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My Droid wont make calls, i tried everything, HELP!!

Thursday 15th of December 2011 /
Hi to everyone, first of all, excuse my poor english.I got a Droid originally from Verizon, but i buy here en Mexico with IUSACELL, es CDMA too, ok, so, i change the Android version to one more new, but the thing is that... i cant make calls, and even can receive. I can send and receive texts, i can even surf the net, wifi and with 1x, sometimes get 3G, but the droid just wont make calls.When i tried to make a call the droid make a occupied tone... dont say message and say nothing. The only number that works is the *611, is the costumer service in IUSACELL, the other number that works is the *228, in that u can program the droid with the last PRL file, so, i can do that, but, just cant make calls to other numbers... and if i call my number from other phone gets occupied tone too.Please, i already do a clean flash, i tried different roms, different PRL's, so, i dont know what else to do, i think that have to be something in the configuration cause i can make calls to that 2 numbers... so, if u have any advice, please let me know.Thanks in advance.

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Sometimes my phone wont recieve and make calls. I have to

Sunday 11th of November 2012 /
Sometimes my phone won't recieve and make calls. I have to switch it off and on again so that it will co-operate. Firstly, how can I avoid this. Secondly, how can i see by looking at the screen that the phone is not in contact with my network. (The signal bars still show good signal strength)ThanksTinaOptional Information: Type of Device: PhoneModel: Galaxy Pro

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phone wont make calls

Monday 13th of September 2010 /
hey i recently got this ally and it was working well for me up until it started failing to send my texts. now its gotten worse and it wont make calls or send texts even in areas where i know i have great signal. im also getting that "100% without signal" message for the cell standby and it isnt even able to connect to *228...has anyone had this problem or should i just bring it in and get a new one?

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Can't make calls or use web after Gingerbread update - Page 2

Thursday 10th of March 2011 /
Nothing is fixing this. i spent all the money i had to get a phone for a job i just got and now i have no phone and I lost the job becase i cant fix this finaclly please help me before i kill my self for ***** up this bad. its just a phone but it was all the money i had and now im disconnected and fired . please help me restore the phone out of gingerbread , like all the other stories it wont work for me. its not rooted its not hacked its just broken. everything becauyse of a update. i have spent over 15 hours trying things to fix it . i just want to uninstall. please helpMy phone alerted me this morning that a system update was available so I started and went about my business. It finished and every thing looked fine UI was new and a few other new touches. I was on my way to work and it popped up that I had a voice mail even though my phone never rang. I tried dialing into voice mail and nothing. Tried to call other people and nothing. Calls just keep failing. I can't browse the web either. Now my phone keeps changing from showing no service to showing 3g and full signal. I can't ma

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HELP!!! Droid screen wont power up!

Saturday 04th of September 2010 /
Just woke up this morning and when I took my phone off the charger and press the power button, the screen will not power up! I tried taking out the battery and turning it on again. No luck. I know it still works because when I took out the battery, put the battery back in and powered it up, I felt that little vibrate when its about to show the home screen. Also, when I flip out the keyboard, the lights on the keyboard turn on. Ever since this update, my phone has been F@#%ing up. Really slow, freezing, certain apps wont work, wont allow me to answer calls/make calls due to lag, wont respond to youtube widget or play my vids recorded off the camera.I know my phone is still under factory warranty because I bought this phone in mid December. I dont have the receipt for the phone from Best Buy but I do have the customer agreement with the store address and date of purchase. I typed in my serial number on the Verizon website and says Im still under warranty. My question is, can I just bring it in and get replaced by a new phone without my receipt? The phone is in perfect cosmetic conditio

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answering phone while on bluetooth in car.not happening!!

Saturday 27th of August 2011 /
Yes that's right i can not answer the phone in the car while connected thru bluetooth. I have a sony HU with streaming audio and my Droid use to work perfect..when paired with the sony HU. I retired the droid and decided to use my sons Fascinate as he upgraded to the thunderbolt. Everything works fine except when i get a call, the phone rings through the speakers and when i press answer on the HU it keeps ringing i have turn it off and back on to stop the endless ringing. Even if i answer via the phone it wont connect and keeps ringing even when i end call. This is not a rooted phone. I thought my HU was messing up so i had my son pair his thunderbolt and it answers with no problem. I can make calls with no problems...... just dont call me.Any help on this??Cheers!!

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GalaxyS apps wont work

Thursday 23rd of February 2012 /
I am new to the forum so I hope that this hasnt already been answered. I have a GalaxyS phone for over a year now. Yesterday I noticed that I could browse the internet thru google on my phone, text and make calls but all app based functions that needed the internet would not work over the 3G or WiFii. When I try to use youtube or ESPN apps or anything like this the green arrow shows info going out on 3G but no red arrow bringing info back in. It started to work again last night for the most part but then this morning it is back to not working again. I have restarted the phone multiple times an made sure that the SIM card was clean, things a friend suggested that I try. Any help would be great.

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The phone that wont make calls.

Saturday 26th of June 2010 /
Hi all.Just got the Desire a few days ago, and loving the whole Mini-computer aspect of it.Problem is, its a real nuisance trying to make a simple call.It was an upgrade, so my sim card contained loads of old contacts long since gone, so I cleaned out the sim card and started afresh. Problem is, when I add mobile numbers starting with "07", it overrides my input and when I hit "save" the number comes up with the international dial code of "44" at the start.This should be ok, but if I try to make a call, I get a female voice saying "the number you are trying to call has not been recognised, please try redialling"It`s infuriating!is there any way to simply add the number "I" want, and not have the phone decide what it thinks I want?Many thanks in advance for any help.

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My Samsung S3 wont charge

Sunday 28th of July 2013 /
I have had the S3 since September and it hasnt givin me much trouble (except for the batt life) For the past few months 2/3, the phone would not charge unless I had it at an angle, against books, standing up, everyway possible! Then the charger gave out, or so I thought! I then could only charge it via the USP connected to my laptop, that eventually gave out too. Two chargers later and it will not charge at all. The same thing happened to my S1 before I upgraded. The phone itself is fine (except for the fact it wont make any outgoing calls) I went into Vodafone yesterday and as usual they were minus help. I even bought a new charger and nothing will work. Has anybody has a similar experience? If so what happened? Please help. Fiona.

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Why is my s4 not letting me hear my calls?

Tuesday 10th of March 2015 /
For about a week now, whenever I try to make or receive a call I cant hear anything at all and the person on the other end says they hear a loud buzzing sound. When I make a call I cant even hear the ringing sound but can see when it connects the call. At first it was just a few calls a day and restarting my phone by taking out the battery would solve the problem but now it wont work at all. I can hear calls fine when I make calls through Facebook Messenger so I k ow its not a speaker or mic problem. Ive seen other threads where ppl suggested messing with the settings for Ok google but ive done that and still got nothing. PLEASE HELP I love this phone and dont want to have to get a new one.

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