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Unwanted phone apps- how do I get rid??

Saturday 18th of February 2012 /
Hi is there anyone out there who knows how to get rid of unwanted phone apps my tab is rooted but I don't seem to be able to uninstall. Any helpers out there?Sent from my WM8650 using Android Tablet Forum

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applications - I've rooted my tablet, now how do I get rid of this bloatware?

Sunday 18th of March 2012 /
Possible Duplicate: Rooted Phone but still can't uninstall Apps I just went through the process of rotting my Galaxy Tablet 10.1. I used these instructions, and the process went smoothly so I think it was a success.However, everything looks pretty much the same as before, so I can't really tell if anything has actually happened.In any case, part of the reason I did this was so that I could remove some pre-installed bloatware off the tablet. My understanding was that if the tablet was rooted, I would have the ability to do this.If this is the case, though, I can't tell how. There is still no uninstall option in Settings->Applications->Manage Applications for the unwanted apps.Do I have to do something else?Is my tablet not actually rooted as I thought?Was I wrong that a rooted tablet would be able to remove bloatware?

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Advertisement on my device ~ annoying!

Thursday 03rd of May 2012 /
I got the new HTC One S (T-Mo USA) and I love it. But to my dismay I started getting tons of Advertisements (they show up in the notification bar). A couple of times, by mistake, I clicked on them and my phone started downloading unwanted apps. How do I get rid of this?!Thanks

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Zte Merit Root Success - need more advice please

Sunday 09th of June 2013 /
As I stated, I was able to root my device (Thank you Out of Ideas!) However new questions arise with a rooted android that I need help with.1. What's the basic do's and do not's now that Im rooted?2. What can I safely remove without destroying my phone and its system?3. What all can I do now that my merit is rooted?4. How do I get rid of the bloatware and unwanted apps?5. Can I change from gingerbread to something a bit more updated? If so what would my best choice be?Anything else, anyone else can think of to futher my knowledge of what to do now that my device is rooted, please feel free to respond.Again, thank you to Out of Ideas for helping me through out all my issues with my Merit!! You have saved my phone from the recycled phone bin at my local department store! Now, want to discuss those custom ROM's that my sister mentioned that you spoke of? Id love to futher explore what can be done with my phone and any assistance you may be able to give with the other devices I spoke of previously, if you don't mind of course.Now, Im going to apply all this to my sisters Merit as well s

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How do I remove apps?

Sunday 14th of July 2013 /
I want to remove some apps that came with my phone, but the "manage apps" setting screen does have an option for uninstalling them. Pressing and holding the icon gives me two options: "Add to home" and "Add to group." I want to uninstall. I'd really like to know how to get rid of these. Otherwise I am doomed to have useless and unwanted apps staring at me as long as I have this phone. And who knows what they are doing without my knowledge! Thanks for any help.Tom

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got a new replacment to my s3 and its a S4!! Need to know how to get rid of unwanted apps?

Monday 19th of August 2013 /
Want to delete some apps Ill never use and think its a waste and wasting my space on my do I get rid of them?..If you want I can tell you whats all on my phone and you can tell me do I really need them??

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unwanted apps

Monday 16th of September 2013 /
how do i get rid of something already programmed on the phone

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finally got root!!! help with rom's...

Saturday 12th of October 2013 /
I got root finally. Now i installed twrp method, how do i go back to no root for update?I downloaded zip for root alot, to find out app on my phone was unziping and despersing filesthay were in the zip everyware, so lol have files i need to delete is there an easy way to do this i do not want to delete a file that is being used for root.I would like to also delete unwanted/ uneeded apps, is there a list of installed apps that are safe to get rid of, and how do i do this.Also have no custome roms installed any suggestion on a good newb rom would b awsome. I do have kernal but would like any suggestions on that aswell.O take it you can't use flashlight, screenshot etc. Without rom? THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE HELPED ME!!!!!!!!

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How can I stop my Galaxy S2 (I777) from shutting down without a connected charger?

Saturday 11th of October 2014 /
A little backstory: This all started a few days ago after I uninstalled and downloaded some apps. I'm not sure if it's related, but who knows. Anyway, I uninstalled that popular flashlight app that needs access to your entire phone/accounts for some reason. Shortly after, I tried downloading the NoBloat Free app to get rid of some unwanted stock apps. My phone immediately shut down as I tried to download it. I powered it back on but it shut down after about 30 seconds at the home screen. I figured it may be a battery issue, so I charged the phone up to 100% (it was at about 75% at the time) and took it off the charger. It stayed on for a while but without warning shut off about two hours later. I restarted the phone normally a few times just in case, but again, nothing. This morning I decided to factory reset the phone, but this didn't do anything. Now, regardless of if it's at 100%, it will shut down unless I have it hooked up to a charger. Could it be a battery issue? If so, I'll be headed to my local AT&T today to see if they have any for this specific phone. I'd like to add

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Unwanted Link Between Phone and Home Computer

Wednesday 27th of May 2015 /
Everything that I do online on my laptop goes onto my phone (LG G3) and vice versa. How do I stop this?! I keep my computer at home 99% of the time, so any personal info I have on it is fairly safe, but I can lose or have my phone stolen at any time, so I want to get rid of this annoying link between the two.I assume it has to do with all of the Google apps preinstalled and am sure it's a quick fix, but I don't want to accidentally mess up something else on my phone.

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