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How To Remove | Uninstall Android apps from your smart mobile

Friday 13th of July 2012 /
Why write this Tutorials?Android platform is the fastest growing. More and more people use Android platform!So how to Uninstall Android apps from your smart mobile is Important !How to Remove Applications that you no longer want?you can uninstall it by following these steps:1.Open your smart mobile Android Menu.2.Navigate to the Settings icon and select Applications. [Settings > Applications > ]3.Nex stept, click on Manage. [Settings > Applications > Manage applications]4.You will see a list of applications you have installed on your android mobile.5.Select the application you’d like to uninstall6.Tap “Uninstall.”Remove an app that you did not downloadSome Apps that come pre-installed on your android phone are known as system apps. Such as google Talk and Google Maps.Them cannot be uninstalled because they are part of the version of the Android operating system running on your device.Ohter way to Uninstall android appYou can also use ES File Explorer to uninstall the application you’d like to uninstall! [ Download ]

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Guide: How To Uninstall and Remove Apps

Thursday 16th of February 2012 /
With a few hundred thousand apps available in the Android Market, you’re liable to see a few that are somewhat repetitive in function and use. The same is true for iOS devices as well as Windows Marketplace or BlackBerry App World (although the last two mentioned are substantially less in number). When you find an app you want to install, you’ll try it out for a bit, and see how efficient it really is. After a while, you’ll hear from other Android users, friends, blog posts, even right here on TalkAndroid the apps that may be great alternatives to try. Once you find the app you love, it’s time to remove the ones you hate (or maybe just not like as much). This guide will help you uninstall and remove apps from your Android device safely.//There are a few different ways of removing apps from your devices, so we’ll go through three of them that are as easy as pie to get done.Using the Android Market:1) Open up the Android Market app on your device.2) Once you have the Market open, press the “Settings” button, then press “My Apps”3) S

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How to: Quickly Uninstall Android Apps [Beginners' Guide] – Droid Life

Wednesday 20th of February 2013 /
Beginner or not, we are always looking for ways to accomplish tasks faster on smartphones and tablets. One area in particular would be in app management. How often do you install a new app or game only to realize after a couple of minutes that it has no place on your device? As someone that installs multiple apps per day, I can tell you that it happens to me on a regular basis, so uninstalling quickly has become more important. And thanks to updates in Android, this task is now easier than ever to do. Instructions:1.  From your app drawer, find the app that you want to uninstall.2.  Grab it by long pressing on it for 2-seconds.3.  With control of the app, depending on your device, you should see shortcut options in the notification bar.*In the screenshot, you can see that I have “Uninstall” and “App info.” Some devices are different in this area.For example, Motorola phones only show a “More Options” area. Once dropped there, you’ll get a menu with an option to uninstall.Samsung phones running TouchWiz do not have either shortcut. To quic

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Can't uninstall some apps please hlep me!

Friday 17th of February 2012 /
I installed new apps but after few days left i need to remove them. Because of they use higher amount of Ram. So when i try to uninstall i recive "Uninstall not sucessfull". So why is that? How do i solve this issue? Thans in advanced!

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Apps will not uninstall

Wednesday 03rd of August 2011 /
I have a samsung charge and I am unable to perform a hard reset or uninstall apps. I have tried to uninstall them via the android market and via the settings menu. After doing that if I restart the phone all the uninstalled apps reappear. I have turned off all the software syncing I can think of to prevent this but it does not help. This is currently my second samsung charge. I went to the verizon store this morning and was told I had a conflicting app that was causing my issues with some apps that was force closing. So I uninstalled them. Now they are back. Anyone else having similar issues? Is it possible to remove an app and it STAY gone?

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applications - How to uninstall apps such as Crayon Physics?

Monday 13th of February 2012 /
Possible Duplicate: How can I uninstall applications that are locked by phone vendor? I have several apps like Crayon Physics that don't show up in the list of installed apps in the market. How do you get rid of them? Samsung galaxy note.

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Android How To: Uninstall Apps from Your Android Device

Wednesday 06th of February 2013 /
So you installed an app that you don’t like, or don’t use anymore and want to free up the space on your device. Well that’s easy to fix. We’ll show you exactly how to uninstall apps on any Android phone or tablet. It’s actually quite easy. We also have a video below for you, in case you get lost with the instructions.VideoInstructions1. Turn on and unlock your device.2. Go to Settings3. Scroll down to Apps (or Application Manager, depending on your device)4.  Tap on Apps5. Browse for the app you want to uninstall and tap on it6. Tap the Uninstall button on the right (or if you’re on an HTC device, it might be below the Force Stop and Disable buttons)7. Tap the OK button on the Confirmation dialog.8. After a few seconds your application will be uninstalled.9. To uninstall more apps, just repeat steps 5-7.That’s about all there is to uninstalling apps. Like I said, it’s actually pretty easy, but it is hidden and a lot of people may not notice it. You can uninstall any app that you downloaded, and some that came pre-installed on the devic

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Uninstall preinstalled applications?

Sunday 28th of February 2010 /
I just installed OpenEclair 1.2.2, it's my first time using OpenEclair.OE comes preinstalled with some apps that I want to upgrade/change, Facebook and the hacked Google Maps, for example. Unfortunately, I can't install them overtop of the existing applications (they fail).When playing around with CompleteEclair, I was able to go to Settings->Applications and uninstall both via that method. However, with OE, I'm not given the option to uninstall these applications in the Settings.How can uninstall these so I can get the latest Facebook from the market and install Bruts hacked Google Maps (I don't want to install his "-alt" package, I'd rather replace the existing Google Maps)?ThanksTodd

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uninstall mobogenie

Saturday 21st of December 2013 /
cannot delete mobogenie from CNN tablet need help thanx

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How do I get rid of pop-ups randomly that display randomly and take over the whole screen?

Tuesday 10th of February 2015 /
I just got a HTC one M7 phone (I was previously using a nexus 4) and I installed all my regular apps from google play. They're the same ones I was using on my other phone (whatsapp, instagram, bbm ) and I believe they're safe. I also have mobogenie which was pre-installed on the phone. The problem started after I allowed mobogenie to install some apps on my phone. I cleared them and even did a factory reset. However, after re-installing my safe apps (not from mobogenie), I still have those same issues. The ads continue popping up randomly, new apps install by themselves but I'm warned and quickly delete them, and there's just no way to uninstall mobogenie. I need help cos this is frustrating and I never had these issues with my nexus 4.

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