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repeating alert tones

Wednesday 22nd of August 2012 /
Maybe my brain is not what it used to be... Isn't there a setting that determines how often an audible notice for a missed call, email, text message, voice mail, etc. should repeat? If I miss the initial alert, I would like the phone to continue to alert me until I take a look. Too many times I've missed a call and/or have a voicemail message, but didn't hear the original alert tone due to noise, being away from the phone, etc. and then not realizing that I had a mesage until I picked up the phone for some other reason and noticed the blinking light. I'm almost sure there used to be a way to configure the alert tone to repeat at certain intervals, but I can't seem to find it now. (I'm on ICS .215)

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Text message tone repeat?

Saturday 09th of October 2010 /
I have had my Desire for just over a month now and still haven't worked out how to get the text message alert to repeat. I have my phone on silent/vibrate when I'm at work, and I have sometimes found that a text comes in while I'm away from my desk and I don't discover this until later. Or even when I've got the sound switched on I don't always notice it if I'm in a noisy environment, or maybe I don't feel the vibration in my pocket. My previous phones have always produced the alert tone/vibration every few minutes until I read the message. Can this be done with the Desire, and how?

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APPS to simulate pager and beeper?

Sunday 04th of August 2013 /
Hello Everyone, I am looking for an app which when receiving an SMS will act like a beeper or pager and make a repetitive sound or prolonged sound . I am a physician and I have installed a VOIP in my office which will send me both a text message and an email if the matter is urgent . However, if I happen to miss the single notification sound of an incoming message, I could miss an urgent situation. Moreover , if I am sleeping , I would like a notification sound which would wake me up . I would also like it to call back periodically until I someone how acknowledge that I got the message. Maybe I would be required to press a "dismiss button' or else the notification tone would continue to repeat. Finally, I would like the app to specifically recognize the source of the sms , ie my VOIP system , so that every sms I receive does set off the urgency notification sound . I have looked I the App store under pages and beepers but it is unclear to me if the apps I looked at have this capability . Does anyone know if such an app exists? Thanks for your help.

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