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HTC Launches New Trade-in Program to Get You To buy a HTC One

Thursday 02nd of May 2013 /
HTC is launching another trade-in program to get people to switch over to the HTC One. They are using the tagline “One phone, One weekend, One Premium Weekend”. Nice use of their “One” branding, right? HTC has listed on the image shown above, a bunch of different phones, along with how much they’ll give you for it. You could receive between $100-375 for your old phone. The old Blackberries are going for $100, with the LG Optimus 4X HD coming in at $150, the Motorola Droid Razr hitting $100-184 probably depending on if it’s the Maxx or OG Razr. You can get between $130 and $210 for your old Galaxy S3 from Samsung. If any of your iPhone friends want to switch, HTC will give you between $200-375 for their old iPhone. Ranging from the iPhone 4S to the 5.So how do you do it? You’ll need to purchase a brand new HTC One between 5/2/13 and 5/5/13. So between now and Sunday, then you’ll go to their trade-in website and enter the promo code HTC100. Then of course you’ll enter your information as normal. Then you’ll need to ship your d

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Need to get tablet to see wifi tether on my android phone. - Page 2

Sunday 06th of February 2011 /
Originally Posted by EvoxtenI don't know if you have had any luck yet but,I have successfully tethered my 7015 and my android phone together and it works great. I rooted my phone and then rooted my tablet the following day. Once you have acheived rooting both then you need to install "wireless tether app" on the phone and search for "" containing the 5 files you need which includes the "wpa_supplicant.conf" file which allows the tablet to find the signal from the phone. I had to edit the "wpa_supplicant.conf" with notepad on my desktop to get it to work on the tablet, but after changing a few lines it works great. Hope this helps!!!I have the Coby 7015 also and I wanted to know if you could share your "wpa_supplicant.conf" file or post the lines you changed? Thanks.

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Using Easy Tether to get internet to a PS3? With a Mac.

Wednesday 08th of February 2012 /
Okay, so I use Easy Tether Pro all the time to connect my Droid X to my Mac for internet.My question is is it possible to get internet to my PS3 this way? It doesn't look like you can directly tether to the PS3. Is there a way to do it wirelessly? Maybe by Bluetooth? (This isn't a strong area for me, don't judge )It really doesn't matter if it's wireless or not, I was just hoping there was a way to do it without buying an ethernet cable or some wireless device. But if not, I don't mind buying what I'd need, I just need to know what I need lol. And I will not root my phone. Anyway, any help would be great.

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what is best solution to get internet on Acer Iconia A500 using the Galaxy S2

Saturday 22nd of September 2012 /
I have a Galaxy S2(unlimited data with Sprint) and an Acer Iconia A500 and want to tether or use wifi to get internet on the Acer. I have tried Foxfi and easy Tether. Neither seems to work or I have not set it up properly. I am trying Pdanet too but can't get that to work wither. Please offer a solution step by step . This would probably help many others too. THANKS I am guessing I set it up wrong. I know Sprint stopped the Foxfi hotspot from working recently. Can this be the reason everything is not working?

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USB Tethering; HELP !! , I want to get internet access on my laptop via phone

Friday 21st of September 2012 /
I have tried to get USB Tethering to work to get internet on my laptop through my Samsung Galaxy S3. I'm with Sprint if that matters. I have unlimited text/data plan. I don't want to pay for the Sprint Wi Fi Hotspot service. Can I get access for my laptop through my phone using USB Tethering without paying?I tried installing a driver I found at the Samsung website. It seemed to work, but then I notice that my phone was receiving Wi Fi from my wireless router here at home. I was able to surf the web with my phone tethered via USB to my laptop as long as I was receiving Wi Fi to the phone via my home router.But when I turned off the Wi-Fi access within the phone I was unable to get internet connection via my cell phone through my sprint service.The driver I downloaded from Samsung and installed on my PC (Windows 7) was the Samsung USB Driver For Mobile Devices V1.4.6.0During the driver install on my PC most of the features installed but it did say that Moble MTP Divices "failed"Any ideas on how I can get my phone service to provide internet access via the USB tethering? Or so

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htc evo - Is it possible to tether my Evo to a server to provide internet to my network?

Thursday 14th of April 2011 /
I currently have an unrooted Evo using PDAnet/easytether to tether my phone to my PC. I am wondering if it is possible to tether to a server to provide internet to my network. If it is possible, are there any configurations I need to know? Also, how might this effect the speed?

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unable to get connected to my att carrier and the

Tuesday 07th of August 2012 /
unable to get connected to my att carrier and the galaxy gt i9003?Already Tried: took it to att, they was unable to connect. tried 10000 cell phone co. it worked for a week...

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How would i use PDAnet to get internet for my PS3

Friday 19th of March 2010 /
i am a new droid owner, and i got the droid for this very thingcan someone link me to a guide on how to set this up? - pdanet to get internet for droid or if not a guide for something else -running UD 7.81.2 kernal

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The Latest In The World Of Android Hacks: Jailbreaking A PS3 With A Nexus One

Saturday 07th of September 2013 /
Update: All good things must one day come to an end, and alas, it looks like Sony's just decided to issue a mandatory update to all PS3s that breaks this jailbreak method. Heartbreaking, I know.If Sony's PS3 gaming system took a step backward in functionality when Sony disabled its ability to install Linux, it's just taken two steps forward again.t4nav, a Senior Member of xda-developers, has just discovered a method to hack the PS3 using a Nexus One or a Desire! All you have to do is:Download this place it's contents onto the root of your SD-card.Then download my flashable boot.img Place that on the root of your card, Reboot into recovery and flash the PS3-signed.zipReboot your phone.Launch terminal emulator...Then type the following... Code: #cd sdcard #su #insmod psfreedom.ko Now turn your PS3 off at the wall, and plug in your phone. Turn the PS3 back on at the wall. Press the PS3 power button followed by the eject key in quick succession... In fact, you can even undo the jailbreak, which is certainly m

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Is it possible to get into the internal storage with a broke screen?

Sunday 06th of April 2014 /
Hi guys I'm fairly new to the forum world and I couldn't fine a support section so I'm posting here I hope that is ok. Anyways, I am in dire need of assistance! I need help accessing my internal storage on my Droid Maxx! I have some important photos/memories I practically need to get back. My phone suffered a little bit of fall damage and the screen no longer works but the 3 buttons on the phone do, as well as vibration, notification sounds and even when i shake the phone to activate the camera I know it activates. I've tried plugging the phone into my pc via usb but the pc doesn't detect the phone or something. I know its charging and connected to the pc but the pc wont detect it. I'm at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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