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problem whit touchscreen coby kyros 7015

Wednesday 06th of April 2011 /
Hi, im from argentina and i buy the coby kyros mid7015 4G the last week, i rooted and installed the market of android. Yesterd I leave my tablet to my f... sister and now doesnt work fine the touchscreen. The buttons work fine, I reset from the recovery but is the same problem again and again... maybe is problem of calibration but whit a hard reset doesnt work. please help me!!! im sorry the bad english

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help please!! touch screen doesnt work after flash on the tablet wm8505!! help meeeee

Wednesday 18th of January 2012 /
hello to everyone! first of all sorry for my bad english!! im italian! i need a help for my tablet! im getting crazy!! i bought a tablet pc from china! the seller wrote that is 8650! but once i got i realized that the tablet was very slow so i tried to flash another rom!! result?? tablet couldnot start anymore! all black! so i tried to install another rom again but same till i took of the screws and opened soooooooooo guess?????? surprise! the tablet in real is wm8505!! then i trying to find a right rom for this tablet! some that i found like Android_FLUX_NB_WMT216 does install! but all of these rom touchscreen doesnt work! i can use the tablet only with the mouse!!! very bad!!! so please help me to find a solution! theres some touchscreen driver or do i need a right rom? ps i dont know the name of this tablet and even the model!! all i know is 256 mb of memory ram,2 gb hard sisk, 7 inch, wm8505 cpu, vibrate on startup,green led and the microphone hole is black color!! ! please save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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TouchScreen doesnt work

Tuesday 19th of July 2011 /
My touchscreen isn't working at all.I've unboxed the device and connected it to charge adapter, it turned on and showed welcome screen(with language select and android guy).I' not able to do anything because touch-screen isn't working at all (but volume controls are) . I saw some similar threads on forum but my touchscreen behaved liked that since first boot so it might be different issue.I tried hard booting (pressed power and vol down key for several seconds), several times to no avail. After cold boot I was presented with two options:1. RCK - boot in recovery mode2. Wipe user dataBoth didn't help.I'm not sure if the touch screen is locked or it's not working at all.I think I'll have to sent it back for replacement but I was wondering if anyone had similar problem or has any suggestions

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EVO SHIFT...touchscreen broken?

Tuesday 06th of September 2011 /
So a week ago the earpiece for my evo shift blew out. No biggie, im ok with speaker phone. But yesterday my touchscreen stopped working. I can get it to work by opening the keyboard and "shifting" it around until I find the sweet spot, but even then the touchscreen barely works. I tried power cycling, removing the battery, what have yous. Sprint told me to do this but do the "fastboot" thing. I did that, and it completely reset my apps, contacts, that girls phone number from that party...all gone. And the screen still doesnt work. Is this anyway related to the recent update? And what can I do to fix it other than go to the sprint store an hour away?

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Droid RAZR MAXX Touch Screen not working

Tuesday 30th of October 2012 /
Hey guys, So, I woke up yesterday and my RAZR MAXX's touchscreen doesnt work. I've been fiddling with it for the past 24 hours. I have several texts and missed calls. Any idea what would cause the touch screen to stop working? I think it may be because i slept on it, it was under my chest. Anyways, also, I'm trying to use Wondershare to access the texts and stuff, and my USB Debugging isn't enabled, and I have no way to get past the lockscreen or enable it since the touchscreen doesn't work. Any other way to enable it?Thanks

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mytouch touchscreen not working

Saturday 04th of September 2010 /
Today I took my mytouch 3g apart to install a new trackball and when I put it all back together the touchscreen doesnt work. If i take the back off and undo some of the screws, the touchscreen works perfectly. If I screw everything together and snap the backplate on, the touchscreen doesn't work. Any suggestions?

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Touchscreen Problems (will rooting fix???)

Sunday 21st of April 2013 /
since the day i got the phone the very top right (in portrait) and in landscape does not respond. and when in portrait mode the BACK button on the keyboard doesnt work, and if you think about it that can be very what i was thinking is when it gets rooted that replaces the touchscreen code correct? so would it fix my problem? ive been planning on rooting it for sometimes now since i got it just havent had time, and if it helps, my phone is on virgin mobile, but it says sprint on the front, and doesnt say virgin on the back, purchased new like this from wal mart, and i would take it back but i had to drive very far just to get the phone, any help would be great before i read up and root, i came from a triumph so its way different

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l55c optimus q arearom1.5 touchscreen doesnt work

Saturday 06th of October 2012 /
So I rooted my l55c and did the cwm and arearom1.5 install. after all of this my touchscreen has quit on the first boot and still no avail. i can use the phone without the touchscreen using the keyboard arrows and ok button. is there some type of firmware or software i can put on it to get my screen back? i love the arearom

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HELP! My touchscreen doesnt work!

Tuesday 18th of June 2013 /
My Samsung Galaxy S3 works, turns on, receives msgs and such...but the touch screen doesn't respond....ive tried taking the battery out...taking it apart (as much as I can, that is) but I still cant get it to respond (swipe your finger across the screen and it does nothing, the arrow and menu buttons work however)..ive reset it I don't know how many times....this is super there anything I can do aside getting a new this one is only a few months old...I do not have a warranty on it...

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Touchscreen doesnt work

Tuesday 04th of March 2014 /
Hello,My galaxy ace touchscreen stopped working this morning. But only the lowe part of it, where the icons for the dial pad, contacts etc are. I went to the store and they reccommended me to reset my phone with Samsung KIES, but I can't click on the 'connect storage to PC', because it's in the lower part of my touchscreen. However, when I need to scroll or use my keyboard, the touchscreen works entirely. But when I need to hit a button, it doesn't. Has anyone ever had this problem before? Is there a way to fix it? Can I connect my phone to my PC another way than hit the 'connect storage to PC' button? Maybe in the setting somewhere.Thank you!Carmen

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