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Unmounted SD card issue.

Tuesday 27th of March 2012 /
Hello all. Recently I put Scotts Clean ROM 4.1 onto my phone and everything seems to be working great. However, for some reason my SD card is showing up as unmounted and I can't access it.Has anybody experienced this issue? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 - SD card unmounted

Tuesday 15th of January 2013 /
hi!I got my Galaxy S3 Aug 2012. While in the USA was using my S3 and got the Jellybean update. I started to notice early Dec that it would unmount my SD card and since i have most files on my 32 BG class 10 card; i had zip on my mobile phone memory save for the important stuff.there are days it would read the card but since Jan 2013 i would always have the SD card icon on top telling me it is blank or has unsupported files. is this a problem with the Jellybean update? I have previously had the S3 checked but it was because my class 4 sd card could not handle the HD/HQ pics and videos i took hence the class 10 upgrade. can i rollback before the jellybean? my boyfriend upgraded to jellybean last week and has since had the unmounted sd card problem. i'm a newbie and i hope this is the proper place to post this query. thank you! help is much appreciated! 1.) Model Number ? GT-I93002.) Firmware Version ? Android 4.1.13.) Baseband Version ? I9300DXDLI4.) Kernel Version ? 3.0.31 -288630 s.infra@SEP-67 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Oct 8 12:58:21 KST 20125.) Build Number ? JRO 03C.I9300XXDLJ1Also do yo

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sd card problems

Sunday 11th of December 2011 /
Samsung Infuse not rooted .Replaced 2 gig SD from phone For 16 gig.Moved contents from 2gig to temp download file. Unmounted SD card,powered down phone and made change.Formatted 16gig SD card then copyed from temp file to new SD. No game Apps will play and in the SD card management area the Apps are darkend out. If i put the old SD back in ,even though i moved everything from it the game Apps will play.Is something hidden on the SD? The hidden files are showing.Do I have to reboot? If so how?

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Problems changing micro sd card

Friday 04th of February 2011 /
I bought a new transcend 4gb class 6 micro sd card. I don't know what went wrong. I put my orig card in my comp and copied (not moved) the files to a folder on my comp. I put new sd card in and formatted on native windows xp formatter, then read it's best to format with a program downloaded from, so then I did it again with that (both full format, not quick). I copied the files from comp to card then put card in my phone, and my phone froze, did bat pull and phone immediately acted weird again, but you could see on the phone how much memory was left on new card. I went to my gallery and couldn't see any pics phone said something about sd card, and then phone froze again, so I did bat pull and unmounted sd card then hit format on phone, I mounted card then connected usb to comp to copy files that way. I copied 1 by 1 and several worked then comp said couldn't connect to device (i think). I looked at phone and it said sd damaged reformat. The phone wouldn't format it, put card in comp and both windows and said card couldn't be formatted. What happened? Is there anyway to

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unmounted sd card

Tuesday 03rd of September 2013 /
I have a at&t fusion go phone. whenever i try to take pictures or download, it says my sd card is unmounted.

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Unmounted sd card

Saturday 05th of October 2013 /
Hello I wondered if anyone could help. I have an experia arc and its suddenly unmounted the sd card so it won't let me take pics etc. I was advised by Sony to back the phone up which I have tried however it won't connect to the website as it says I need the memory card inserted ... Can anyone help?? I also don't want to loose contacts, messages etc as these aren't backed up?Many thanks Sarah

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Unmounted sd card in galaxy s4 !

Wednesday 01st of January 2014 /
I have had my galaxy for a few months now with a 32 g sd card in it from the start . yesterday I got a notification that it was unmounted ..after removing and reinserting it ,restarting the phone but the problem continues, . I am not able to get to certain apps and games now. I don't really know what else to try, could someone help me out with this please ?

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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini SD Card not detected

Wednesday 10th of September 2014 /
I insert it into computer using a full size SD adapter Card Adapter , and i see if i can use the computer's file browser to access the card. If i can, see i was format the card.that is possible, but the is not opening the s4 mini I9190 it say message "unmounted SD card. and insert SD card" still have a problem if anyone else has been having this problem but no such luck. If anyone could shed some light on the issue I would be grateful. Thanks for reading!

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How To Recover full Data From Unmounted SD Card?

Monday 13th of October 2014 /
I Want data From Memory Card But My Mobile is Showing like Unmounted SD Card

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Micro Sd card from LG G3 not being recognised by Samsung Galaxy S3

Saturday 07th of February 2015 /
Hi I just bought anew 64GB micros SD card. I went on to put it in my LG G3. No problems!! I took the 32 GB micro SD card previously in LG G3 and then put it in my Samsung Galaxy S3. It won't recognize it. It had greyed out the "Mount SD card window under "Setting/General/Storage". Removed and re-inserted it back. The phone displayed (on status bar on top) first "Preparing SD card" followed by "unmounted SD card". Took this SD card back to LG G3 and it had no problems. So the SD card is okay. Took it back to Samsung Galaxy S3, same behavior. Incidentally this 32 GB card originally came from this Samsung phone. I had used it over a year with no problems! I took it out a month ago when I bought the new LG G3 phone and wanted to use to expand the storage!! I don't think either the Samsung phone or the SD card have issue. I feel there is something else going on. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance. Surendra

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