing the alert tones, but when I receive a text message from someone who has a specific tone, the default text message tone sounds. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Am I doing something wrong? TIA.

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Droid 2 Text Message Alert Tone

Sunday 15th of August 2010 /
Is there ANY way to set text alerts to vibrate?

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Text message alert tone

Thursday 19th of November 2009 /
Is it possible to change this? It cannot be changed through notification ringtone menu; all that succeeds in doing is changing tone for other notifications like email etc. Have tried to select other notification tones, but it is the "tada" tone that always comes up when SMS is received.Can the tone for receiving SMS be changed, and if so, how?Any help appreciated.

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Message alert repetition

Monday 10th of June 2013 /
I've had my Casio Commando for a couple of months now but haven't been able to figure out (maybe it doesn't have this feature) how to have it keep playing the message alert tone for voice mails and text messages that haven't been retrieved. This is my work phone and I'd like to be reminded. My many years old Samsung has this feature. The feature on my Samsung is called "Message Alert Repetition" and is found in the sound profile menu. Thanks and any help would be appreciated.Thanks, Charlie

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change text message alert tone

Saturday 10th of August 2013 /
Anyone know how to change the default text message alert tone on the Exhilarate? The suggestions for other Galaxy models don't seem to apply.Thanks.

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how to change text tones

Sunday 24th of November 2013 /
i have a galaxy s111 mini new one i want to change the text message alert tone cant work out how?

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Incoming Text message alert tone on Galaxy s5

Sunday 17th of August 2014 /
How do I get the single, one time alert tone back? All of a sudden I'm getting the samsung incoming call song that just keeps playing and playing until I go in and open up the home page and click on the text message?Also, is there anyway to see if a text shows up on the screen without touching the on button and swiping up the page to get the the text icon? Thanks !!!

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Why is my Notification tone the same as my Text Message tone?

Friday 31st of October 2014 /
I just upgraded from a Samsung Droid Charge to a Galaxy S5. On my Charge, I set an alert tone for the Notification bar across the top to alert me to incoming emails, system upgrades, news and weather alerts, etc. I also set different tones for incoming calls, emails, and text messages. In all, 4 different tones. I can't seem to do that for the S5. I was able to set individual tones for incoming calls and emails and they work fine but I can't seem to set different tones for Notifications and Text Messages. If I set 2 different tones, the Notification tone overrides the Text Message tone. When I get a Text Message, I hear the Notification tone. If I make them the same, I can't tell if I'm getting a Notification or a Text Message without physically looking at the phone. What am I doing wrong?

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