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factory reset - Can't log into google apps after sim card change

Thursday 05th of May 2011 /
I went to Germany and I had switch my PLAY (PL operator) SIM card with SIM card. Everything was good, I had Internet connection and full facebook/twitter/google sync. After return to Poland, I switched to my original SIM card and my android phone failed to log into facebook/twitter/google.I'm sure I'm using good passwords.Error message says that phone was unable to establish Internet connection. But Internet is fully working (now I'm using my phone as a modem).I have correct apn's and I can use for example gmail through default web browser.I found in Internet that this is common problem with android phones, and it can be repaired after factory reset.It's very important to me to avoid factory reset. Anyone know other way to log in?My telephone: Samusng i5500, Android 2.1Update:I found that I can't fully use applications such as Waze, Glympse, Opera, basically all applications that use internet - they cannot connect to internet. But, I can use default browser to check gmail, and surf net. It looks like phone has disabled ability co connect to internet for every application exc

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Unable to login to gmail using my phone

Sunday 09th of October 2011 /
I have a real live gmail account, (not an apps account) that is unable to log into gmail, for using the market, google maps, contact sync and of course gmail.I am able to log into via my computer, and I have even changed my gmail password, hoping that would resolve it.The message I get is:Google sign-in:There was a network error while trying to sign into *** Retry now or press the Back button to cancel.[Try again]If I take the message on its word, then the issue is the network. I am in China, using China Unicom, and I've also tried several wifi networks. The problem has persisted for 24 hours.In addition, I have a Hong Kong sim that is unable to log in (roaming)I'm not positive that the network error is accurate, I do have access to skype and web browsing including google.comPhone is a Motorola XT701 running 2.1, the XT701 is a milestone derivative (from what I understand)Does anyone have any thoughts? Any suggestions of other things I can do?Thanks in advance

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Can't log into Google accounts

Saturday 27th of October 2012 /
I am not able to add my google account on my adroid 4.0 phone. None of the products like Youtube, Gmail apps etc could be installed on my device. it says, there is a problem parsing the package. Unable to add my google account too, it says "cant establish a reliable data connectio to the server - this could be a temporary probolem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customer Care..." Can anyone help me. Mine is the latest samsung android 4.0 phone, but i am using it on wifi.. do i have to put a local phone sim to get the google account added (?)

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Unable to log in to Google Account

Saturday 05th of November 2011 /
Hi, I've been having a little trouble logging into my Google account on my phone. (HTC Inspire 4G)Apparently, I am logged out of my Google account. I can't post on Google+, I can't send emails on Gmail, etc. In the notification bar there's an error displayed that says "Sign-In Error for [username]". I click this, and up pops a window which says "You entered the wrong password or your password has changed. please enter it again below." And there's a text field. I enter my password and hit enter, and a small window which says 'Authenticiating..." pops up for a split second and dissapears, leaving me back to the window before. I know I'm entering the right password. I changed it and tried again with the new one, and same result.This started happening after I downloaded some apps off of 4shared. I don't know if this is a virus.I tried to remove this Google account from the phone, but it said that some apps required this account and that I would have to do a Factory Reset.

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Non-gmail google account and amrketplace

Monday 04th of January 2010 /
Hey guys,Google hosts my domain, and as such I use my own hosted email address as my primary Google account on my droid. However, I am unable to purchase any apps through the marketplace. When I go to purchase, I get a screen asking me to log into my Google account, and I enter in the information, but the login screen just loops. As soon as I hit finish, it just loops back into the log into or add Google account screen.Google checkout is set up and working through my email on a computer, but I cant seem to get it to work on my droid. Any ideas? Thanks.*Just updated to 2.1, still getting the login loop. Any ideas?*

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Google Checkout closed from 4 to 5 p.m. (PDT) for maintenance

Wednesday 15th of June 2011 /
As I rolled out of bed at the crack of dawn noon, I noticed an e-mail from the Android Market team in my inbox telling me that paid applications and access to merchant accounts will be closed for an hour this afternoon for planned maintenance. What it boils down to if you're a shopper and not a developer is that you won't be able to purchase any apps between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. PDT today while they upgrade something. If you are a developer, you also won't be able to log into your Merchant account during this time.Conspiracy theories aside, everything should be back to normal by 5 p.m. PDT and you can start buying apps again. We've got the full text of the e-mail after the break.Thanks to everyone who sent this one in!Hello,We're writing to inform you about a planned service outage impacting AndroidMarket that requires your attention.On Wednesday, June 15th, Google Checkout will be unavailable fromapproximately 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. PDT due to planned system maintenance. Duringthis time, you will be unable to sign in to your Merchant accounts( and transactions wil

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Unable to play H264 MP4 on my Impression Andriod Tablet

Sunday 04th of December 2011 /
I Converted several of my DVD Movies into H264 MP4 Format using AVS Converter using the Andriod Tablet Profile for the conversion. After conversion, I copied to my 16BG Micro Sd Card then insert into my Tablet. Select Video Player from Tablet menu and select the Video Movie I want to play and get Error Message Error playing. The device does support both H264 and MP4 formats.Another issue that I am alos having is trying to download HSN and QVC apps from the Andriod Market. I log into my account on the Andriod Table select teh apps and keet getting messages, No Andriod Phone associated with this account, this is regardless if I edit the acount and remove the phone number, create a new account, etc. Does not matter. Still teh same message.Any assistance on these issues are Greatly appreciated.Thank You.

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Can't send BCC: Group Emails. Need help!

Tuesday 08th of March 2011 /
I was able to send group BCC Emails to my groups from my previous phone.I can also do it if I log into my Gmail account from my computer.I've been unable to send BCC Emails to Groups from my Android.It will allow me to send Group Emails, but it does not give me the option to send it BCC. If I use any of the Mail apps, it will not pull up a group if I try to add it in the BCC field.The only option it gives me it to select the group from People, and send either an Email or SMS Message. It never gives me the option to send it BCC.Has anyone figured a way around this, or come across an app that can do this?

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WI-FI help: unable to get WPA/WPA2 PSK connection - WPS Push/PIN Entry

Sunday 23rd of June 2013 /
Hi there, I cannot get the replacement S3 to connect using the WPA/WPA2 PSK connection. Just spent the last hour over and over again following all the steps per this video: I know my password etc are correct, this all works beautifully on my original S3 (its got other issues which are the reason for the replacement I have now) and I'm able to log into my router settings on my PC with the password I'm using on the phone. The passphrase in the router settings is also correct. I've spent approx 5 hours on the phone with VZW tech support this past week, first and second level techs. I disabled my firewall and Kaspersky protection thinking they may be interfering. I have not installed any apps yet so my attempts to make this work are on a "clean" phone that I swapped the SIM card from my original S3 to this one and activated the phone. There should be nothing I've added that would be interfering other than the updates the phone when through in the activation process. As I understand it, the problems connecting WI-FI for this secure connection level comes from the last or jus

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Unable to log into my apps

Tuesday 01st of October 2013 /
Is there a feature on my Samsung Galaxy s3 that would prevent me from loging into my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter apps? I have had my phone for about a year and have never had this problem. When I try to log into these apps it says something about the connection. I have made sure my mobile data is on. I have re installed each app and my phone several times. I have checked all my settings on my phone and i cant find anything that would mess with my app connections. The only thing I can think of is just resetting my phone to the factory setting but really dont want to do it if there is something I am not thinking of. Please help!

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