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Google I/O 2013 Preview: Could the Nexus Q Make a Comeback as Part of Android@Home?

Wednesday 03rd of April 2013 /
Google I/O is about 6 weeks away, and it’s time to get excited. We know we are going to see a bunch of new toys, on both the hardware and software sides. We’ve already talked about Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie, the X Phone and the new Nexus 7. Now we are moving our focus onto Android@Home, which was originally announced at Google I/O in 2011. Then in 2012, Google announced the Nexus Q at Google I/O. Which didn’t do so well, in fact it was available for pre-order longer than it was on sale. Hint, it never went on sale. Now many people are thinking that the Nexus Q will make a comeback this year and be tied in somehow with Android@Home.When Google announced Android@Home nearly 2 years ago, they felt that every appliance in your house should be a potential accessory for your phone. Could you imagine being able to turn on the washer using your phone? Or using your tablet to make some popcorn? The Google team did tease some things like being able to turn on/off lights in your home based on calendar events. So for instance, say at midnight you turn out all the light

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Ouya to make a $99 Android console - are we going to see a good Android based console

Friday 06th of July 2012 /
In many of my past articles about Google TV, I’ve suggested that one of the best ways for Google to make its set top boxes popular is to promote them as some sort of “mini-consoles”, that are powered by the latest and best ARM chips, while costing only $99. Google should not try to compete directly with the PS3 or the Xbox 360, but to “disrupt” the market, by completely changing the rules of the game.All Google would need to do to make this happen is employ the same strategy they’ve used in the smartphone market, which enabled Android to beat the iPhone in market share. Simply get all TV and set top box makers to put the Google TV on their devices, and basically flood the market with these $99 set top boxes/mini-consoles and TV sets that would run the Google TV software.Of course, to make a console platform, you also need games, and that would be part two of the plan. Google needs to actively go after game developers, especially the big ones like EA, Ubisoft, and so on, and partner with them to port their Android games to Google TV (which should b

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HTC needs to make a comeback. (LONG POST)

Sunday 15th of January 2012 /
Obviously this is my imo and by no means trying start a brand war debate at all. I actually like to just have sensible debate about HTC and more specifically what they need to do in making a "comeback". I am not ensuing that HTC is making inferior products or that they are on the verge of downfall. I am just comparing HTC to their competition. HTC has strayed IMO and has stayed the same. There products are what I like to call the three S's: sturdy, simple, and safe. This is what makes HTC great in my opinion but is also what makes me wanting more unfortunately. HTC started out great. They had G1 which was a solid and unique device. I was a proud owner of G1 as well became a big fan of Andriod. After G1 in two years HTC hit mark with Android with the Nexus 1, Incredible, and HTC EVO. This brought a rise to there competition in may ways and push android to what it is today. Samsung and Motorola were the two biggest rises in that competition in the android market. Motorola with the Droid line up brought life back to the company. Those they seem keep riding on the the predece

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Someone needs to make a LED flashlight app

Sunday 23rd of May 2010 /
Does anybody have the know-how to do this? I have been waiting for a while now and it is taking too long. If anyone knows how to do this they could make a bit of money, I'm sure most people would be willing to pay a buck or two for it

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Someone needs to make a high end 4" phone

Friday 21st of October 2011 /
One of the major advantages to Android is that manufacturers can make any size phone they want. Where are all the high end 4" phones and I don't mean pentile matrix phones like the Atrix. I really like using one hand to operate my phone and there is no way I will be able to on a Galaxy Nexus.How about someone making the android version of this iPhone 5 fake concept

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Otterbox needs to make a case for Droid!! NO slider needed, just enclose the phone!!

Thursday 18th of February 2010 /
I need a case that fully encloses the phone to keep dust out, for my job can be quite messy at times. I don't want to have to leave my Droid in the work van, I just want basic functionality, kind of like what they have for the Iphone. I don't need to use the slider part of the phone....I wonder why Otterbox has not gotten on top of this... I would be the first to buy one if they'd just hurry up and make it!!!Joe

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HTC needs to make a comeback. (LONG POST) - Page 2

Monday 16th of January 2012 /
Originally Posted by zog1977 htc is the best, and i do not want ice cream sandwich, looks crappy But a lot of us DO. Other manufacturers give users a CHOICE. You could buy the charge with its crappy UI or the vanilla android ics galaxy. I think HTC should do the same thing. Offer adulturated android for those who enjoy sense and pure android for those of us who don't. Why would that bother even the most ardent sense lovers? Heck, you know HTC makes Windows phones. That's ok but we can't have pure ics?

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Tradewars 2002 needs to make a comeback :)

Monday 06th of December 2010 /
Anyone out there possibly developing the old Tradewars 2002 door game for Droid phones? That would be completely awesome

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HP To Make A Comeback To The Mobile Market

Monday 01st of July 2013 /
It’s been a while since we’ve seen HP in the smartphone market since its acquisition of Palm appeared not to pan out, but is looking to join the fray once again. Speaking with Indian Express, Yam Su Yin, HP Senior Director of Consumer PC and Tablets Asia Pacific, confirmed that they needed “to be in the game” but would not name a timeline for HP’s re-emergence on the smartphone stage, adding that it hoped to offer a “differentiated experience”.With the smartphone market growing ever faster and faster, particularly in Asia, it would indeed be foolish of HP not to start making smartphones again, though having sold WebOS to LG, it looks increasingly likely that HP will have to adopt either Android or Windows as their primary platform.Like many latecomers to the smartphone market though, unless their smartphone brings something groundbreaking to the table, it seems like a steep, uphill battle for HP to make any sort of a dent in the crowded, vicious smartphone market. What are your thoughts on HP re-entering the smartphone market? Let us know wh

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Google needs to make a better Play Music app

Tuesday 31st of December 2013 /
Six months after All Access launched and I haven't looked back at Spotify, but being an avid music listener who uses Play Music incessantly, I definitely have my fair share of gripes with the Play Music app and I'm hoping Google is working to streamline it this coming year. I generally only use playlists when I work out but my tastes vary depending on what I'm doing and I like to switch up the order of my music. "Shuffle" doesn't necessarily work great when you're looking to play a faster song near the end of your workout. So I've depended on the Queue feature but it has never worked properly. Clearing queues ends the song that's now playing. Queued songs are listed behind remaining songs in a playlist - this can be frustrating when a playlist has 30 or more songs. And it's not remarkably easy to remove a song from the queue without making a mistake. On top of that, it is very hard - even on my Nexus 7 tablet - to change the order of songs. To me, it seems like even a person with relatively small hands would have a hard time toggling a song up and down a playlist. Google de

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