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Can't text pictures

Tuesday 06th of November 2012 /
I can't seem to send pictures over text message. It comes back a couple minutes later saying message not delivered with a red circle and an x. Any ideas? Thanks,Mike

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Trouble receiving group text messages

Tuesday 21st of August 2012 /
Hi all, I've had this issue come up twice in probably the past month. I am on Verizon Wireless and have a Droid Bionic. Sometimes I have received a notification in the toolbar that has a red circle with an "X" in it. When I look at the message it says that a text message could not be received. In both instances where this has happened, it has been a text message my boss has sent to me and my co-worker within the same message. If I go into my text messaging inbox, I can see this message is marked as unread and I see the recipients. If I tap on the message to open it, there is a box that asks if I want to Download or Reject the text message. If I try to download it, it will fail. My only option is to reject it if I ever want to get it cleared out of there. In both instances I have been in a location where I typically have good reception and do not have a problem receiving text messages. I have received other group messages on this same thread since we all typically just reply in this text message and click "Send to All." Since the first time this happened a couple o

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text with red circle and x

Tuesday 06th of August 2013 /
Motorola, Android phone - text message from others show a red circle with a black "x" in the circle, located before the time and date of the text - What does the red circle with an "x" mean?

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