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Textra and APN Setting for MMS

Monday 01st of July 2013 /
I know this is probably a dupe thread, but I need help.I recently ditched GoSMS in favor of Textra because I could no longer tolerate the bloat. Now I cannot sent MMS messages, but can still receive them. I need to know how to access the APN settings and what the actual APN settings are so I can use Textra to handle sending of MMS rather than the stock app.I am running completely stock and unrooted. And OBV on Virgin Mobile USA...Any help will be appreciated muchly!

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Textra keeps cutting off 3g.

Tuesday 13th of August 2013 /
Hey guys, having some issues with textra. Basically I was sent some photos by mms today through textra and I received them perfectly fine but soon after I kept getting messages saying mms failed check APN settings. At the same time it would drop my data connection and having to turn it off and on again to get it to work. But then then message would pop up again from textra saying the same message and dropping my 3g. I had to uninstall the app and reinstall it to get past this issue. If you use textra then you will know it copies your settings on Setup to make it work and I have checked all my settings anyway and is fine. Has anyone ever experienced this and found a fix or anything?? Please let me Know. my shiney new S4

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Textra MMS settings

Thursday 05th of September 2013 /
Hey all. I've had the s4 for about 2 months and it had been a great phone. The last couple days though the messaging app has been horrendously slow so i downloaded textra and it has been great except for one thing. Whenever I get a text I get a notification telling me to check my mms settings. Group messaging also doesn't work when I am on wifi. I'm assuming because the app doesn't know to switch to mobile data but who knows. I checked use mobile data for mms but it doesn't matter what I do I still get the warning. Any suggestions what to do? Posted via Android Central App

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MMS's won't send when wifi connected (GPE s4... ATT S4 works fine)

Monday 09th of September 2013 /
Looking for some help and ideas here.. I have a GPE S4 on the AT&T network.. I also have a spare GS4 (ATT branded). GPE S4 - running Android 4.3 stock - MMS while connected to wifi will not send. turn off Wifi and they send fineATT S4 - running Android 4.2.2 MF3 stock - MMS while connected to wifi send fine. I have checked and matched the GPE S4 to use the identical APN settings as the ATT S4. I have tried in the stock messaging app. I prefer textra and tried textra on both, setting "Activate Mobile Data when sending/receiving an MMS" is checked on both devices and it doesn't make the GPE get an MMS while connected to wifi. I have scoured the internet and there are TONS of threads about this very same topic on many carriers... a lot point to APN settings. I have validated that APN is proper and the fact that it works while NOT on Wifi proves this. The ONLY thing I can think of is 4.3 or stock android doesn't make the MMS app(s) use the mobile data and tries to send it out the wifi connection which will not work. Anyone with GPE on ATT network able to test this for me?

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Verizon Textra MMS Settings?

Friday 11th of October 2013 /
When I receive an animated GIF, it does not play. I use Textra but cannot seem to get it to work. I have MMS for group chats turned on. MMS settings has "Activate Mobile Data" turned on. The manual APN config is not on, but if I check it, the mmsc is and the proxy and proxy port are both blank. Has anyone had this issue yet or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? The APN configs I can find for Verizon online do not have a proxy or proxy port listed either.

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ZTE Majesty MMS problems

Saturday 08th of March 2014 /
Hello. I recently bought a ZTE Majesty, it's my first smart phone. I'm on Straight Talk (CDMA-V, verizon towers). With the stock messaging app, when friends are doing Group MMS (a mixture of iphone/droid users) I receive each message individually from the participants rather than as a group MMS. I couldn't find any settings to enable this type of thing, so I downloaded Textra. What a nice app, super light-weight, fast, and aesthetically pleasing. However, this will not even receive the individual MMS messages as I'm testing it. For the life of me, I cannot find the APN settings in this the MMS settings in Textra are all but useless.Does anyone have any experience for group MMS on this phone? (or the Savvy, as it's the same exact thing more or less)

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droid dna third party sms apps will not send mms

Wednesday 02nd of April 2014 /
I have a droid dna but it is not verizon. I am with a local carrier called chat mobility that services Southwest Iowa. They did however in the last year partner with Verizon to use their towers nationwide for a 4g network. I have tried Go sms, Textra, Handcent, Chomp, hangouts, and a few other sms apps. Only Go sms will send a mms message. I used Go sms for 9 months but I want to switch to another sms app. I have never been able to get any other app to work on this phone past standard sms use. When you try to send a pic the wheel just spins and spins and spins. Textra actually goes so far as to give me an error message within 3 seconds that says "cannot configure mms settings automatically" "click here to set mms setting". Data is turned on and the stock messaging app works great. The stock app will send a pic in less than 5 seconds. So I called my carrier 3 times and each time when I ask for the apn settings they play dumb. They don't know what I am referring to and one time the tech told me that if it is a third party app they cannot help me and I should uninst

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Another Solution for Android users to Group Text or Group Message with iPhone users

Wednesday 16th of July 2014 /
I'm running the latest version of KitKat on a Nexus 5 and these settings work best for me using the Textra app (not Hangouts). -First of all you have to be sending and receiving MMS properly first. -Next, make sure you're using Textra as your default SMS app. -If that's all working, under the MMS menu in settings check the box for 'Default for Delivery Reports (whether to request MMS delivery reports)' and also check the box for 'Use MMS for Group Chats (MMS can make group chats work better with other smart phones such as iPhones and Android phones)' -After checking those 2 boxes in the same part of the menu go into 'MMS Settings (Go here if MMS isn't working)'. -Under that check 'Activate Mobile Data (Set this to temporarily activate Mobile Data when sending or receiving an MMS)' and... -Check 'T-Mobile WiFi Calling Fix (Set this to temporarily de-activate WiFi when sending or receiving an MMS. This makes MMS work with T-Mobile WiFi calling)'. Do this regardless of your cell network. I'm on AT&T for example and I needed this. Under SMS I also have checked 'Default for Delivery

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Please help: T Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 - Need APN settings for 4G and MMS

Sunday 25th of January 2015 /
I've spent the past few days in the depths of Google and forums trying to get my phone to work again. I posted my issue on the ST forums, but I feel you guys will help more. ST live chat did not help the issue. I have had this T-Mobile Galaxy S3 with the t-mobile Straight Talk sim card for over a year now with little issues. This past week MMS stopped working (could not receive pics) for a few days so I looked up APN settings and switched them with no luck, but now the settings don't even let my phone connect to 4G or any Internet besides Wi-Fi. I have tried dozens of APNs I swear, even though everything was fine a week ago, the ones on Straight Talk's site don't even show a 4G symbol for me now. I cannot change the MNC, it has to be 260. If this one field changes the entire APN settings delete itself even if saved. (This is a problem I see everywhere with no answer, but some APN t-mobile settings keep the 260 field so that's one I would need) I tried installing the Textra texting app but I can't get good MMS settings for that either, it seems. Thank you anyone who helps.

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"Can't retrieve MMS"...please help!

Friday 20th of February 2015 /
I have been getting this notification for a few weeks now. It appears on the top notification bar, I swipe down and see this..."Can't retrieve MMS, Check settings>MMS settings>APN..." if I tap the notification it just goes away. A bit of history...I run Textra, have had my phone since April (came over from Apple). I have tried going into settings and can't even find MMS settings. I have tried going into Textra settings and don't see anything in there either. I have restarted my phone a few times but that has not solved the issue. It's very annoying because I'm not sure if my wife is getting all my texts or vice versa (there have been times when I will send her texts & pictures and she doesn't get them...she has an iPhone). It just sucks not knowing if my messaging app works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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