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The time is all wrong on my device how do I fix it

Thursday 25th of April 2013 /
I just the android Pc tablet 4.0 and the time is wrong by 2 hours I've been in settings and everything that needs to marked is but the time will not adjust to the proper time

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Android is Deleting my MP3 Files

Saturday 05th of November 2011 /
Hi. I'm new to Android phones and I'm having trouble with either Android, or the default Music Player. I copied some MP3 files to the Android phone from my Linux PC (I mounted the phone on the PC, and copied the files from the command line with 'cp'). This was fine and the music files played fine.However, later I mounted the phone again on the PC and moved some of those files on the Android phone to a different directory. Afterwards, I unmounted the phone and tried to play the same files, they were gone. I mounted the Android phone on the PC and looked, and they were indeed, nowhere to be found.I did a similar thing later with other files, and this time Android didn'tdelete the files, but replaced them with empty 0-byte files.What am I doing wrong? Why are MP3 files being deleted? Is this a problem with the default Music Player app, or with Android itself (this is version 2.34 of Android)? Is there a manual somewhere I can read that explains why this happens?

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Spacetime Studios: Pocket Legends on Android Generates 30%-50% More Revenue than iOS Version

Tuesday 08th of March 2011 /
We bet you’ve probably heard that there is no money to be made in Android.  As a potential developer, hearing this might make you think twice about writing for a platform that is supposed to hold so much promise.  The only guys making money are Rovio, right?  Wrong.  Spacetime Studios and its popular 3D MMO, Pocket Legends is doing quite alright, thanks to their Android app.  In fact, the robot-powered version is making considerably more cheddar than the iOS counterpart.Spacetime says that, with roughly 9,000 daily downloads, the level of activity on Android is nearly double what the Apple flavor sees. Not only are we Android folks downloading the game, but we’re engaging in it and using it at a rate of three time the Apple version. How does this add up to dollars for the developer? In-app purchases, silly. Considering that Android does not yet offer a seamless purchasing experience within applications (Apple does), it’s pulling in 30 to 50 percent more revenue than iOS.“We’ve just been blown away,” says Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis. “Andr

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[New App] Omaha Steak Time For Android: Tender, Juicy, And Delicious (It Really is Awesome)

Wednesday 25th of May 2011 /
Do you like steak- No- Then get out of this post right now – because it’s Steak Time.Omaha Steaks has had their popular app "Steak Time" on iOS for a while now, and it was only a matter of time before an Android version emerged. That day has come, and now Android users can grill with the best of ‘em.I know what you’re thinking, "this is probably some gimmicky app that just wants me to buy overpriced Omaha Steaks." But you’re wrong – it’s so much more. First and foremost, Steak Time does what its name implies:…Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to ca…Continue Reading Here[New App] Omaha Steak Time For Android: Tender, Juicy, And Delicious (It Really is Awesome)David Ruddock –

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new market and rom on Android 2.3 g10 10 inch apad

Thursday 02nd of February 2012 /
Hello,i have the tablet g10 apad freescale imx515 with 3g built in 10 inch,the firmware version is android 2.3.3 and is all almost ok,but on the begininning there is load the old market, 2.3 version...and that works fine, when i connect to the internet the first time is working,after, because there is one application that i can't unistall, and it is market uploader,it upload market automatically to the new version that is very nice, the 3.3... but that version is not working with this tablet or with this now on the tablet market is not more working,and only solution is disintall the upgrade on market, but on next enter on it it will reinstall automatically the new version and the problem come out again...please anyone did fgind the same problem?Anywayone able to fix it?maybe my rom is wrong?if anyone have suggest please let meknow...i even try to download the rom from (always android 2.3.3) but it tell me md5 error when i try to install..i don't know what to do at this moment ..thanks for reading and for any kind of help.bye!!

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Receiving texts at wrong times

Monday 07th of June 2010 /
First of all, this is my first android device and I am absolutely loving it. I also tried searching on this topic and couldn't find any information. Basically the issue I am having is once in awhile the text messages I receive will come in at a time that is 5 hours from the current time. For example, If the current time is 12:32 all the text messages I receive will say 5:32. The ones I send are at the correct time, but received is wrong. I usually fix this by power cycling my phone but I was just wondering if anyone knew what could cause this. Thanks in advance.

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Android Forums - View Single Post - Clock shows wrong city in wrong time zone

Friday 07th of October 2011 /
Is anyone having problems with keeping the correct time on their LG Optimus V. Since a recent update that Virgin did my clock keeps going back 2 hours. Only solution provided by tech support was to turn off ph and pull the battery, which I have done, or to do a hard reset, which based upon prior threads doesn't work either. Virgin is trying to state that it is an internal clock issue, but I know that the time gets pulled from the cell towers....Does anyone have any solutions? This is really frustrating!

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Firefox Mobile... why is the mobile version so horrible?

Monday 02nd of December 2013 /
It's true that on the desktop my favorite web browser is Chrome and has been for quite some time, but I have traditionally been a big fan of Firefox. I started using it before it went to Version 1, and I still have a Firefox 1.0 release t-shirt. So, my point is I've had a long and (for the most part) satisfied relationship with it. But Firefox on Android is horrible. Every time you go to type in something in a text field, unless it's coded as being something like a username, password, or other text field, you get a litany of autofills of everything you've ever typed before. It fills up the screen and you can't see a single other thing. And the only way to shut it off is to go into a specialized section of options and search for an obscure feature and toggle it to disabled. Without googling for this, you'd never find it in a million years. Also, when you try to type in a text field, under various circumstances you're not where the cursor says you are. It starts either overwriting other text or you are typing in the wrong spot. This happens on various message boards (such as this one)

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how to change the time on the weather screen.

Monday 23rd of December 2013 /
I bearly bought a samsung tab3 android and I dont know how to change the time on the weather part. It has the wrong time, but on the upper right where the time is on the phone is right. But I dont know how to change it for the weAather. Help?

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"Clock" App or widget shows wrong time

Wednesday 10th of September 2014 /
Hi Guys.First android mobile for me that I got second hand. The only annoying thing so far is the time on the home screen is off by and hour and a couple of minutes. I tried removing the battery for 30 seconds, and the option which automatically gets time from provider. There is a "Clock" app which has a few options and one of them takes me to the home screen where the time is wrong.The Clock App also shows that same wrong time. I can only set an alarm and I am unable to change the actual time.There has to be a way to Synch the time to the phone's system time (which is CORRECT). I have read many people with these problems and I tried a few of the "easy" fixes, like "airplane mode" and changing the option for automatic to unchecked, and then rechecking it... removing battery, rebooting phone, etc. Please help. Thanks. It is an Optimus Net LG P690b aka Optimus Link (I think) Thank you in advance!

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