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T-Mobile Pay As You Go + $1.49 Web Day Pass + Android T-Mobile My Account App = WIN

Friday 24th of December 2010 /
*** THIS NO LONGER WORKS *** I bought a T-Mobile prepaid cellphone at Best Buy (Samsung T369...which was probably overkill) and activated the SIM card that came inside. I activated with the IMEI from the T369 and set up the Pay As You Go account, and purchased a $30 top off card and added it. Bammo. Instant cell phone service. I changed NO SETTINGS on the APN or anything. Then after some finaegulling due to T-Mobile's initially confusing setup, I was able to purchase a web day pass for $1.49. Essentially, if you are currently not on a web day pass, and the SIM is inserted, all you need to do is launch your browser on the S7, with WiFi OFF (this is important as it activates the cellular modem), and you will be re-directed to an upsell website where you purchase a web day pass. Also, the Android T-Mobile "My Account" app works, and shows you your balance AND provides a link to "Buy A Web Pass". So, the Samsung phone includes $10 to get you started. Then you add your refill card. That total value is good for 90 days if you are on the Pay As You Go plan. Then as nee

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Tuesday 08th of June 2010 /
I’ve always wondered the exact reason news companies produce smart phone apps that basically contain the same content as their site.After using the Android app and widget for a couple of days, I see that the “power of the app” allows developers and content providers bring the experience and the niceties that they want their users to have.The app allows it’s users the ability to read any of the content that you would be able to find on the real HuffingtonPost site, yet does it in a fasion that may be more presentable. At the top of the screen are the different topics such as politics, entertainment, sports, media, technology, etc. and the stories are post vertically. It only take a swipe of a story page to switch to the next topic and I have to admit that the app loads pretty quickly.There are also “slideshows” that allow you to view the latest pictures that are coming into the Huffington Post in a gallery type of format. It is a nice touch, but I think that it may be more effective with a small caption underne

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T-Mobile's My Account app update

Wednesday 24th of February 2010 /
Received an OTA app update from T-Mobile today that basically just added another app icon (Red "?" saying "Help") that does exactly the same thing the My Account app does, only the new one tries to sell us ringtones!Thinking I didn't need two apps doing the same thing, I tried uninstalling the My Account app since Help app can't be uninstalled. Well both of them were removed. So I reinstalled the My Account and sure enough the Help came back too.Called T-Mobile - but they said we're stuck with it. I don't have that much operating system space left so getting things I don't want is not acceptable.Bad, bad, bad T-Mobile!

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T-Mobile Pay As You Go + $1.49 Web Day Pass + Android T-Mobile My Account App = WIN - Page 3

Tuesday 04th of January 2011 /
In case anyone else is in this situation I thought I would document my progress with T-Mobile Webconnect SIM. configuration.12/29 - Bought Webconnect SIM and $10-7 day/100MB card in T-Mobile store in mall. Set up account. Account shows 0MB used and 100MB remaining. There is an oddity here. Turns out you can't add more time to your account until it expires (either 7 days or 100MB)??? Guess they don't want my $$$.Anyhow, S7 recognizes the SIM. Displays T-Mobile on the startup screen, etc. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth and turn on Data. Edge icon appears. Open browser. Sent to T-Mobile "upsell" screen that says I don't have any credits left in my account. This screen is from a Web site so I know I'm connected to the data network and to the Internet. *** Called support. On hold but not too long. After much discussion convinced Customer Support that I was on a real device (not a Galaxy), had a real account, with a real balance, wasn't using a T-Mobile phone, was using a SIM and not a stick... they reported the problem to engineering and said they would call back to

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My Account app and debit cards

Saturday 29th of December 2012 /
Maybe this belongs in the applications department, but the My Account app is unique to T-Mobile android phones, since it was written by T-Mobile, so this seems a better place to ask.Normally I pay my monthly bill with this app. It always works fine. It would continue to work fine except I closed the bank account that I used to use and now have a different debit card. The app helpfully remembers the old card number since that is the card number I used last time. There are windows to enter security codes, phone number, etc., but I can't find any way to add or change a card number.Surely I am not the first customer in the history of T-Mobile to change banks. How in the heck do I change the debit card number?

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Rogers My Account App and Android Update

Wednesday 03rd of March 2010 /
Hey,anyone know when we Eve owners are getting an update for our android? And as well, when will the rogers my account app be available for download?Thanks,Anthony

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Virgin Mobile My Account App

Tuesday 26th of June 2012 /
Can someone give me the my account app that comes in the stock virgin mobile Rom plz and thank you.

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Tethering Data Shows Usage T-Mobile My Account App When Not Used??

Friday 29th of November 2013 /
So i jumped ship from Sprint/gs3 and picked up a nexus 5 and the 30 dollar plan from T-Mobile (still hard to believe this plan even exists). I follow the headlines so was aware of the 'free' tethering option from Tmo pre-paid. I've got my account set up and running smoothly and installed the Tmo My Account app, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. My question/concern is the tethering "use" within the app. After about two days of use i've allocated approximately 381.2 MB of data and so it says 6.0 MB of Mobile Hotspot /100 MB Use. The only problem is I have not turned this feature on in my Nexus 5 or even set up the hotspot and have surely not attached any other wi-fi enabled device i own to it. My initial thought was I've technically used 387.2 MB of data and it just shows this way? Either way, I'm curious to know if anyone has experienced this and if there is a quick fix or a need for one as i would love to talk with T-Mobile directly as little as possible. My apologies if this has been posted before as searching it didn't really return any helpful informati

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TracFone My Account app and widget

Monday 13th of January 2014 /
Does anyone have a clue why the TracFone

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Droid Turbo Email App and Widget

Saturday 01st of November 2014 /
I moved from a Droid Maxx XT1080m and my primary use is for voice calls and email via my 2 Microsoft Exchange accounts on office 365. All in all the phone is nice, a tad bit thicker and a tad larger footprint then the maxx, The email app and widget on the Maxx variant was perfect, color coded notifications, black theme, white reading pane etc...The new Turbo version is the gmail client, no colored coded notifications, it displays last folder which makes the screen busy and I use a black theme for the phone itself and the the Turbo's widget is white and yes they do have a dark them for the client but the reading pane is grey and makes it very tough to read. My only complaint with the Maxx is memory management, I am thinking I might stay with the Maxx unless someone can enlighten me on a better solution to the email client.

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