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Vibration quirk

Tuesday 10th of July 2012 /
My only major issue with this phone is the vibration settings. Not sure if this just a bug on my phone or something that is normal. I absolutely HATE the "basic call" vibration setting for text messages. It is ridiculously long and a bit overkill. With that said, I went to the Sounds menu under the general settings and changed it since there is no option to pick (that I could find) in the stock SMS app. So I change it to "heartbeat" yet when I get a text, it is STILL the "basic call" vibration pattern. However, now my phone calls - which I WANT to be the "basic call" pattern are now "heartbeat." Is there no way to change the text vibration pattern? Is this just a bug on my phone? Or am I just completely overlooking what I'm supposed to do? I had an Incredible before and loved how it differentiated between calls and text messages (calls = 1 long vibration; text messages = 2 short ones)

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Text vibration

Tuesday 04th of December 2012 /
Hey guys. I've had the droid for a few days now and love it. I know that there is a setting for vibrate when you get a call but is there one for vibration when receiving texts? Thank you

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Text vibration notification problem

Monday 10th of December 2012 /
Long story short, I'm on my second Galaxy S3 because of some internal problems on the first one. My first S3 would do a double vibrate each time AFTER I get and text when I move the phone. But now with my new S3, It only plays the sound and vibrates WHEN I get a text. When I pick it up (move it in general) a few seconds after receiving a text, it doesn't vibrate at all. I don't know where to look in the settings, because I feel like I've looked everywhere. If this isn't making much sense I can reword it in a more methodical way to clear anything up. It was a great function I had and would really love to have it back.

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Message Vibration?

Friday 02nd of November 2012 /
Hi, does the SIII have the ability to vibrate when I receive a text in vibration mode? I assume it does, it even asks in the settings for a vibration setting, yet when my phone is on vibrate it doesn't actually vibrate when I get a text. Vibration "volume" is all the way up. Is there a setting I'm missing?

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Text vibration notification only in silent mode??

Friday 09th of August 2013 /
Ok, have googled and called AT&T but no solution. I want my phone to vibrate when I receive a text only when I am in silent mode. The only setting I have come up with sets it to vibrate anytime I receive a text, regardless of what mode it is in. I don't need it to vibrate when in regular mode because I have the sound notification. Is there any way to do this on the s4? When the phone is in silent mode it vibrates when I receive a call but does nothing when I receive a text. You would think putting the phone in silent mode would automatically cause it to vibrate when a text is received. Guess I am just used to the iphone automatically doing this. TIA!

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Text Vibration

Friday 20th of September 2013 /
I cannot turn off vibrate on a text message! If I COMPLETELY silence the phone the vibrate will go away, but if I have the ringer on it always vibrates. What I want is JUST the ringer and no vibrate. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Things I have tried:1. Messages -> Settings -> Notifications -> Vibrate (unchecked) 2. Phone -> Settings -> Sound -> Sound Profile = "Normal" Neither of those attempts worked. Can someone please help me? Is there a bug in the HTC One?

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Text Vibration Not Strong Enough

Thursday 17th of October 2013 /
I just got an S4 yesterday and I am still setting up. I need the vibration for when I get a text to be quite strong and noticeable. I actually made a custom one, but it didn't seem to take as the notifier. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to increase the magnitude of the text notifier?Thanks!

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How to turn off text vibration when ringer is on- s3 mini

Sunday 23rd of February 2014 /
I just got the galaxy s3 mini on friday. Ive noticed that when I have my ringer on I still get a vibration when i receive a text message. Ive ran through all of the settings and played around with everything but cant seem to get it to do what I want. Does anyone know how to do this? Ive searched around many forums and it seems when the phone was updated to jelly bean it lost a lot of its ringer/vibration functionality. I have 14 days to return the phone for another one at the verizon store and if theres no easy way to fix this i may be getting a different phone. Thanks for any help!

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Changing text vibration pattern

Monday 10th of March 2014 /
I have looked everywhere for a thread that addresses my issue so if I am missing it, feel free to send me in the right direction.I have just switched to a Samsung Galaxy S4. I have changed the vibration pattern (under sound/ringtones and notifications), but it seems to only affect my notification for phone calls, not texts. I want the vibration to be longer than the two short bursts. I do not want to to download a 3rd party app for these reasons: if I download (for example) goSMS, the app does not give me the number of unread messages. Then I have to download a notification app and, slowly, the number of apps I need to correct something missing keeps growing. Is there any way to change the default vibration for text messages with out downloading any additional apps?

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Custom Vibration for text messages and phone calls

Sunday 27th of April 2014 /
I'm wondering if there are any way to customize the vibration for text messages and phone calls, and maybe other notifications (email, facebook, twitter, ect.)I know you can customize custom vibration for individual contacts, but that would take forever for me to do it, what I mean by customize vibration is like how iOS have it, you can create a custom vibration for text in general, and phone calls in general, so whenever you received a text from any contacts, the vibration will be the same customized one that you created.I did tried Vype, but it just didn't work out for me, the result is glitchy, not really good, and the free version only let you create and save 2 custom vibrations, and you can't change out the vibration that was already set!Thanks!

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