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Computer won't recognize while in Download mode only

Sunday 22nd of April 2012 /
Using Windows 7 x64 with drivers freshly installedSGH-I897, Firmware 2.2, Baseband I897UCJI6, Kernel jetaek.lee@sep-11#1, build FROYO.UCJI6 (I'm Rooted)Factory reset performed and drivers unistalled/reinstalledBeen searching for hours on this and can't get it to work. Captivate will connect to computer normally and allow file transfers. But when I try to put in download mode, the computer won't recognize it. I get a popup window that says USB device not recognized. I'm trying to restore back to complete stock because I'm having random shut downs and other misc issues. I was trying to us Odin to do it but it doesn't recognize the phone. So I powered up the phone, started Odin, then plugged the phone in...Odin sees the phone now but of course needs it in Download mode to I get ADB and while the phone is connected, powered up, and recognized by Odin, I put it in download mode using "adb reboot download". The command put the phone into download mode but then Odin lost contact the the bubble appeared again saying it wasn't recognized.I've completely removed all the sam

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USB will charge phone when plugged in but will not recognize it as a device

Saturday 14th of January 2012 /
USB will charge phone when plugged into PC but will not recognize it as a device. I am guessing it is something wrong with my computer but I can't figure it out. I have done this before when I first got this phone and it worked. Plugged the USB in and it recognized it. But this time it will only charge it and will not give me the USB Connection option in the status bar. Downloaded Motorola Driver but after rebooting, that still didn't fix it. Please help!

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Computer stopped recognizing my phone, then phone stopped recognizing my SD card. HELP!

Friday 28th of October 2011 /
I've had my Galaxy S for 3 or 4 months at this point and it's been great, but a few days ago it started giving me trouble when plugging it in to my computer at night to charge. My computer (with Windows 7 x64) would not recognize the phone at first and I'd have to unplug and plug it back in before it would work. Last night my computer stopped recognizing my phone entirely (it gives me the USB device not recognized popup and says my hardware is malfunctioning) and my phone does not respond when plugged into the computer. When I plugged it into the wall instead at first it still didn't respond, then the battery indicator started blinking between half-full and blue and red and empty, and the flash on my phone turned itself on. I shut the phone down and restarted it and got it to charge, but the flash kept going on and off on its own for about 5 minutes after it was plugged in. Today when I went to listen to some music my phone said that there is no SD card inserted (I have a 16GB Samsung SD card that I got with the phone) and plugging it into the computer does nothing except tell me tha

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Phone doesn't know it's plugged into computer

Thursday 16th of December 2010 /
Hi, Up until yesterday, I had no problem connecting my Droid to my work computer. I would do this so that I could charge it during the afternoon. Now today, when I plug in, the computer does its chime, then a balloon comes up saying, "USB device not recognized.One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it" I've tried doing a battery pull and unmount/remount the SD card. USB debugging is on. It doesn't work on either computer in my office all of a sudden - a Windows 7 64 bit desktop or a Dell server running Win Server 2003 R2. The Droid doesn't do anything at all when I plug it in, it won't charge or ask me to mount the SD card. Any ideas? This may have started with the latest OTA which I received on Sat night. I'm not positive it has worked since then. Andy

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USB device not recognized when plugged into computer

Monday 16th of November 2009 /
I have tried plugging the provided USB cable from my droid to several laptops and each time a pop-up box informs me that the USB device is not recognized. It says the device has malfunctioned, and to try reconnecting the device....but no matter which USB port I plug it into on 3 different laptops I can't access my droid. This is the first time I have ever plugged it in! Any suggestions?

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fascinate not recognized by pc, not a pc problem!

Sunday 24th of April 2011 /
Hi all! I have been reading this forum since sep 2010 when I got my fascinate. It has provided tons of useful information. My problem is I decided to root buy stayed with 2.1 . I used 1 click lag fix and renamed some apk files to .old to get rid of verizon bloat. Everything worked great. Froyo came out last week and I wanted to upgrade. I knew I had to revert to previous non-rooted state so had 1 click reverse itself, renamed all files I changed to remove .old and used superoneclick to remove root. I removed all the changes I made since rooting and removed root. Of course froyo would not install. I get same error as everyone else. I read online about a way to fix this 99.9% of the time with odin. I installed odin and got the stock tar. Now the fun part. When I plug my phone into the usb port, nothing happens. I don't mean sd card won't mount. I mean the computer does not recogize a usb device has been plugged in. I tried my phone on 10 computers. None acknowledge it has been plugged in. It does charge. I tried several cords. Turned on usb debugging, the phone recognizes it is plugged

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Deviced Recognized when on, but not when in Fastboot mode?

Friday 16th of December 2011 /
I have everything installed ( including Samsung Drivers) and when my phone is plugged into my computer while on.. it is recognizing the phone. When I turn it off and boot into fastboot mode... it is unable to see my device.Using Windows 7. USB debugging enabled. I can turn the device back on and then my computer will recognize it again.Ideas?!!?!?

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galaxy s4 not recognized through usb (mac)

Monday 26th of August 2013 /
i was hoping someone has found a solution to this issue. when i plug my phone into my mac at work, the computer doesn't recognize the phone and the phone doesn't recognize that it's been plugged into a computer. it starts charging but no alert about being plugged in by usb, and i can't gain access to options like choosing ptp or mtp. on the mac, android file transfer just says "no device found" as if nothing were plugged in. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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HTC One only charging when powered off

Saturday 04th of January 2014 /
I don't know what happened to my phone, it was working fine last night. I went to bed with it fully charged and not plugged in but still on, woke up this morning and plugged it in and got nothing. It won't charge. It was at about 50% battery and when I plugged in the USB cord nothing happens, tried plugging it into the computer still nothing. I've tried using multiple cables, using the stock one which it charged on last night and forever next to my couch fine. After some troubleshooting I noticed that when I plug it in with it turned off, it does charge. This sucks though, I can't keep my phone off while it charges. Also tried plugging it into the computer while it's turned off and it says USB device not recognized. I plug my phone into my computer all the time so I know it's not a question of the drivers not being installed. Any help would be appreciated, this sucks Please help, I'd be forever grateful. I just did a factory reset too, sadly it did not solve the problem and now I've created a big pain for me to get everything back how I like it, crappy

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Can't view device files even when connected via USB

Friday 15th of August 2014 /
Using a Google Nexus 5 here, got it about a month ago. A couple weeks ago I was able to plug in my phone to the computer and view its files. Now the device fails to be recognized by the computer, no matter what I try. Here's my steps: I plug in the Micro USB side into my phoneI plug in the USB side into my laptop. At this stage I hear the sound (from my laptop) indicating that a USB device has been plugged in. On my phone, it shows that its charging and that it is "Connected as a media device."When I open Windows Explorer, I only see two drives: C:/ and D:/. There is no Google Nexus 5 drive (should be E:/)I see an icon on my laptop, "Safely remove hardware" I open Devices and Printers, and there it is, the Nexus 5 deviceI have ALSO tried going to Developer options, enabling USB debugging, but to no avail I've restarted my phone, still didn't work. Unplugged and plugged in again, still not working. I am, however, able to transfer files via Bluetooth. I am using Android 4.4.4 and Windows 8.1, if that helps. Once again, both my phone and my laptop seem to recognize

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