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TracFone LG Optimus Zip Price, Specs and Features now Available

Friday 10th of August 2012 /
The previously launched LG Optimus Zip, which was first available through Verizon, has just been leaked on the TracFone online store. So, LG is extending the phone’s availability on the market, though we are talking about a device that has nothing to impress at all. It is a low range but budget friendly Android powered handset suitable for the entry level customers with low expectations. Anyway, you have the LG Optimus Zip specs and features along with the price tagged by the TracFone online provider, so for making a proper idea about this smartphone check the same.If you will want to buy it, then you should know that LG and TracFone will provide the Zip in United States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, the offer being the same for all the markets. The device unveils a relatively small display with 3.2 inch along with a slide QWERTY keyboard which can be useful for those who prefer to chat or send messages rather than talk on the phone. Beside this, the smartphone has a plastic made case, the design being not on my taste. It’s small, with a poor look, not to mention that the perf

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HTC Hero Flashed for Tracfone Service

Friday 26th of August 2011 /
I currently have a Sprint HTC Hero200 running CyanogenMod07.1.00RC1-Heroc and well what can you say... the CyanogenMod's ROCK... But (yea I know there is always a but) I am not able to afford service with Sprint right now and had to resort to a tracfone for the for seeable future (ok, everyone cry now)....from what I have been able to gather, My Droid is CDMA while the Tracfone is GSM.... BUT....Tracfone does support BOTH CDMA and GSM for Vioce and CDMA2000 for data... So is it possible????You already know my long drawn out question... BUT... here it is anyway... Is it possible to flash my Driod for use on the Tracfone network, then register and use it (even in a limited fashion)?

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LG and TracFone officially announces LG Optimus Zip

Thursday 09th of August 2012 /
Today, LG and Tracfone officially announced LG Optimus Zip, which is an Android phone with a full sliding QWERTY keyboard. It’s running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and it clearly tells us that it’s a low-end device. About the specs, it comes with a 3.2 inch HVGA display, a single-core 800MHz processor, 3.2MP rear camera, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 and MicroSD card support.Right now, no information on when the phone will be out and how much it will cost, but we can hope it will be out any time soon. If you are a TracFone customer, are you planning to grab it? Tell us in the comment box below.Source: PhoneScoop

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Removing Tracfone Boot Logo Startup & Shutdown

Sunday 02nd of June 2013 /
Once your phone is rooted, do the following to remove the ugly Tracfone boot and shutdown animations (fairly simple)In /system/media append .old (rename) to the following files: Startupbootsamsung.qmgbootsamsungloop.qmgShutdown / Power OffIn /system/media/video/shutdown append .old (rename) shutdown.qmgShould also mention that placing in this folder does nothing. Also...when you first boot the phone the Samsung logo still appears, then goes straight to the main lock screen.And there you have it. No more unsightly Tracfone logos.

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lg l86c service from tracfone?

Tuesday 27th of August 2013 /
I bought the phone from my neighbor in brand new condition, Im not sure what I could do with it, I opened it and it says tracfone under the battery and there is no place for a sims card only SD..... does that mean that it is a tracfone and must be used with tracfone min cards? Ive tried to locate the phone on tracfones website and nothing, and so far im only getting google results that say straight talk. im so confused, can someone please tell me what company to use?

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Tracfone Android Phones

Saturday 23rd of November 2013 /
Tracfone the pay-as-you-go cell phone company now gives us pay-as-you-go Android phones with it's introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Centura and the ZTE Valet a few months ago. You can check YouTube for a comparison of the pros and cons of these two phones. I am pleased with my purchase of the ZTE Valet which runs Android 4.1.1. The Samsung Galaxy Centura runs Android 4.0. I am wondering whether Tracfone will be putting out system updates for these phones. My guess is that these phones won't be updated at all. As I look through the forums here, it seems that system updates come from the cell phone carriers like Sprint, Verizon, etc. If Tracfone followed suit, it probably wouldn't have lead off with the Valet running Android Jellybean while the Galaxy Centura runs only Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Does anyone have any ideas or information? Sent from my Nexus 7 using AC Forums mobile app

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Samsung Galaxy Express with Tracfone

Monday 09th of December 2013 /
I have just bought an unlocked galaxy express and was hoping to use it via Tracfone, using there PAYG datacards and transferring my existing number. I cannot get a clear answer from Tracfone, one operator tells me its ok, he'll send a sim and he can transfer the number across, the next guy tells me probably not, he would have to look at the serial number of the phone and thinks I would have to go on NET10.The data cards from tracfone state 'android powered' phones only, hence I assumed it wold be ok (as I was first told before buying the phone)he phone doesn't arrive until next week, anyone out there have the real answer?Al

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tracfone branded SII need Sim card

Saturday 03rd of May 2014 /
We have tracfone currently for my wife's phone and are feed up with the quality, or lack there of, with the phones available through tracfone. So we decided to pickup a tracfone branded Galaxy SII. We have the phone now and we just need to get the SIM card. Anyone familiar with the process on what to do next? Right now my plan is to call tracfone and request a SIM card for the phone. I'm assuming that from that point it should be pretty similar to activating a new phone with there service. Does that seem like a reasonable plan? Any "gotchas" I should be aware of?

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What TracFone Android Phone should I get?

Tuesday 06th of May 2014 /
I'm looking at what android phone I should get to use with TracFone. I do like the features that the ZTE Valet has but I see several reviews talk about it having wifi problems so I was thinking about getting the Huawei Glorying or the LG Optimus Dynamic II. What do you guys think I should get, I'm going to have some apps and games on it. or since TracFone lets you transfer a android phone to them, do you guys recommend another android phone that I can use on TracFone.

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Trying to turn Straighttalk phone into Tracfone phone

Thursday 26th of June 2014 /
I bought a used ZTE Valet on Ebay, and unfortunately, the phone was setup for Straighttalk dispite the seller saying it would be a tracfone. The seller was awesome and sent me a replacement and told me he didn't need/want the original back.So, I'm thinking I'd check and see if there was anyway to convert this straightalk phone to a tracfone to have as a back up, or give to my wife.I thought maybe flashing a new copy of the original tracfone rom might do it (what comes on the phone new). Are there any custom roms or original tracphone roms to be found for this phone yet?Can you even flash a new rom to these phones?Thanks. I'm not a total noob, but pretty close. So thanks for any help!

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