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text message notification sound not working

Wednesday 05th of September 2012 /
all my other notification and media sounds are working. its just for text message that isn't. and its the only important sound that i actually need to work. my notification bar is on. i even went into setting on messaging and reset it to default. and it didn't work would be really great if somebody is able to help me with this problem. i dont want to reset/reboot my phone if possible. thanks

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No text message notifications

Monday 11th of July 2011 /
There I was minding my own business when out of nowhere my phone stopped notifying me of text messages. I think all I did was reboot the phone and it just stopped working. I get no sound, no vibration, and no notification. I'm running Liberty v2.0.1 w/ Launcher Pro Plus. I use Handcent SMS as my text messaging application and have checked the settings several times to make sure everything is set up correctly, and the weird part is that when I go to "Test Notification" a notification pops up and the phone vibrates like it's supposed to, but not when I receive an actual message. Thinking Handcent SMS was the problem I switched to Go SMS Pro, checked all of the settings, and I still wouldn't receive a notification, so I tried the stock messaging application, checked all of the settings, and got the same result. I checked all of the audio levels and everything is as it should be. To make things weirder if I receive a picture message I get a notification and the phone vibrates like it's supposed to, but a normal text message yields no results.I have tried rebooting the phone sev

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Changing to custom text msg 'notification' sound - impossible?

Saturday 18th of February 2012 /
Have a new Rezound with recent OTA update. Have rebooted, finally got it all working, I thought. No rooting, etc.But - I cannot get rid of the crappy lame default notification tone. I've used ALL the options suggested in these pages, but I cannot get anything but a combination of my selected custom sound AND the default sound. Ugly.When I go into the 'set notification sound' option, using SMS/Menu/Settings/Notifications/set notification sound (for example), a brief screen shows only 'Default Notification' and a red dot indicating it is selected (NO way to change that behavior). That quickly changes to show all my custom sounds; I pick a short mp3 that I like (it plays just fine), select it, back out, and off.When I get a text message, my custom notification sound plays for about one second, then the tail-end of the (lame) 'default' sound.I've gone into this setting from various menu points, as suggested in these pages. NONE of them correct the problem. I've rebooted, no help.One person here suggested making sure 'default notification' was not selected - but there does not appear to b

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SMS text notification sound not working after ICS update

Thursday 10th of May 2012 /
So just updated to ICS 4.0.3 this morning and ever since my Text message notification sounds only do 1-2 than dont make any noise until i reset than itll do it for 1-2 msgs and stop.Doesnt even vibrate if i set ringtones off.Anyone had this problem?Really annoying

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Notification sound not working. Can anyone help???

Saturday 13th of July 2013 /
Notification sound not working when i get a text message but when i select a sound for my notfication sound i can hear it.. But ringtone sound is working. Can anyone help???

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sms notification not working

Sunday 27th of October 2013 /
Hi all!I've been searching around on the net, for a while now, and i haven't found a solution to my problem. So i did my research before posting.My problem:When i receive an SMS message, i get no notification what so ever. I receive the text, but i have to use the top pulldown menu to see. I don't get a notification icon or a sound. It's set to give me notifications, but it doesnt... Also it looks like crap. So i want to use another app thats way better.I want to use ChompSMS. I've always used Chomp and it's really annoying that it won't work with my SGS3. I set up chomp to be the default program. By disabling notifications in the native SMS app and letting Chomp handle it.I set chomp to give notifications and i set up sms sound and icon and all that notification stuff. And i shut off the phone and turn it back on. Not just a restart. But it doesn't work at all.I still get no notifications at all. I get a sound when the text is sent, but not when i receive messages. No LED flash, no top icon, no sound, no vibration... Nothing.Another fun thing that i was wondering about. In the top l

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Missed message flasher not working as expected

Saturday 01st of November 2014 /
Hi, I have a Moto G phone and do not like that if I miss a message or call, there is no audible sound. I installed Missed Message Flasher app and like how it works for a missed call, but can't seem to get it to activate for a missed text message. In the settings section of Missed Message Flasher I have checked the "SMS & MMS" in the Monitor section and assigned a Sound for the notification. But when I receive a new TextPlus message, the phone only provides the initial notification sound and then nothing else afterwards. It works great for a missed call but how can I get it to work for incoming text messages on TextPlus? Thanks, Liz

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(HTC One) My notification sounds are suddenly not working-not even samples

Monday 03rd of November 2014 /
Yesterday morning my phone went berserk with sounds while my alarm went off. It sounded like several notifications happening at once. I turned alarm off, went on with my day.I later noticed I wasn't hearing my text message alert sound (but light is still blinking). -My ringer and alarm sounds (and samples/preview sound) are working properly.-I even tried changing notification sound--can't even hear ANY samples/preview of sounds.-I tried short and long restarts -no change any ideas?

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Notification Sound for text message not working

Tuesday 04th of November 2014 /
The last day or two I've been having a problem with my notification sound not working when I receive a text. If I turn the phone off then back on it works again. Not really sure if it's a glitch or what. Anyone else having this problem?

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Samsung Galaxy S5 text notifications not working

Thursday 18th of December 2014 /
Ok, I have been digging on the internet the last few days to see what could cause this and I can't find anything that will help. I'll ask here and hope someone can give me some assistance. I just recently switched to Sprint and picked up a Galaxy S5 phone. I have all my apps and stuff installed and I turn all my sounds off except for ringtones and text tones. My ringtones work just fine but my notification tones for text messages does not. The only way I know I have a text is because I have the phone set to vibrate when I get a text message along with playing the tone. The phone came pre-installed with Google Hangouts and the stock messaging app. I did install Google Messenger but since have uninstalled it trying to see if that would help get this working again, it did not. I have checked both the settings for the global sound and the individual settings in Messaging and Hangouts for sound and all are set. I have checked the sound rocker to make sure that notification sounds are in deed on and they are. After moving to Sprint, I did do the Google Voice integration that Sprint has se

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