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New Andriod 4.0.2 update breaks decrypting ?

Friday 16th of December 2011 /
Hi,I've just about 30 minutes recieved the update for the 4.0.2 Ice cream sandwich andriod OS and after the update and reboot my password to decrypt my phone is not working "Type password to decrypt storage". Is anyone else experiencing this problem?I've entered my password (it's a numerical password if that matters?) which is correct (used it this morning to decrypt) so I know it was working. I have tried various ways to confirm that I am indeed inputting. Its the same password that is used to unlock my phone all the time.Just one more thing, I chose to have my phone encrypted. I wonder if this has caused the problem as not many people do this?Any ideas guys? Not impressed.

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Nexus 7, type password to decrypt storage.....

Sunday 16th of June 2013 /
Everytime I turn on my Nexus 7, it ask me to "Type password to decrypt storage".Don't know how to fix it. I haven't set any password before.Anyone please help me how to fix it.Thanks!

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Type Password to Decrypt Storage?

Saturday 29th of June 2013 /
How should/do I fix this? I haven't done anything funky to the device, except maybe rooting it. One day, when I was powering it on it just gave me this message. I have never set a password, and tried every password I could think of. What should I do?

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Constant ticking noise and "Type password to decrypt storage" message

Wednesday 13th of November 2013 /
I actually won my tablet from KitKat last month and I love it, but I have this annoying issue that I can't find any information about. I've encrypted my tablet, but when not using it for a while (such as leaving it overnight, or after I get home from work) I find it making a ticking noise every 10-15 seconds and displaying the message "Type password to decrypt storage". I keep the tablet muted, but the annoying thing is that it un-mutes itself to make these ticking noises.I'd post a picture but I'm not allowed, it is NOT the normal password screen. You can see at [i dot imgur dot com/gBXpq28.jpg] It's not a make-or-break deal, but it is incredibly annoying. Especially when it starts ticking randomly while I'm trying to sleep.Anyone else have this or know what's going on? I just got the tablet and don't have many apps installed on it. But like I said, I did encrypt it shortly after I got it.

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Encryption Gone Wrong: No password!

Tuesday 06th of May 2014 /
Hi all, I'm very confused and frustrated. Per my Google Apps Admin policies, I had to encrypt my phone. I followed the encryption procedure (which required that I have the phone charged to 80%+ and plugged in). Before encrypting the device, it asked me for a pattern password. I assumed that it was asking me for my lock screen pattern, so I entered that but I found it odd that it said something along the lines of "you'll need your password to decrypt your storage" (something like that...). It never once asked me for a PIN or Password. The encryption process started. And I fell asleep waiting for it. The next thing I knew, my phone was making clicking sounds (???). I woke up and looked at my screen: "Type password to decrypt storage". I've literally tried EVERY combination of ANY password I might have to no avail. ...I never set a password! I also tried a few PINs I figured might have been preset (1234, 0000). My next thought is that maybe the pattern I entered right before encrypting the device was somehow set as my password... but there's no way for me to enter a

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Decrypt Storage on HTC One

Tuesday 09th of September 2014 /
This phone was bought brand new Spring of 2013 and I've done a hard reset once before about three or four months ago. As of 8am yesterday, it has displayed this message: "Type password to decrypt storage". I've tried all forms of passwords that I may have used if I had set up a password and nothing. "Try again". If anyone has useful information on how to reset this d*mn phone to factory settings, it would be much appreciated. I've researched somewhat but not in depth. No, I did not steal the phone. No, I did not buy it off of some random person - I upgraded my phone at the Sam's Club I work in. I even picked out which box I wanted. So I know where it came from. The wrapping was still around the box. The guy at the AT&T store in town said it was because of the crack in the screen as the "screen was not responding". The screen was cracked 11 months ago and has had no loss of touch sensitivity. Ever. Thanks for the help, AT&T guy. Please help?

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This is extremely infuriating!!!!!!

Thursday 23rd of October 2014 /
I just lost EVERYTHING! All my pictures, music, etc.I was using my phone and it had died (was playing the Plague game) on it, ok, not the first time this has happened to me. I go to plug it in and start it back up and it comes up with "Type password to decrypt storage". What the ***! I've never setup any kind of encryption on my device, EVER!I'm running the GPE 4.4.3 ROM from Bigxie with S-Off. I have Clockwork Recovery (touch screen) installed too.I've had this phone setup like this for almost a year and just now it decided to do this. Why?

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